Trump picks two for overhauling Obamacare

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President-elect Donald Trump has chosen a conservative Republican congressman to be Secretary of Health and a businesswoman to be administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The congressman, Tom Price (R-Georgia), has been a big opponent of Obamacare.



  • wayne

    Conservative Review gives Price a 62% “Liberty Score.”
    -Two recent votes; In June he supported a bailout of Puerto Rico & in September he supported funding for Planned Parenthood (which, in 2015 he did not support.)

  • wayne

    Steven Crowder is pleased…

    (I haven’t followed Price, at all, but just a cursory look & some of his votes don’t add up with his public image.)

  • See this article describing Price’s positions on Obamacare:

    Here’s how Trump’s HHS pick wants to replace Obamacare

    Price appears to be a middle-of-the-road conservative, somewhat similar to Ryan.

  • Cotour

    All good, positive and encouraging news, add to that 2 to 3 reasonable Conservative Supreme Court appointments and the Liberals / Leftists are about to have a bad couple of years (like 20 or 30 of them).

    What will probably be focused on by the media however is the Breitbart picture of Congressman Price, who may or may not be admiring that young lady’s boobs and spinning it into some kind of “different” kind of story. Lets wait and see.

    But will we be hearing about the other information related to “extra curricular” activities and damming information on the Weiner computer that involves Weiner, his wife, Hillary, Bill, Podesta etc, etc ? (I have asked and have heard from reliable sources that such information exists on that computer)

    Stay tuned, don’t hold your breath.

  • wayne

    Thanks Mr. Z.

    Price’s connection with Ryan bothers me and I don’t trust Ryan at all.
    As for his “plan,” tax-credits Vs. tax-deductions, neither appeal to me. I would opine; we need to summarily disengage the Federal government from huge portions of the Healthcare sector, not re-arrange the decks chairs on the Titanic.
    (I equate these types of plans, with giving us back some of our own money & claiming it’s all market-driven because we can then use it to buy insurance. But that’s just my cursory knee-jerk reaction.)

    That being said– I have not yet drilled into his proposal & really have not been following him, at all. My judgement is reserved until I know more.

    I’m all-in for “Repeal the ACA 100%,” but I don’t trust any of these people with the ” …and, replace it with something wonderful,” part.

    “Доверяй, но проверяй ”
    “Trust, but verify.”

  • wayne

    Cotour– I would be remiss if I also did not say– many of Trumps recent choices are excellent, some not so much, and others, I just have not formed an opinion. Had not heard the left was up to their usual character-assassination stuff & have already targeted Price.

    Rino’s heavily control the Judiciary Committee & Mitch is in charge of scheduling SCOTUS appointment hearing’s & the subsequent vote(s).
    Mitch will be filtering everything, unless Trump slaps him down & expends a lot of political-capital, when the time is right.

    (I’m trying really hard not to get caught up with the Machiavellian-minutia & Media Narratives, and I am trying to believe in Reagans credo, paraphrasing, “Price is my 63% ally and not my 37% enemy.” But, I am going back to being far more “pure” about these people than I have let myself become, recently.)

  • Cotour

    Think of the vast potential for manipulation, either good or bad, that Trump will have to give up by canning the 2800 page Obamacare law. All those pages of already passed law just sitting there.

    Lets see how this plays out.

  • wayne

    yes, as to both points.
    (I have not formed solid opinions on any of these recent developments.)

    I’m just leery, its going to be “deja-vu all over again,” I’ve seen this movie before…
    The Usual Suspect Republican Rino action, would be to rewrite the ACA into a 1,400 page Bill, give it a nice Name, pledge to “manage it better,” and “utilize the free-market more.” Then they spend even more money, and the Program never goes away.

    Crony Chronicles: I Want To Be A Crony

  • Jwing

    I agree with everyone’s above concerns about Trump, RINO’s and giving the republicans the another winning shot only to have them misfire on purpose. That being said….it is still the greatest thing knowing that history will write, Hillary lost. This alone is enough for me to not fret about how the Trump sausage may be made, at least not yet.

    Hillary is a two time loser!!!!!

    Yeah to the good guys and gals!

  • Cotour


    When its all boiled down, and this has been my foundation point through this entire contest, the FACT that Hillary has been rejected by the people of America and has NOT been empowered and endorsed by them to continue her blatantly unlawful and perverted Leftist / internationalist / un American manipulations is the hands down take away from it all. Wednesday morning the 9th of November was Christmas morning for me.

    Trump has been the vehicle of her defeat and I think it a fact that no one else in the end could have or would have beat her. Everything in its time and place, and Trump, even if he does nothing of consequence while in office (and I believe that he will be very consequential) will have provided a great service to the people of America and the world.

  • wayne

    Absolutely priceless, to see HRC lose.
    (Now we have to reign in, Mitch & Ryan.)

    “The moment Young Turks realize Trump won over Hillary”

  • Cotour

    I have watched the Young Turks very seldom, they are the “alt left” and as per their programming they are to a man and woman emotional to say the least.

  • wayne

    oh yeah— Chunk (Cynk, whatever) is a lefty Nut Job. Funded by Soro’s and every tyrant regime in the Middle East. (Nothing “alt” about them– just straight up America Haters pretending to be hipster-intellectuals.)
    –I wouldn’t know who he was, except that Crowder uses him as a foil. And quite effectively.

    This parody by LwC is hilarious–
    (language alert)

    “Cenk Uygur Freak-Out Meltdown! (The Young Turks Parody)”
    Louder with Crowder

    And in case anyone wonders about the Alex Jones “connection” to Crowder (because I surely did!); Steven knows what the deal-is, with Alex. Jones has interviewed Crowder before & they are on friendly terms. Crowder is mercilessly critical of the left but, as well, incredibly even-handed in his presentation. His policy is to explore alternative voices and tap into other audiences, if at all possible.
    (–I’m totally hooked on Crowder myself especially now that he will be going daily on the Conservative Review web-channel.)

    I can’t recall who turned me onto him, but it was someone her at BtB, and I am grateful!

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