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Trump picks Pence

It appears that Donald Trump has chosen Indiana governor Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate.

This article provides a detailed look at Pence’s background, which is decidedly conservative and tightly linked with tea party philosophy.

Trump’s choice here is definitely encouraging. It suggests that his claimed conversion to conservative values might actually be sincere (though clearly shallow), because it suggests he is looking for conservatives to help him figure out how to be a conservative. As I’ve said repeatedly, the best way to make sure Trump governs as a constitutional conservative is to surround him with constitutional conservatives. This choice indicates that he is not going to resist that possibility.

Let me add that picking Pence could help Trump significantly in garnering support from the status quo Republicans that have been resisting him, since these same people respect Pence highly.

Let me also add one cautionary note. I have a memory of Pence at one point waffling on conservative principles for political gain, but I cannot at all remember the context or situation. Thus, it is important to remind ourselves repeatedly that these are all politicians, and that their interest is not necessarily that of the nation’s but of their own self-interest, which means getting elected. At any time they could toss the Constitution in the trash heap if that is what they think will get them votes. UPDATE: This article outlines Pence’s waffling as governor in Indiana, confirming my reservations about him.

It is therefore very important to not only surround Trump with conservatives, all politicians must be surrounded by voters who demand they defend our rights and our freedoms, as defined by the Constitution. Only then can we be reasonably assured that those rights will be defended.

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  • Cotour


    Now they just have to get Ted Nugent to stay home. Hope springs eternal.

  • BSJ

    Isn’t the usual reason they ever pick a particular candidate for Vice president is to increase the odds of carrying the home state of the individual? After the election they’re usually left out in the cold, twiddling their thumbs…

  • Wayne

    The article at the Federalist is quite damning.

    He’s always talked a good Conservative spiel but his actions on some KEY issues, raise some red flags.
    (Medicaid expansion, really? Thank you Indiana, don’t come begging for a bailout when your budget explodes.)

    BSJ– yes. VP has very few actual official-duties.

  • What Pence’s record suggests is that when he was a Congressman, a position with few executive responsibilities, he pushed hard for conservative polices, but when he was a governor, a position that is purely executive, he became very pragmatic and middle of the road.

    As VP he will serve more in the former, not in the latter, which will push him rightward I think. Though he isn’t as trustworthy as I would like, he probably is the most conservative choice we were going to get, from Trump.

  • Cotour


    Whom ever Hillary chooses for her VP might mean even less than usual, especially after the signal that Bernie sent just a day after putting his Socialist stamp of approval on her.

    A 23 minute speech and not one reference to his new queen. The vanquished Socialist will have to be spoken to. Maybe Loretta Lynch will threaten him with an indictment for reneging on his endorsement? Could happen, she can do what ever pleases her.

  • Wayne

    Mr. Z,
    Good point on Pence’s legislative v. executive performance, and as well he is probably the most conservative-esque person anyone could hope from Trump.

    Wasn’t aware of his Medicaid expansion & the other items mentioned in the article, the guy lost points with me on those. I’m no purist, but I do have a few select litmus tests in place.

    That having been said, I’m not going to attack the guy nor should I really weigh in on the minutia of a VP pick going forward, for the reason– Trump lost me 100%, 6-8 months ago.

    He could re-animate Washington or Lincoln as a VP pick, and I still wouldn’t vote Trump.
    (even if Mark Levin came to my house & told me, “we have to, hold your nose & pray,” I’m just not on board with any of it. Not anymore–I’m just sick of it.

    (I can’t even begin, nor hope to ever adequately describe, the level to which I am, utterly sick-of-it.)

    I’m far more concerned with my own State’s down-ballot & helping selected Conservative candidates nationwide, as best I can.

  • Cotour

    With Pence as an acceptable VP choice and events like this below happening more and more often

    Trumps chances of being successful grow.

    Hillary will more than likely pick Corey Booker (professional political tool) or Julian Castro (same) in order to solidly pander to the Democrat minority dependency slave class that they have endeavored for so many years to craft.

    And it grows, and grows, and grows. And its only July.

  • Wayne

    Cotour–seen any info on who was driving the truck??

  • Cotour

    Its much more serious apparently than just a nut in a truck, maybe hostages, fires, gun fire. ?????

    Obama must be so pleased, from his actions this IMO is what he desires for America.

    Coming to you soon.

  • Wayne


    I’m looking at Drudge & listening to Levin.
    Smacks of terrorism– we shall have to wait & see.

  • Cotour

    To protect the American people I suspect that the president will in the coming days call for a ban on white box trucks.

  • Localfluff

    Newt Gingrich is a great catch for Trump. That should secure the republican voter base, and that should be enough to win the election. It is the right personality, Newt is stubborn and won’t give up his own ideas. He will kind of anchor Trump but still be unconventional and creative. That Newt is a space guy is probably to his disadvantage in Trump’s and his campaign’s view, sounds like a weirdo to them. Maybe Newt is an ex when it comes to influence in the House, but as a symbol for the party he would make the convent a very happy show. I think. Except for presidents, foreign ministers, defense ministers (during bigger wars), the FED chairman and the losing party’s candidate (during election years), Newt Gingrich is the only American politician well known in foreign news media. That says something about his special charisma. He’s obviously educated, intelligent and non-conform.

    He graduated in European history! That might help when Europe crumbles during the next administration. The euro crises, Ukraine crisis, migration crisis, terror crisis and Brexit crisis have all piled up without any political ability to deal with any of them. The EU ceases to exist next year when Marine Le Pen becomes president in France, as a result of the terrorism. The EU is unthinkable without France. Trade war, (small) hot wars, mass terrorism, government bankruptcies, hyperinflation and fascism are all now inevitable in Western Europe within the next 4 years. We can just hope that America comes and saves us again. Newt Gingrich is a guy who can understand this situation.

  • Wayne

    Been following Newt for a long, long, long time. He is extremely intelligent & presents very well.
    He has however, morphed into something that is not entirely in line with his past-performance.

    Check the C-Span archives & compare Then, with Now.

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