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Trump bows to bureaucrats, unveils a never-ending 3-phase program to end shutdowns

The house arrests will continue indefinitely: Though the country’s fifty governors are in charge of the nationwide house arrest and the only ones who can really end it, President Trump today unveiled a 3-phrase program to use as a guide for ending those state shutdowns.

The new guidelines are aimed at easing restrictions in areas with low transmission of the coronavirus, while holding the line in harder-hit locations. They make clear that the return to normalcy will be a far longer process than Trump initially envisioned, with federal officials warning that some social distancing measures may need to remain in place through the end of the year to prevent a new outbreak.

Places with declining infections and strong testing would begin a three-phased gradual reopening of businesses and schools — each phase lasting at least 14 days — to ensure that infections don’t accelerate again.

In phase one, for instance, the plan recommends strict social distancing for all people in public. Gatherings larger than 10 people are to be avoided and nonessential travel is discouraged.

In phase two, people are encouraged to maximize social distancing where possible and limit gatherings to no more than 50 people unless precautionary measures are taken. Travel could resume.

Phase three envisions a return to normalcy for most Americans, with a focus on identification and isolation of any new infections.

Essentially Trump has accepted the rules demanded by the nation’s health bureaucrats. The Bill of Rights and Constitution, meant to protect private property, personal freedom, and religious practice, will continue to be suspended and against the law until these petty dictators decide otherwise.

And even when they declare we can go back to “normal,” they want a program to hunt down infected individuals and label them as “unclean” (my term but quite accurate) so that they won’t be able infect the clean. For those individuals, all rights will still be suspended, possibly forever.

Meanwhile, the numbers continue to suggest that the total deaths from this disease will end up comparable to a somewhat normal flu season. Some might then argue that these deaths are in addition to those flu deaths, but that is incorrect. Most flu deaths occur in older and already sick populations. The Wuhan virus targets these same populations. Someone who dies from one would have been just as likely this year to have died from the other. Thus, the overall mortality will probably not change significantly, if at all, in 2020.

We never shut down the country and suspended the Bill of Rights during past similar flu seasons. In fact, it would have been considered insane to do so. I think it is insane now, suggesting that the real epidemic sweeping across the global is mass hysteria, based on an irrational fear fueled by a partisan press and Democratic politicians who are focused solely on attacking Donald Trump and endlessly seeking ways to hurt him, even if it means putting millions of people out of work and bankrupting the economy.

Moreover, there is tentative evidence that suggests the shutdowns are irrelevant to the spread of the disease. Regardless, these shutdowns were never meant to stop it, only to give the health system breathing room so it would not be overwhelmed by too many patients. That has not happened, meaning that the shutdowns are now unnecessary.

It is time for them to end, now. And if the government won’t back down, then maybe it is time for Americans to tell them to go to hell and go back to work anyway, as suggested by Sarah Hoyt.

Ignore their plans. Their plans are not for our good. The goal is to have everyone out of the house and doing the most productive thing they can by May 1st.

May First (Yes, I know, stealing the commies holiday is grand) is now National Hit the Streets Day. If you can get out of the house and work, do so. Open your shop, serve coffee on our front lawn, I don’t care. Be outside. Do something productive. And if you can’t do something productive AT LEAST BE OUTSIDE. Out in the street. Out in the park. Both of which are paid for by your taxes, btw.

May 1st, get out. Wear SOMETHING yellow (Hong Kong, the gillets jeunes, which though not like us also are fighting attempts at tyranny.) Snek optional.

Because we’re Americans. They govern by the consent of the governed. We don’t need their consent to exercise our natural rights.

As she adds, “They can’t arrest everybody.”

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  • Andrew_W

    Go for it Mr. Zimmerman, if enough people heed these calls (which will certainly be seen as calls to end all measures that inhibit the spread of the virus) I’ll revise my guesstimates upwards. No doubt you, using the logic you’ve demonstrated so far, will claim the resulting increase in the number of people infected and the number of deaths are just more evidence that the “fascists” and their models were wrong.

  • Tango247

    Clearly the models were and are wrong. The old surgeon’s joke: Surgeon comes out of the operating room and meets the waiting family. Announces “It was an amazing success, I was able to remove everything that could have been the cause of the problems.” The family asks “so we can expect a full recovery?” The surgeon replies, “Oh no, the patient is dead, but my work was fabulous.” There in lies the trouble with Doctor’s and scientists in general. Life is a calculated risk. An ongoing choice between the lesser of evils. This was not the Zombie Apocalypse but you hide in bathtub if you want, Covid-20 and 21 are lurking outside. I, for one, will be living free.

  • Apeon

    I think you underestimate Pr. Trump !

    It looks as you describe,,,but Pr. Trump may jump some actions long before the left wants him to.

    Just keep watching.

  • Max

    They predicted 2 1/2 million would get sick. More than one and a half times than the hospital bed capacity of the country.
    The actual number of the sick is a fraction of the estimates. I think they got the Computer models mixed up. The exponential growth was in the amount of people filing for unemployment now surpassing 22 million.
    There is also exponential growth in laws dealing with this almost nonexistent common cold issue. Laws removing constitutional rights and guarantee no safety.

    Here in Utah, House Bill 3009 is worse than anyone could imagine. If the county or city mayor declares an emergency, (governor not necessary) they can fully suspend all constitutional rights. Exercising physical control over individuals and property. (Bank accounts are also property)
    The ultimate in asset forfeiture where people, possessions, business, children and Real estate can be seized without due process or ramifications.
    Here is an article which has a 20 minute interview with a doctor of constitutional theory? Take a look, the rhino Republicans who introduced this bill did not write it. There’s probably one just like it in your state waiting to be passed.

    Time to dust off the “Declaration of Independence” and exercise “The right to change our form of government or abolish it altogether” if they don’t guarantee the “rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”(property) “We, the People” Will take care of this problem because this is our country!

  • David Hawley

    When I heard the news that our Governor, DeWine, was beginning the opening up of our state May 1 yesterday, my outlook brightened. Then I watched President Trumps address, and I was feeling pretty okay. Then I went on line and read the conditions for our release from captivity, and my mood dropped considerably, and I awoke at 2:00 a.m. to a gnawing in my gut that this is untenable. They will not let us enjoy our life, ever again. How can people go back to work if there is nowhere for their children to go? How can we move between “phase 1” and “phase 4” when the criteria is “data driven”, but they control the data? We cannot live this way. We shouldn’t accept living this way. And all so we “slow” the spread. I’ve got news for them, the spread has already happened. How many readers know someone who has been infected? How many readers know someone who has died from Co-Vid19? Now, how many readers know someone who has lost their job from the lockdown? How many readers know someone who has lost their business from the lockdown? Scary exercise, isn’t it?

  • Marshall Gill

    But Andrew W has messed himself in panic!! He needs the government to subsidize a bailout for all of the depends which he is going to be forced to wear!! He knows that this virus is more deadly than ANYTHING because!! Why do you people who don’t live off of a government check, insist upon going out and working?!! Didn’t you hear how scared Andrew was?!!

  • Zorro for the Common Good

    “The real epidemic sweeping across the global is mass hysteria, based on an irrational fear fueled by a partisan press and Democratic politicians who are focused solely on attacking Donald Trump and endlessly seeking ways to hurt him.”

    So governments all around the world were convinced to shut down their economies because of the actions of the Democratic Party and the liberal media in the United States? Does that include countries like Italy that shut down before the US did?

  • Cotour

    A more rational and respectful and Constitutional way to manage this situation:

    Every living sole in America and the majority of human beings on planet earth is aware of this Communist leadership “Bat soup” virus contagion. That is a fact.

    So in the next coming week / weeks after the spike in infections, hospitalizations and deaths that resulted from NOT being informed by the Chinese about this virus contagion, which is a failure of their international community fiduciary responsibilities, has normalized, what should be done by our Federal and State governments to reengage America?

    Since everyone is now well informed and educated and hyper aware about the nature of the virus, and everyone knows what they need to do to reasonably keep themselves safe at home, in social situations and at work, and basically our entire system has been shut down and no one can make a living, where do we go from here?

    The government, leadership from the White House and state governors now need to formulate and execute a coordinated national ad and information / education campaign to underpin what is known and prudent for everyone to do. And they need to open the economy under an “Orange” (?) flag that indicates that the dangerous situation is still on going. And individuals and businesses need to remain aware of the situation and vigilant and continue to take the several personal safety measures that they now well understand as they begin to reengage in their lives and the economy.

    People and businesses need to be able to take responsibility for their lives and existence once again. If a person or a business is not conducting themselves in a reasonably acceptable “Safe” manner then others can avoid them until such time as they make the acceptable adjustments. And of course everyone is able to take their own personal measures like wearing a mask, sanitizing their hands, not picking your nose, not rubbing your eyes, wearing safety googles etc, etc.

    If you want or need to stay home, then stay home. Collect unemployment, apply for what ever monies are available etc., your choice.

    This current situation has got to change in these ways in the coming short week / weeks and this talk of how its “Only the Federal Government that can save every one” is Un American and very dangerous to America and its economy. With accepting that kind of attitude, just like being “Politically Correct” that is what will destroy America and the people of America along with it. Choose how you want to perish or live.

    And have no doubt about it, what is underway right now is potentially America being served up on a silver platter to the Leftist, Nanny Statists among us, and of course those who are enamored with the Globalist world model.

    And ironically, its the Chinese that are the recipients and beneficiaries of that model.

    America, awaken and reengage.

  • Rose

    That is kind of you, Marshall, to worry about Andrew, but I’m sure he’ll be fine.

    How are things progressing in NZ, Andrew? I don’t think the US has the slightest chance of totally eliminating SARS-CoV-2 infection prior to widespread vaccine use (if then). Is that the goal they are seeking in your country, or are they still just feeling things out to discover what is possible? (Targeted ends states must inform policy.)

    When I search on NZ news I see headlines varying from “New Zealand’s response to coronavirus has united the country” to “Debate over when and how to ease New Zealand’s lockdown turns personal”.

  • Andrew_W

    Cotour, some of your more . . . paranoid . . . stuff I don’t see much merit in, your above comment I think is spot on, too much government abuse of power does lead to an over-the-top reaction that’ll just cause efforts to strangle this disease to be defeated, fanatics to the right who’re not understanding the disease, fanatics to the left who’re not understanding the people.

  • Syrin

    This is the NEVER re-open plan. It’s AWFUL! They can re-lockdown whenever they want, and the guidelines are not CV-19 specific but for “influenza-like” symptoms. Phase THREE is still a lockdown. When does phase three end? NEVER! And to get to each new phase they have to pass arbitrary and subjective “gate keeping criteria”. So phase three MIGHT happen as we enter the FLU season, and flu like symptoms will cause another wave of tyrannical shutdowns. Restaurants have to operate at half capacity. How is that being open? But wait for the best. Come November 2020, when the flu is among us, they WILL shut down society again and demand mail in voting. This is going to be a constitutional crisis because Trump is NOT letting us be an open society without qualification.


  • Cotour

    Andrew W:

    I am always willing to elucidate and support anything that I communicate here on BTB in greater detail for whom ever needs it.

    I prefer to be confronted.

  • Andrew_W

    Rose, I think we’ve a good shot at eliminating it, it’s just over 3 weeks into our lock-down, only 8 new cases yesterday which is down from a couple of dozen previously and a peak of near a hundred a day. We hopefully will see an end to our “level 4” lock-down on Thursday to a more sensible “level 3” more focused on preventing spread rather than stopping business, which should allow most businesses to get back to work (including mine). Australia is in a similar situation and there’s a good chance trans-Tasman travel could soon get back to near normal.
    Overall Kiwi’s have been supportive of the government actions apart from the too slow and casual attitude it had to checking in-bound travelers up until a few days ago, something like 40% of the infected people in the country got infected while overseas.

  • The Donald has now placed the blame of any continuing shutdown directly on the individual governors. The MSM cannot use their usual transference to blame him for decisions he has not made. Democrats are again proving themselves to be useless dictators.

  • Andrew_W

    I prefer to be confronted.
    Thanks, but often I see our difference in perspective not as just a difference in opinion but as being simply commensurable.

  • Andrew_W

    . . . “incommensurable”

  • Cotour

    On the island of the blind, the one eyed man is King.

  • Rose

    But in the land of the dead, the dying man is king — RS

  • Andrew_W

    If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.
    – Newton.

  • “Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain.” -Friedrich Schiller.

  • Andrew_W

    – Mr Spock
    – Teal’c

  • Blitz

    Mr Z? I agree. I will be out in YELLOW on May 1st. I always thought you were just a science blog which as much as I love to read it, I don’t understand most of it. Politics however? Been involved since 1972/Nixon.

  • Blitz: I write what I think I must, on any subject, and no one is ever going to stop me from doing so.

  • R7 Rocket

    The models and projections on deaths from the Chinese flu are all fake because these bureaucrats have no idea how many are infected (asymptomatic carriers).

    Keep in mind that the Democrat governors, technocrats, and media have no idea where their food comes from. Hence their insane demand for an 18 month shutdown.

  • Max

    Good one rocket, so true. Very sad.

    Rejoice, rejoice, we have no choice.
    Crosby stills Nash and Young

    Syrin said;
    “But wait for the best. Come November 2020, when the flu is among us, they WILL shut down society again and demand mail in voting. This is going to be a constitutional crisis because Trump is NOT letting us be an open society without qualification.”

    That presents and interesting problem, we saw in the Democrat convention the fallacy of the new vote app on the phone, The mail in ballots do not have a wonderful track record either. Like the stimulus checks being sent to the dead, millions of ballots go…

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