Trump rules out moving embassy to Jerusalem

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Breaking promises: Despite firm and loud promises during the campaign to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, Trump administration officials today said that no move is planned, for the near future.

And the Republicans wonder why they can’t get the Jewish vote. I have talked to numerous Jewish relatives, and though many are conservative, all of them have great reservations about the Republican Party, which they perceive as two-faced towards Israel and the Jewish people. Repeatedly they have seen Republican presidential candidates (from Reagan to Bush to Bush to Trump) promise to move the embassy, and then betray that promise once they were in office.

Granted the Democrats are very hostile to Israel these days, but they already have the blind loyalty of many Jews. You want to change their minds? Don’t backstab people, as the Republicans and Trump are now doing.

But then, this behavior has become typical for the Republican party. Across the board they show little loyalty to the people who voted for them. Instead, once in power they routinely ally themselves with the Washington power elites, often in direct betrayal of their campaign promises.

A side note: The link explains nicely how moving the embassy would probably aid the peace talks. Based on the failure of everything that has previously been tried, I see no reason not to do it.



  • wayne

    Mark Levin:
    “Will Trump betray Israel on the issue of U.S. embassy & the Western Wall?”

  • LocalFluff

    My impression is that the pro-Israel lobby in the US is much more aggressive than the people in Israel, who don’t want to aggravate their arape neighbors simply for meaningless symbolic actions. Because they are the ones who will be killed in terror attacks as a response. I bet that it is Israeli political leaders who have convinced Trump not to move the embassy address.

  • BSJ

    To quote myself.

    “Trump says whatever he thinks the person/group standing in front of him wants him to say. Then he’ll deny he ever said it or didn’t really mean it.”

    Il Duce has lost the plot.

  • LocalFluff

    Do you have any examples?

  • Cotour

    While BSJ is not far off the mark, I tend to agree here more with Local.

  • BSJ

    Uhm, here’s one. “Trump rules out moving embassy to Jerusalem”

    Are you really that delusional Fluffer?

  • wayne

    holy cow.
    No, not so much.

    BSJ– totally on track.
    Trump is a pander-bear. He does it almost as well as Obama.

  • wayne

    “Obamacare will be repealed.”
    “I will lower your taxes.” (– Rence, Ryan, and McConnell do not want your taxes lowered.)
    “We will build a wall, and mexico will pay for it.” (– Rence, Ryan, and McConnell do not want a wall.)
    “Hillary will be investigated.”

  • wayne

    Carrier Plant Announcement

    –cued to the relevant lie at about the 12:30 mark

  • Vladislaw

    Israel would not let trump land his helicopter on the top of Masada, he would have to take the cable car up .. I just read he is canceling the visit

  • Vladislaw: You say you have just read Trump is canceling his trip. Can you provide a source? I find nothing in the news stating this.

  • BSJ wrote, “Trump says whatever he thinks the person/group standing in front of him wants him to say. Then he’ll deny he ever said it or didn’t really mean it.”

    You are correct. I agree with you. However, I think we all need to separate what Trump says with what he does. In some of those areas (Obamacare, Israel), he has been a typical moderate liberal Democrat. In others (appointments to the courts, regulation), he has been conservative.

    Trump is not all bad. He is simply not the best man for this job (something I have been saying since he first declared his candidacy).

  • LocalFluff

    Oh, so Trump hasn’t built the wall within the first four months. And communist wayne here calls him “a liar” for it! What do you call neocon Bush who humiliated the US military more than any military ever has been humiliated ever in world history, with it total defeat at the hands of the primitive completely insane stone age arapes.

    The US is maybe the only country in the world that has separation of powers. The president has to cooperate with the neocommunist republicans in order to get any new legislation done. (How can you as Americans not understand this simple fact? To me it is extremely exotic and I’ve only recently learned about it.) Why are all your neocon republicans refusing repealing Obamacare? Why are all your neocon republicans refusing to lower taxes? Why are all your neocon republicans refusing to increase defense spending and get a useful strategy instead of continuing the neocon defeat and failure, militarily and economically and in every way, which all the world is laughing at?

    Because they want Hillary Clinton and her islamists to rule!
    But oy oy oy, the Trump is “lying” when he abolishes everything Obama has done as far as he can as a president with his EOs. And he has forced the Obamacare-loving neocons to repeal it in the House of Reps. But oh, he is “lying”. because the Israelis themselves don’t want to change the formal post address of the US embassy. Really focusing on the important issues in the world there. Congratulations rat brain.

    It’s sad.

  • Mitch S.

    Sounds to me like the State Dept is getting it’s way here.
    During the debates Trump wisely stated that any solution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict would have to be a deal between them, and it would be a very hard thing to accomplish.
    In other words he indicated he would not try to force an agreement.
    And Trump promised to move the embassy

    Bibi is right, moving the embassy would not hurt the chance for peace. Sure the Arabs would make a fuss, but behind the scenes they would have more respect for Trump as someone that should be taken seriously.
    Now Trump looks more like Obama.

    Now there is talk of doing a deal with Israel and Abbas. I say Abbas, rather than Palestinians because any deal would only have effect on Abbas and the Palestinian areas he controls until he’s gone.
    Either the State dept is pulling Tillerson’s strings or he’s a fellow traveler.
    I hope Trump looks at the 60 year record of State dept failure in the Israel/Palestinian conflict and goes back to his instincts.

  • LocalFluff: I have warned you previously. I do not tolerate name-calling here. You risk a banning. Though I sincerely like your comments, if you name-call those who disagree with you one more time, I will simply ban you. For good.

    Be warned now. I will not warn you again. Your presence here at Behind the Black is now up to you.

  • wayne

    Mitch– good stuff.

    oh, come on dude!

    “We can’t do anything unless you give us the House.”
    “We can’t do anything unless you give us the Senate.”
    “We really can’t do anything, unless you give us the Presidency…”

    Tillerson sounds like John Kerry more & more, every day. (Not to mention his love of carbon taxes.)

  • wayne

    While I do enjoy LocalFluff’s “flair,” more often than not, (and his commentary under the “Kapitalist” moniker at other sites,) he calls me, a communist?

    Trump and his Gang, are far less Machiavellian, than perhaps Localfluff has heretofore assumed. (?)

  • wayne

    I’m definitely on the Behavioral end of the spectrum, however not in the Experimental end, except for stint in “Rat-Lab” in Grad school. (and yes, they will lever-press, until their iddy-bitty paws literally (metaphorically) fall off, under the right establishing-conditions & psychoactive chemistry.)

    It’s more accurate to characterize me as an “ex rodent-wrangler,” rather than “rat brain.”

    To quote Billy Corgan, “…despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage.”
    The Smashing Pumpkins
    “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”

    Trump has done some good stuff. He’s crashing-n-burning with most everything else.
    Come on dude, Soylent-Green, is People!
    (seen this Movie before, it always ends the same exact way. Only we are not watching The Longest Day, it’s something much more darker and dystopian. Good special FX’s, and everyone is straight out of Central Casting, but the Plot wears thin. More like “Mission Impossible,” but with Ants.)

  • LocalFluff

    Oh don’t understand what you mean with me name calling.
    You’re welcome to ban me, I just won’t understand why unless you spell it out for me. And if you kick the dog without it knowing why, it doesn’t do any good, does it?

  • eddie willers

    “We can’t do anything unless you give us the House.”
    “We can’t do anything unless you give us the Senate.”
    “We really can’t do anything, unless you give us the Presidency…”

    And now add: “Uhh….we meant a different President”.

  • Edward

    LocalFluff wrote: “Oh, so Trump hasn’t built the wall within the first four months.”

    It isn’t funded in his continuing resolution (Obama’s version of a budget), either.

    The same goes for prosecuting Clinton for her casually committed felonies. That was the first promise that he suddenly dropped, because his audience stopped being those he wanted to vote for him.

    Or his promise to repeal Obamacare — he never said he would replace it, at least not until after he was safely elected to office, and the replacements all look and work the same as Obamacare.

    And his lack of commitment to actually stop illegal sanctuary cities. Sure, he put in writing his policy to enforce the law, but he could have told the appropriate Cabinet members to obey the law without creating paper that could be disputed in court.

    Further, while he pretended to be a conservative before the election (although he still cannot define what a conservative is), he has clearly been ruling (rather than running the government, as is his new job) as though he is the lifelong liberal Democrat that he is.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

  • Cotour

    Edward, consider this about the Hillary / casual felonies situation:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if special prosecutor Mueller, after finding that there has been no criminal activity or any attempt to influence Comey and the FBI by Trump of his people, as was testified to under oath by Comey himself, related to any collusion with the Russians in the Trump administration. Other than the what appears to be problems with General Flynn and his activities (who was fired), all of this Russian investigation may well lead right to the door of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Read the below article on the subject by the “paper of record”, the New York Times itself.

    Remember all of that money, some say as much as $140 + MILLION dollars from the Russians funneled to the Clinton Foundation that resulted in the then Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton signing off on the selling of 25 % of OUR uranium into Russian control?

    The Democrats have become very quiet as of late related to “impeachment” and obstruction, I think they realize that in time this entire situation of their strategic political design will in the end bit them in the buttocks. They of course will manufacture the next issue of distraction, but this avenue of attack IMO is going no where fast.

  • Cotour

    Here, listen to this:

    A salesman who calls on me made the mistake of talking about the imminent impeachment of Trump the other day. “Oh its going to happen”. Based on what I asked? Well I just do not personally like him. Was his reply.

    So based on your personal dislike of Trump he should be impeached? The people of America elected Trump to the presidency, but based on your personal, subjective feelings about him you want him to be impeached?

    Then there was silence.

    Fifty percent of Americans are immersed in this Liberal narrative which sit only upon the emotions of intellectually dishonest by necessity Democrats. It can only get worse for them IMO.

  • wayne

    While I agree with your overall sentiment, it’s not going to happen.
    Slight correction–
    Mueller is “Special Counsel,” not ‘special-prosecutor.’ His Charter will be to “investigate Trump,” not Hillary or Obama.
    [Huge difference, but nobody will care–the damage is already done. (Stupidest move ever. Ryan & Mitch acquiesced to transform this from a counter-intelligence investigation, into a “criminal” investigation.]

    With “friends” like Priebus, Ryan, and Mitch, Trump doesn’t need any enemies on the left to tie him up for the next 2 years.

    Way to Go Missouri!
    – State #12 to adopt call for Convention of States

    In the News:
    “Maine could be the 13th State to call for Convention of States”

  • wayne

    can’t resist this reference…

    Planet of the Apes
    “get your stinking paws off me….”

  • Edward

    Cotour wrote: “all of this Russian investigation may well lead right to the door of Hillary Clinton, …

    The investigation seems to be an open-ended fishing expedition, because there are no specific charges being investigated, just some vague “collusion” reported in a newspaper that used anonymous sources that did not even provide anything approaching any kind of evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever. Open-ended investigations have a way of spreading in scope, especially since the scope is so poorly defined.

    We don’t have to go as far back as the Clinton uranium deal to relate Clinton to Russian collusion with Clinton’s own campaign. None of the evidence of Russian hacking of the election points toward Trump, but all of the evidence points to Clinton. The Wisconsin recount showed that the computers reported more votes for Clinton and fewer votes for Trump than were found in the recount. This means that any vote tampering favored Clinton and harmed Trump.

    Immediately after the Wisconsin recount was complete, with the shocking announcement that Trump did better and Clinton did worse (with the implication being that the Russians hacked Wisconsin in favor of Clinton — if they hacked at all), the recounts for Pennsylvania and Michigan were halted. Clearly the Clinton campaign, which had supported these recounts, feared that those two states would show the same favoritism for Clinton from a Russian-hacked election (assuming the Russians actually did hack the election).

    Perhaps someone in the Clinton campaign knew something about the Russians continuing to repay Clinton for her favor during the uranium deal. With an open-ended investigation, this collusion between Clinton and Russia — trying to help her win the election — could come out into the open.

    If the Russians actually did hack the election.

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