Trump Justice Dept decides to defend IRS harassment of conservatives

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Still working for the Democratic Party: In a new twist, the Trump Justice Department has decided to backtrack from a settlement with one conservative group, True the Vote, that had been harassed aggressively not only by the IRS but by the FBI, Justice, OSHA, ATF, and numerous other agencies that during the Obama administration suddenly instituted 23 audits against them.

By the beginning of 2018, the DOJ appeared ready to strike a deal. The IRS agreed to a laundry list of wrongdoing, legal protection from further abuse, and they would allow True the Vote to petition for attorney fees for the years this mess was tied up in courts. Engelbrecht and True the Vote agreed and signed the decree. Now, though, the happy headlines have faded and the DOJ has reversed the course and filed a response to the court opposing the True the Vote petition. DOJ denies admitting to anything, stated the consent decree shows that conservative groups had, in fact, lost in court and that in their view the IRS had won. The settlements meant nothing, and not one dime of attorney fees would be awarded.

DOJ now claims that the IRS was right to fight True the Vote. Engelbrecht notes, “The Trump administration is defending the IRS targeting American citizens.” It’s like the Obama DOJ is back in the saddle. True the Vote’s battle continues.

The short embedded video from True the Vote below the fold summarizes the situation, and illustrates that the Trump administration appears no different than the Obama administration. No house cleaning has taken place, and it appears that no house cleaning is planned. The abuse of citizens by these agencies continues.



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  • Max

    Here’s the new boss, same as the old boss…

    I knew something was up when the IRS got a funding increase in the budget bill which President Trump signed.
    Business as usual.

  • Phill O

    The deeeeeeep state lives.

    While it is not good to micro-manage, this shows the need for Trump to do it.

  • Orion314

    This idea that we can vote away corruption is , well , just as insane as it sounds. When Thomas Jefferson said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure,” He was not speaking metaphorically.
    We are rapidly approaching the time, to paraphrase General Jack Ripper, who said ” Mandrake. War is too important to be left to the Generals” and now,”Politics is too important to be left to the politicians”
    We will very soon see the time , when all on this site , will know the absolute truth of Chairman Mao, ‘All political power comes out of the barrel of a gun”If we don’t see , by say , 04 July , someone of significance in jail , well , its the soap box , the ballot box , and the Ammo box. Time , as always , is running out fast…it is time for blood atonement . Seems appropo for Easter Sunday.

  • Orion314

    Update; DNC Vice Chair Publicly Demands Repeal of the 2nd Amendment

    These dems ,open enemies of the USC , are clearly in desperate need of ventilation, due to a shortage of blow holes.

  • Edward

    Who says that the swamp is being drained? It is not; it is getting larger in size.

    From the article: “What is going on with the Department of Justice? Some days it looks the same as the Obama Department of Justice.

    There are days when it looks different? The author, Karen Townsend, must have meant that it usually looks worse.

  • Cotour


    Anyone who suggests the elimination of the Second Amendment from the Constitution has a fundamental misinterpretation and a non understanding of the document and its beautifully designed intent and what America actually is.

    The first ten recognition’s by the Founders of the peoples creator given rights is immutable and is not to be touched or fiddled with and only supported and protected. Ignorance abounds regarding this subject. The First Amendment is the foundational key to the Constitution and the Second Amendment guarantees the First. Like it or not.

    Without any one of the first ten Amendments to the Constitution there is no such thing as America, it will have been canceled, it will have been voided, it does not exist and what will ensue will be fascism and chaos and the destruction of any sense of counter balance and justice on this planet and the once again ownership of the people by government. Modern day slavery and servitude, have no doubt.

    The Constitution flips the age old model of government in what ever form it might take as being primary, the Constitution corectely identifies the people as being primary and the government as a function of them.

  • Orion314

    Having given the old 2nd amendment a lifetime of thought, my fear of the dems is as follows….as much as I find their cultural pallet of communism as revolting and as primitive as any so called educated adult who calls themself a peaceful muslim, clearly , they know they can never repeal the 2nd amendment legally . That leaves repeal by way of fiat decree.When traitor 44 , the sitting POTUS at the time, openly called for the illegal slaves of the democratic party to vote early and vote often , well ,I know of few better examples of an out and out traitor to our country. TREASON, the only crime left on the federal books that carries the death penalty , and for good reason.

  • Cotour

    (Boy I wish I had spelled the word “correctly” correctly.)


    To your point about the insidious and treasonous intent of the Democrat party, I was listening this morning to the Attorney General for Pennsylvania this morning and the subject of the question on the up coming census came up : Are you a citizen? (What an outrageous and dehumanizing question!)

    What came out in the conversation was that the census was apparently changed about 70 years ago to not include that question which was included before (?), I do not know the history. The Attorney Generals point was that if the question was asked that those people living in America illegally would not answer the census and so those states that promoted such behavior would not receive their “fair” share of Federal monies and representation in the Congress.

    Now think about that for just one moment.

    My interpretation is that these states that are opposed to this question are demanding financial subsidization from the other states AND they want these numbers of illegal individuals to further slant the election process by giving them more Congressional weight and representation in Congress.

    And we plainly understand that the Democrats are entirely invested in this model of political manipulation, I have established before the three primary foundational components of today’s modern Democrat party:

    1. Mandatory forced illegal immigration, open borders.

    2. The culture of dependency/ the welfare state. (You can not have an open border policy and a welfare state that these illegals can by right demand financial support. Total suicidal insanity.


    3. Sanctuary cities where they bring the first two together in order that they have an endless supply of new potential voters, both legal through birth and illegal through just showing up at a polling station.

    This is plainly what is going on with the democrats and through law to erase this model from the Democrats tool kit spells the end to their power and Anti / Un American activities. And I say that’s a good thing, let the Democrats reformulate their party to reflect a more American centric / pro American model or exist no more.

  • Cotour

    Sessions appoints Huber who works for the Sessions DOJ, the Sessions DOJ can indict individuals. Huber is essentially an empowered special council directly under Sessions control.

    The I.G. Horowitz report will be out soon, Horowitz can not fully investigate and indict, but Huber and Sessions can, the one will feed and set the others off. That’s the theory anyway.

    Congressman Mike Lee, (R), Conservative from Utah has endorsed Huber, who was an Obama appointee.

    As the sands of time pass from the future, to the now, to the past, soon time will be up and we must see what we all understand must happen. The two sets of laws created to favor one political actor over another and the blatant self serving and self dealing and corruption must be reconciled to some great extent. It must happen.

    We patiently wait to see if Sessions will take care of business or if he is just a Mr. Magoo cartoon of an Attorney General. I am willing to be optimistic here from the moment, ITS COMING.

  • Ted Tripp

    In other legal matters, a Massachusetts judge has dropped criminal charges against pipeline protesters because she bought into a climate change defense. One of the protesters was Al Gore’s daughter. See

  • Cotour

    To my previous point:

    Napalitano also sees Huber as a defacto special council. An interesting additional point about Huber. Although he was appointed by Obama he comes from Utah, Utah is a very conservative state, even Liberals or Democrats are relatively conservative. So Huber just may turn out to be a very well deserved bad dream for Hillary, Bill, Obama and many of the Liberal mind numbed Anti / now Un American Democrat drones that have surrounded them for the past 20 years.

    Huber can also turn out to be Sessions redemption man. Sessions may turn out to be a total Elfin / Mr. Magoo bad***ed political hit man of justice. Lets not disappoint Mr. Sessions, you have so much potential and the country, the world needs you to take care of business. Let the chips fall where they may.


  • Cotour

    Some startling numbers, they even surprised me:

    A significant number of Americans whether they be Republican, Independent or Democrat fully understand that the actions of the leadership of the FBI and the DOJ under the Obama administration at the minimum need to be looked at and at the max they have all acted as political hit men for one particular party over another.

    “The latest Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey, provided exclusively to The Hill, finds that 67 percent support a second special counsel, including 75 percent of Republicans, 60 percent of Democrats and 69 percent of independents.”

    Now let this be taken care of because the American people know what is what, it can not be hidden any longer and even worse if it is not taken care of properly they will know that they have been sold out. And that could prove to be a very bad place politically to be when it comes time for them to do the judging.


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