Trump doesn’t care if Republicans hold Senate

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Update on the November Democratic primary: Donald Trump was quoted in a news article today that he really doesn’t care that much it the Republicans retain their majority in the Senate.

When I asked him recently whether the party’s maintaining its majority in the Senate meant anything to him, he replied: “Well, I’d like them to do that. But I don’t mind being a free agent, either.” Trump has shown similarly little interest in helping his party’s committees build the sort of war chests typically required in a campaign year. After winning the presidential nomination on a shoestring budget and with fewer paid staff members than the average candidate for governor, he has been visibly reluctant to help build much in the way of national campaign infrastructure, sending a clear message to his fellow Republicans: This fall, you’re on your own. [emphasis in original]

I strongly advice all my readers to read the analysis at the link. From all accounts, Trump’s campaign effort sure does look like he is a Democratic wolf in Republican sheep’s clothing, and that this prediction describing an actual Trump administration will prove amazingly accurate.



  • wayne

    I made my decision months ago on Trump.
    Now, he just reinforces it, on a weekly basis, and solidifies my intent to help down-ballot Candidates, in whatever State they are located.

  • jburn

    “Well, I’d like them to do that. But I don’t mind being a free agent, either.”
    I interpret that to mean he wants them to win but won’t let a change in the senate stop him. The establishment GOP has shown him little, if any, support and his response is a nice reminder of that sentiment.

    Kurt Schlichter is a funny and insightful guy but doesn’t have the best track record for “predictions” …

  • Edward

    From the article: “he’s not the Green Lantern superhero his fans imagine him to be.”

    His fans imagine him to be like Green Lantern? That explains a lot. A whole lot.

    But it seems to me that Green Arrow would have seemed so much more powerful looking than Green Lantern (“arrow; lantern”): (1 minute)

    After that video, I guess that Superman isn’t looking so good either.

    From the article: “If the lame Republican leadership and the even lamer conservative movement couldn’t muster the will to stop him this year, they’re surely not going to muster it when he’s a sitting president.”

    So much for hoping that Trump will magically change to conservative values after becoming president.

  • chris l

    Why should he care? It’s not like he’s actually a Republican. Since it isn’t his party, it doesn’t effect him either way.

    Sanders was in the same boat, he just didn’t realize it. My guess is that the Democratics will reward his good behavior by running someone against him next time. Hillary doesn’t need him, and he needs to pay for standing in her way.

  • wayne

    chris l-
    Extremely well said! Nice, short, and to the point!

  • Localfluff

    Negotiating strategy. I’ll not support you if you don’t do this and this and this for me. He’s fighting against two enemy parties and an enemy president. Why would he support some senator just because of his/her establishment party membership? Voters don’t like establishment politicians who can’t take care of themselves. Trump will obviously swing both ways and is not dependent on any republican majority. He’s the icebreaker in the two party system.

  • Localfluff

    I think the Trumperor will form a real cabinet of people he trusts, with some add on easy to buy corrupt establishment lackeys to take care of whatever influence constitutional institutions still have. The motto will be “Sit down, shut up, unite!” Except for his gigantic enormous construction program, the Real New Deal, he’ll focus on foreign politics. He’ll bring the military and economic powers of the US to full use, no potential wasted. The 4 Make America Great Again projects. Its success will make everyone happy (in the US, not in the dependent territories i.e. the rest of the world).

    MAKE – Monetary Alignment of Key Economies. All countries have to replace their currencies with USD. I.e. Trump takes all the money in the entire world!

    AMERICA – Pax America like pax Romana means that all military in the world is put under US command and that they pay all the costs of US military.

    GREAT – Global Repayment Economy And Trade. Other countries take over the entire US government debt of $30T (when Trump himself counts it) as a demonstration of gratitude for everything America has done for peace, freedom and wealth in the world during the last hundred years.

    AGAIN – American Growth And INvestment opportunity program, which requires all countries to put more than half of their investments into US industry, US infrastructure, US education, US health care.

    He will allow a new election in 2020, because he loves the campaigning too much to let go of it. After that it will be up to his children if they want to have elections or just inherit the throne by blood.

  • wayne

    Yow! I’ll send Trump my pocket Constitution, if he doesn’t have one!
    (We need an Article 5 Convention, that would drive the establishment clinically nuts, ‘cuz they would play no role, whatsoever.)

    –Don’t give him any ideas!
    Sounds like the Italians under you-know-who, when they divided the economy up into a score of Corporate Syndicates.

  • Localfluff

    Bad Lip Reading is such a good idea! They have a field day with the gestures of Sanders. 11 million views, so this is maybe only new to me.
    For the Trumperor this collage is better:

  • Edward

    Sometimes the amendments are called articles, which can confuse any conversation.

    The Twelfth Amendment is the one on electing the president, so Trump may be saying that he will defend the system of electors, rather than the popular vote method that keeps being discussed every time a Democrat wins the popular vote but loses the electoral vote.

    Yeah, I don’t think that is what Trump was talking about, either.

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