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Trump the gun control expert

Donald Trump said today that he will consider regulations that will allow the federal government to deny anyone their second amendment right should they be suspected of harboring evil thoughts.

Donald Trump says he’ll talk to the National Rifle Association about introducing new restrictions on guns for suspected terrorists at an upcoming meeting. Trump said Wednesday morning in a tweet: ‘I will be meeting with the NRA, who has endorsed me, about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no fly list, to buy guns.’

Earlier this week Trump hit presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton over her support for an assault weapons ban and accused her of trying to to not only ban guns, but get rid of the Second Amendment. Clinton had also called for a block on firearms purchases for persons on the TSA’s no fly list and the FBI’s terror watch list.

Trump said last year after the Paris terrorist attack that he was in favor of congressional legislation that would do just that.

Remember, you get on a no-fly list or a terrorist watch list not because you actually did anything wrong and were convicted of it in a court of law, but because some federal government bureaucrat decides to put you on the list, based merely on their opinions or conclusions. Just imagine giving this power to our federal government: What could possibly go wrong?

Once again, it is imperative that Trump be surrounded by as many conservatives as possible. Hillary Clinton, a confirmed leftist, cannot be influenced on this and other political matters. Donald Trump, however, can be.

Update: This article, 6 Things To Know About Tying Gun Sales To A Watch List, is definitely worth reading, as it puts the entire issue into clear perspective. The calls by Democrats to deny second amendment rights to anyone on a government suspect list are nothing more than a fascist effort to gain power over free Americans.

Genesis cover

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  • Cotour

    That’s a nice pandering sound bite, now let me see the text of the law or policy or regulation that accomplishes that.

    This fast becomes the slippery slope.

  • LocalFluff

    So you don’t like his second amendment statements. But what are you going to do about it, vote for Hellary? The Donald will defend the second amendment, but only at the highest price everyone is willing to pay. That’s how he works. That’s how be became a billionaire and president. The audiences with King Trump will go like this:
    – Hi! I want something.
    – Sounds great. But it will cost you something.
    – How much?
    – How much have you got?
    And the anti-Trump will walk out not only naked, but shaven too.
    I wish I were an American now, because “my” politician is sitting on the wrong side of the table and is s****ing his pants already in anticipation. The Fear Factory reality show. So much fear among the parasites of the world now. And The Donald says: “That’s goooood. Let’em rattle.” And he will scrap all international trade and defence deals and negotiate bilaterally. Each and everyone played out against each other will leave naked and shaved, happy to not be tared and feathered.

  • Cotour

    “So you don’t like his second amendment statements.”

    I in general do approve of Trumps Second Amendment statements. But this, which is the point of my post, is just pandering political rhetoric with the goal being to create some political capital and leverage focused on the most recent abomination perpetrated by this latest Islamic nut.

    In reality IMO there are plenty of laws regarding firearms already, too many in many cases. So many that they have now created an imbalance and have in fact made many venues more dangerous and not less.

  • wodun

    The hang up for 2nd amendment supporters is due process. This is well known and yet every time this bill comes forward, Democrats never address the due process concerns that they know are the only hang up. When the topic isn’t banning guns, Democrats say the lists themselves are racist Islamophobic attacks against innocent people.

    These two points illustrate how Democrats are not concerned at all about the legislation or the goal they claim to be pursuing but rather just using the issue to distract from Obama’s terrible policies in the Middle East and riling up their authoritarian base.

    Blaming the NRA for what happened in Orlando is a horrible slur. The scapegoating of Americans for the actions of Islamic terrorists is as low as you can go. The media gets upset when Trump says something about a judge but always cheers on even worse behavior from the Democrats.

    Due process is the only hang up, let’s see if anyone tries to address this concern. If they don’t, you know they are full of BS.

  • Orion314

    “Gun Control” , the 2nd round in the 1st hole….

  • Cotour

    No one in the world seems to be willing to make the real distinction that the CONSTITUTION AND AMERICA IS DIFFERENT!

    It exists for a fundamental reason and its not about safety. This U.N. / internationalist interest in American business is unnatural and must be discouraged.

  • Phill O

    It has been prophesied that the terror threat will get so great that we will give up all our rights to have safety. We are certainly getting closer! The problem with having to have people comvicted is that the courts are corrupt already. Having bans for those on terror watch lists is good. The ban should include any that have been cleared as this jerk was.

    No, the clincher: We know Hillary is a very credible person and Obama would never use a government office or department to attack his political rivals soooooooo

  • Kevin R.

    The right to due process is not something we want to lose. Where does that end?

  • LocalFluff

    Almost all terrorists are muslim arabs. It’s a fact. Sure, there was that Norwegian catholic Breivik who came from nowhere, but even that was motivated by arab terrorism, the counter reaction will not be pretty, but it is necessary for survival. Arabic culture, of which islam is a result and the dominating force, is unacceptable and should be illigalized. I say this as a libertarian. The stone throwing stone age murderous apes must be eliminated before anything else becomes even possible to do. Arabs, and some other peoples and soon we if this is allowed to go on, are victims of an oppressive “culture”. The only way to help them is to abolish that culture. It is a collective mental illness which needs to be cured. Arabs should be required to ignore the last 1300 years of their hateful anti-human failed history and switch to any civilized world view of their choice, including going back to what they had before such as worshiping a golden calf for those who want, that would be a tremendous progress for them and the first development in over 1300 years. Tey are stuck in their stone age still now, we should help them join our world. The rest of us have more peace, freedom and wealth creation than ever. The arabic world is a misery of tyranny, slavery, terrorism, eternal wars and lack of real culture. Islam is the whole problem. They cannot be allowed to hold guns.

  • Cotour

    As long as something is called a “religion” our Constitution must honor it?

    I think that there must be developed a way to make distinctions, I think from a fundamental point of view, that is called real American leadership. (As counter intuitive as that may sound related to the issue)

    And here we find a person, as uncomfortable as he may make some, who at least sounds like that kind of leader.

    The Constitution of The United States Of America is not a suicide pact!

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