Trump considers delaying tariffs as Mexico increases action on illegals

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It appears that Trump’s threat to impose escalating tariffs on Mexico if it does not start enforcing its own laws against illegal immigrants is having an effect.

First, Mexico today blocked hundreds of illegals as they attempted to cross from Guatemala into Mexico.

Second, Trump has signaled that if this is true he is now willing to consider delaying the first round of 5% tariffs, set to go into effect on June 10.

Mexico’s action might simply be a Potemkin Village, not be be taken seriously. For anyone, including Trump, to take it seriously will require a lot more enforcement. Regardless, it does appears that the tariff threat might be forcing Mexico to give Trump what he wants.

Update: Mexico today also froze the banking accounts of 26 individuals and organizations its says an investigation has found provided funding for the illegal migrant caravans.

The operation tracked financial movements from October 2018 through current dates in an attempt to determine the sources of funding for the migrant caravans. According to their statement, the UIF identified a group of individuals that made several questionable international financial transactions from the cities of Chiapas and Queretaro during the times that the migrant caravans were moving through those places.

Mexican authorities followed the path of the caravans and the financial operations from Queretaro to the border cities of Tijuana, Nogales, Ciudad Juarez, Ciudad Acuna, Piedras Negras, and Reynosa. Based on that information, Mexican authorities were able to trace the source of the funds to the U.S., England, Cameroon, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, the statement revealed.

Based on the result of the investigation, the UIF moved to freeze the accounts in Mexico of the 26 individuals and entities that are believed to have helped fund the migrant caravans or contributed to human smuggling organizations, the SHCP statement revealed. While authorities did not name the individuals or the entities whose assets they froze, they revealed that they would be filing complaints with Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office for prosecution.

Once again, this is positive news, but until we see some actual prosecutions I suspect that Trump will remain skeptical.



  • Phill O

    Great! Trust, but verify!

    Those RINOs need a boot in the backside!

  • wayne

    Glenn Frey –
    “Smuggler’s Blues”
    (the Miami Vice cut)

  • Jerry Greenwood

    Mexico made attempts to stop the flow at their southern border the last time the President put them on the spot and they failed miserably. I doubt they have the ability to secure their border with Guatemala nor the political backbone to return the vast numbers of interlopers wandering through their countryside.

    It is interesting that they went after the money men although the announcement comes at a time when they need the good will.

  • pzatchok

    They can close their southern boarder just fine.

    But they were paid more to keep it open.

    Just not more than the tariffs would cost the president of Mexico and Mexico itself.

    I bet this cash leads back just a few billionaires, maybe just one or two.
    And I wonder which politicians and organizations they donate money to inside the US?

  • wodun

    Based on that information, Mexican authorities were able to trace the source of the funds to the U.S., England, Cameroon, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, the statement revealed.

    It would be tricky because we don’t want the government abusing civil liberties but Americans the conspire to traffic humans over the border should be prosecuted. I say its tricky because it is probably a bunch of Democrat activist groups doing it and there is a lot of grey area for groups that facilitate it through the pretense of charity.

  • Bill

    It would be very interesting to have the names for the sources of funding for the “caravans” become public.

  • wayne

    George (I was a willing Nazi collaborator) Soros & his “open society foundation,’ for one.

  • wayne

    Heisenberg Song
    -Breaking Bad-

  • pzatchok

    More than likely Mexico had considerable help in this tracking from the US authorities.

    Would bank account tracking need a US court order if the request came from the nation of Mexico?

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