Trump teams up with Democrats on debt limit deal

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Trump today backed a Democratic proposal to only extend the debt limit by three months, instead of the Republican plan to extend that ceiling first 18 months, than six.

While it is clear the Democrats want more debt ceiling negotiations in order to force the Republicans to make repeated concessions each time, I find it disgusting that the Republican leadership is more interested in kicking the can down the road than to address the problem now. In a sense, this might be why Trump is siding with the Democrats, as it keeps the debt ceiling on the table as a political issue, and might eventually force these brainless cowards to eventually do something to gain some control over the budget.

Then again, it might not. It could also be that none of these politicians, including Trump, has any interest in controlling the budget, and are merely playing petty politics with the nation’s future.



  • wayne

    Mark Levin:
    “Mitch McConnell speaks about Trump’s “excessive expectations” regarding legislation.”

  • Cotour

    There is no commitment on either side to really control the debt because there never are any political or fiscal consequences related to it. As long as the FED is willing to control the interest rates and create new fiat money for the government everything is “good”.

    People give me paper for real commodities and I deposit those papers (That I can not eat) with numbers written on them in my account and pay my bills. Its an accepted convention. And around and around it goes, its all just a concept. I think this condition will remain as long as 1. America remains the go to currency for most transactions on the planet and 2. As long as the American military is regarded as the one and only military on the planet. The moment that changes everything changes. These two items would be very powerful political weapons of control. You would never want to be the fly in the ointment, so you do what you have to do.

    Until that point the Congress will do as they please, no political cost for their next elections, then nothing will change.

    I remember hearing a theory by an Italian anthropologist (?) who pointed out that the concept of money is one of the things that truly separates humans from the lower forms of life. While lower forms of life will do certain kinds of trading or offerings I do not think they would ever trade away something key to survival for something entirely based in concept that would endanger their survival.

    We have taken that theory and concept and ran way down the field with it.

    Humans do the darndest things.

  • Michael

    Some team. Asking a democrat if he wants to borrow more money is like asking a heron addict if he wants to shoot up.

  • Cotour

    PS: IMO Trump is trying to angle for some level of wall funding, he just has not figured out how to accomplish that for the moment. He has to get one side or the other or parts of both to deal with him.

  • Cotour

    PSS: Make that wall funding and a tax deal.

    Lou Dobbs has something to say about Trump, his deal with the Dems and his hit on Paul Ryan.

    I agree with him. This should get the Republican leaderships attention and possibly better focus them?

  • wayne

    Mark Levin:
    “We can’t restore the country as long as Mitch McConnell is leading in the Senate”

  • wayne

    Mark Levin
    “Mitch McConnell: This is your Life”
    august 2017

  • wayne

    Levin: Trump threw wall leverage ‘out the window’ on debt deal.

    “Just hours after news broke that President Trump had defied conservatives and Republicans by cutting a stop-gap debt limit and budget deal with Democrat leadership Wednesday, President Trump not only turned his back on the people who elected him, but also gave away his biggest bargaining chips for a wall on the southern border.”

  • Edward

    I’m shocked — shocked! — to find a lifelong liberal Democrat president siding with the Democrats in the continuation of excessive, rampant, reckless deficit spending.

  • Cotour

    Related because we are talking about politics and just how subjective it is and can be:

    A man is convicted and sentenced to 5 years IN PRISON for attempting to ship 1000 pounds of Cobalt / Nickel power to Iran that could have military applications.

    A woman who has a very high position in the Untied States government accepts over several years up to $140 million dollars from Russia / Russian interests into her and her husband’s “non profit” “Charity”. The husband also receives $500 thousand dollars in cash for a speech in Moscow and ultimately the wife has the final sign off as a high government official on whether Russia can buy 20 percent of the United States uranium production which IS DEFINITELY used in nuclear weapons, and suffers no legal repercussions.

    Who here has committed a crime?

    Q1 : The person who intended to ship a banned material to a forbidden country?

    Q2 : Or the person who actually ensured that an enemy came to own the actual company that produces the dangerous material that is used in nuclear weapons and through documentation received tens of millions of dollars for it?

    Objectively looking at this situation the 5 years for the intended actions to empower an enemy of the United States may well be deserved or it may be a bit harsh. I might argue that the person who ensured that a bonafied enemy of the United States who was essentially enriched through her non profit charity and funneled ownership and real and dangerous nuclear weapons material to that enemy might be charged with treason and go to prison for life.

    What do you think?

  • wayne

    “It Feels Good to Be a Clinton”

  • While it is absolutely true that Hillary Clinton is corrupt and broke many security laws with the way she handled her communications, my post was about Donald Trump’s new love affair with the Democratic leftists in Congress.

    I find it interesting that Cotour, a big Trump supporter, immediately tries to redirect the conversation away from Trump (who is president, in power, and whose decisions have real influence) and towards Clinton (who lost the election and is largely irrelevant in future policy decisions). Most interesting. Could it be that he does not want anyone to notice that Trump might not be the conservative savior he touted Trump to be, during the campaign?

    Just askin’.

  • wayne


    I apologize for participating and will pivot back to Trump-

    “Trump’s Big Democrat Day”
    The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. 378

  • Cotour

    If your just askin, then I will just answer.

    I was just looking for an appropriate spot to place my morning email and my pertinent commentary on the on going Hillary story / egomania spin machine. My commentary has really not much to do with Trump, other than the on going Republican / Democrat counter intuitive political realm machinations . Sorry, no conspiracy here, its all a confabulation of what you want to believe. Think about that for a moment.

    As to the my believing that Trump was a “conservative savior” that is yet another confabulation of yours, I never said anything of the sort. My over arching thinking about Trump is that he has denied Hillary the presidency. I have stated many times here that as far as I am concerned “Trump could sit behind the Resolute Desk in his under wear for the next four or eight years and I would be fine with that”.

    Another beautiful, bright and sunny cool September day here in good old NY, hope the weather is nice where you are and all is well.

  • Cotour

    To reconnect with the Phill O observations about Canada and its continuing offences to their people and their freedoms:

    Investing heavily in the pot industry to reap the taxation from it or are they attempting to further dumb down their population or is it some combination of that?

  • wayne

    I’m dying to address the “tax the weed” ‘thing, but I’ll restrain myself until such time as a real thread presents itself.

  • Cotour

    Go ahead , Wayne, comment, live on the edge :)

    I would be very interested in your professional position on this particular issue, this is your specialty and your comment is valued.

  • wayne

    Multi-facetted Issue, it’s “Bootleggers & Baptist’s,” and the politics of contraband…

    Glenn Frey
    Smugglers Blues

  • Wayne: If you see a story or article that fits the “tax the weed” subject, email it directly to me, and I will likely post it on the main page. That will give you the right thread to comment.

  • wayne

    Mr. Z.;
    If I run across anything worthy, I’ll drop you a line.

    (Weed Incorporated, in bed with the Government… what possibly could go wrong? “Meet the new Gangsters, same as the old gangsters.”) (!)

  • Max

    The Republicans feel slighted, Hurt, betrayed by Trump having anything to do with the Democrats. Trump got his chest thumped, but worked out a deal… Probably not the deal he wanted to make.
    There is a side to this that everyone is forgetting… What about the poor snowflakes? You do realize they were all unified in their hatred for Trump, now they’re default leader Nancy Pelosey is singing his praises. That’s got all the snowflakes running to their safe places wondering how to feel… Please someone quickly tell them what to think before this rips them apart.

  • Edward

    Robert asked: “Could it be that he does not want anyone to notice that Trump might not be the conservative savior he touted Trump to be, during the campaign?

    Cotour used that argument, even recommending lifelong liberal Democrat Trump over conservatives — you know, people who could actually describe conservatism.

    Well, Cotour and his crowd stuck us with a lifelong liberal Democrat as a Republican president, and now we are reaping the Clinton-like policies that we would have been stuck with had we voted for Hillary. Is Cotour embarrassed? Of course not. During the election he was not truly concerned with the policies we would be stuck with, otherwise he would have advocated and voted for any of the actual conservatives, during the primary. He was concerned that the corrupt, unindicted Clinton would get off scot-free. Unfortunately, he advocated for a friend of Hillary’s.

    Of course, ignoring Clinton’s past transgressions was the first of Trump’s broken promises, broken only a couple of days after he won the election. But what should we have expected from a friend of Hillary’s?

    Is Cotour upset that Clinton will get away with her crimes? Of course not. It turns out that that was not the reason for his enthusiasm for Trump after all. Cotour views Trump in the same way that Clintonistas view the Clintons: he can do no wrong. Cotour is part of Trump’s cult of personality, not part of those who know that policies matter.

    Max asked: “What about the poor snowflakes?

    Do not worry about the snowflakes. They are offered safe spaces, so that the real world does not crash down upon their fantasies. In their safe spaces, they believe that everyone provides according to their ability and are provided for according to their need (as defined by the ruling class). Today, the snowflakes believe Trump to be an evil fascist (not realizing that this term better describes liberals than conservatives, but they have been mis-taught by their government-supplied teachers). For them, Trump must be hated.

    Eventually, the snowflakes will be reeducated to believe that Trump is their savior, the one who provides for all according to their needs, and the snowflakes will continue to believe that hard work is a fool’s choice, because EBT cards, section 8 housing, Obamaphone,s and other welfare handouts are available for free (to them), so long as they continue to vote Democrat. This free stuff is why they are so afraid to hear or see any other ideas. Thus, they toe the Democrat Party’s line.

    While the Democrats hate Trump, the snowflakes hate Trump. When the Democrats love Trump again, the snowflakes will once again love Trump. No questions asked, just blind faith. Meanwhile, the snowflakes help apply pressure for Trump to also toe the Democrat Party’s line, and he is starting to do so.

    Snowflake problem solved. Well, solved for the Democrats, anyway.

  • Cotour

    I just ordered this, hope you like the color, It will arrive Thursday.

    I figure if I am spending so much time in your head, I might as well be comfortable.

  • Max

    The protesters turned on their own yesterday, snowflakes have started a movement that is hard to control.

  • wayne

    Nancy says a lot-o-stuff.

    “Nancy Pelosi utters gibberish, slurs statements, repeats words”
    May 2017

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