Trump-Kim summit back on?

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The summit in two weeks between Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un appears back on the schedule.

It appears that scheduling this meeting has in itself become a game of negotiation. We shall see what actually happens.



  • Cotour

    I am sure that Trump is on the horn every day with Putin to get his orders in general as to his every day operations and so he understands what he can and can not agree to with the N. Koreans.

    (I have educated friends that believe this scenario 110 percent)

  • Diane Wilson

    Have they gotten around to negotiating the shape of the negotiating table yet? That was such a great stalling tactic.

  • Dick Eagleson


    Your friends may be credentialed, but they are not educated. Trump Derangement Syndrome still seems to be an order of magnitude more virulent than the flu.

  • Cotour

    Oh, highly credentialed.

    Trump derangement syndrome is in full bloom in NYC, and season of the year is of no consequence. Its full time all the time. Trump has accomplished nothing, anything he has done has all been or will be reversed and again he is in league with Putin and is in fact a Russian agent.

    My latest response to one of my friends constant “Trump is Putins puppet and a Russian agent” commentary, this one considers himself a “Libertarian”.


    You, similar to someone like Noam Chomsky, well studied and “smart” view everything from 40,000 feet and search for angels and perfection in government and agenda, and their are none or any to be found. NEVER, EVER.

    Your solutions require that humans not be humans but idealized and perfect cartoon versions of what humans actually are.

    Trump in my estimation is going in the generally correct direction, certainly a much better direction than any of the others who were in power or any of the other contenders who wanted power.

    And your solutions? All wrong because in the real world who you might think was an appropriate fit for the job would in the end be an idealist with Liberal / Socialist tendencies and there in lies true tyranny that you so dread as an alleged “Libertarian”. And you can see none of it.

    No reply yet.

  • Orion314

    your quip “I am sure that Trump is on the horn every day with Putin to get his orders in general’
    is the 1st post of yours where you sound like a complete imbecile. Hope you don’t make that a habit.

  • Orion314: I thought that Cotour made it pretty clear that he was being sarcastic. The last line of his comment indicates this to me at least.

  • Cotour

    Derangement syndrome runs rampant. I wonder, Has Orien314 ever really read anything I have written?

    I guess I have to revert to the high IQ nerd (Sarcasm) designation from now on? I thought that was over.

  • Orion314

    Group, if the Skippers assessment of Cotour;s quip was sarcasm was on target , apologies ., My sarcasm meter has not been calibrated for some time. Cotour , if you were being sarcastic , my apologies…

  • Orion314

    As Roseanne Barr found out the hard way, posting online always has an element of risk.

  • Cotour

    None necessary, I have found that it usually truly is a high IQ issue, ala Sheldon Cooper.

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