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Trump threatens to “send in the Feds” to control Chicago violence

Not good: In a tweet late Tuesday President Trump threatened to send federal officials to Chicago if that city doesn’t do something to reduce its out-of-control homicide rates.

No one knows what Trump really meant, since this was merely a tweet on Twitter, but to suggest that he thinks the federal government has a place fixing local police crime is very inappropriate. Even if the federal government succeeded once in shutting down Chicago’s crime rate, it would set a bad precedent, expanding terribly the power of the federal government into very local matters.

Trump has enough problems to fix at the federal level, in his own executive branch. He should stay focused on that.


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  • Insomnius

    I knew Trump was more of a progressive than a libertarian. You can’t run a country like a corporation. Someone should make him do a book report on “The Road to Serfdom”. Things are starting to get bumpy already.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

    Cronies: Out to Lunch

  • LocalFluff

    Trump doesn’t care about any ideologies or theoretical principles. He’s pragmatic and will solve issues one by one each in the most expedient way according to his own head, with no promise of consistency. That’s the way of the entrepreneur. And it instills uncertainty and fear among everyone in the political system, domestic and abroad, which increases his powers even more. He has a huge repertoire of options open to him, making him unpredictable. It is really like having super powers, he does things others don’t.

  • Des

    There has been a very worrying increase in the homicide rate in Chicago. But I agree that it is a City/State government issue, not a federal issue.

  • Cotour


    And if the local powers that be can not or will not or refuse to get things under control, what then?

    The Liberal Democrats are willing to have the citizens of their cities live in fear for their lives, literally, instead of dealing with what needs to be dealt with in a proactive manner. They chose to call that “racism”, I call it a failure of government and the surrendering of their fundamental fiduciary responsibilities to provide law and order to the citizens of their cities. They would rather sacrifice the lives of their populations in the interests of their politics. And we all understand that their politics is intellectually dishonest, flawed and a danger to the peace and stability to the entire nation / world.

    I say enough! Someone must tale care of business.

  • wayne

    Not the responsibility of the Federal Government to intervene in the policing of Chicago.

  • Jim Jakoubek

    Have to go with Contour on this one.

    2016: Almost 4400 acts of gun violence with 716 killed
    January 2017 (so far): 248 acts of gun violence with 45 killed

    Looking at these numbers, I’d say we are a bit past “worrying”.

    What are the chances that anything of consequence will be done in this deep blue city and state when
    they spend their time trashing the police, calling them racists and pointing the finger for this in their

  • wayne

    Who exactly, are these “Feds,” Trump is talking about?

  • wayne

    Again, who exactly are these “Fed’s,” that are going to be utilized to “police” Chicago?

    The Governor of Illinois could utilize the Illinois National Guard, but they would be under control of Illinois, and not the Feds.
    The FBI enforces Federal crimes and certain crimes that cross State lines. (Unless Federal employee’s are being killed, it’s not the Feds jurisdiction.)
    The “Military” is specifically prohibited from acting as a police force within the United States.
    And we do NOT WANT THEM to ever do so.

    (There are specific exceptions, none of which involve “high levels of street crime” in a city located in a sovereign State of the Union.)

    I really hope folks are not advocating we further erode the separation between the States and the Federal government.
    Do we believe in Federalism or don’t we?

  • Cotour

    Local police can apply the proper level of stop and frisk to begin with. These are shades of gray we are talking about and not just black and white.

    There are many techniques that can be instituted to begin to take back the city from the gang thugs that are currently controlling it. Wayne, are you suggesting that there is nothing that can or should be done? The Federal government can support these techniques through the FBI, ICE, Immigration, NSA etc, etc. The federal government can also incentivize and disincentivize the city or state through the with holding of funds to “sanctuary cities” to begin with. What these Democrat run cities have created is just that sanctuaries (not the good kind).

  • wayne

    Rohm (aka the Creepy Ballerina) Emmanuelle, is the Mayor of Chicago, he’s in charge of “policing.” The buck stops on his desk.
    There is plenty stuff Rohm could direct his Chief of Police to carry out. It’s on his head.

    – If people in Chicago don’t like this stuff, they should not keep re-electing him.

    >NOT the responsibility of the Feds or anyone else that doesn’t live in Chicago.

  • Cotour

    Again, that does not preclude the Federal government from providing “incentives” or “disincentives” in order to “guide” mayor Rahm.

    This city of Chicago is sooo steeped in Democrat dogma and corruption that someone needs to do something. Chicago will serve nicely as the Trump demonstration model for the “new” or “reformed” american city.

  • Joe From Houston

    Sounds like we have to establish a new government agency like prior presidents did before, e.g., Homeland Security appeared out of thin air and quickly gained control of an out-of-control situation. Care to guess what we could call it while sounding politically correct?

  • LocalFluff

    wayne, I’m not the one to tell anybody how American law works. But I just saw a clip on Fox News online where someone said that the legally easiest way would be to put the state’s national guard under federal control. Other measures would be to have the FBI “assist” local police, or to have the ATF intervene since most violence seems to be related to guns or drugs.

    It would be a great victory for Trump to solve this carnage, which he mentioned in his inaugural address, within the first week of his administration, so I bet that he will intervene forcefully and successfully. It would humiliate Obama and the anti-second amendment liberals and demonstrate his will to create order in the inner cities. Aside from saving thousands of lives.

  • LocalFluff

    Btw, why so many shot but so few killed?? Is there something wrong with their guns? The rare Norwegian catholic Anders Behring-Breivik demonstrated a few years ago how to perform mass shootings with deadly results. Haven’t they learned anything in Chicago?

  • LocalFluff

    Here’s the clip I mentioned above:

    Trump asked which of the measures he chooses:
    – Why? ALL of them of course!

  • wayne

    It was not cool when Obama wanted to control local police, and it’s not cool now (depending on what exactly he actually proposes.)

    Obama’s Unconstitutional Schemes to Nationalize Police

  • wayne

    whatever happened to that guy?

  • wayne

    off thread, but this is hilarious…

    The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words

  • Wayne: Heh. Very very very good comedy. Done with good will and great humor, and based on truth.

  • wayne

    There are only a few certain instances when the Feds can take control of State National Guard within the United States, and the Chicago situation doesn’t reach that bar at all.

  • Alex

    Wayne and Mr. Z: You both did not understand the evil nature of this “humor”, presented by European liberals/leftists.

  • BSJ

    Wow, hasn’t even been a week and some are already calling for Il Duce Trump to F’ the Constitution and send in the Black Shirts.

    Gonna be a long four years…

  • BSJ

    PS. Very funny video Wayne!

  • Cotour

    I just heard on the radio mayor Rahm “Welcomes the Federal governments help in controlling crime in Chicago”.

    If so, why did Obama not offer to do the same? Answer, it would have been racist. Enforcing the law and creating a safe community for everyone, especially the minority community is racist to the Democrats. That’s how dangerous they are.

  • wodun

    There are surely things that Trump can do short of violating the separation of powers and state sovereignty. What if the DOJ looked into collusion between street gangs and Chicago politicians?

    Ultimately though, gang crime is a cultural problem. How could Trump take action to help change a culture that embraces crime as a way of life? Coming at the problem from this direction might not get into any sticky constitutional situations. The problem is that this would take a generation.

  • wayne

    good stuff.
    >Department of Justice–Public Integrity Section, handles “corruption,” and has jurisdiction over all “elected officials & federal judges.”

    Trump did some good stuff today, and for that I do commend him.
    -Stuff about sending in Elliot Ness (my words) to Chicago— ridiculous idea. This has been going on for quite some time and Rohm got himself elected in the middle of it all, despite the level of violence.

  • Garry

    Wayne, that was a great video, but I would have liked it better if they had cut about 20 seconds from the end (when they called Trump a racist and said he would make fun of the disabled).

  • wayne

    I agree, it is just a bit too long and starts to morph into preachiness, but it is hilarious.

    Alex– lighten up a few centimeters. (Don’t forget, I’m that-guy who advocates using nuclear weapons on our enemies, at the slightest provocation and preferably pre-emptively, and exclusively on communist’s and jihadis.)
    I suspected that Dutch video was a lefty ‘thang, but it’s funny, ‘cuz it’s predominately true.
    (They could re-edit it slightly, send it to Trump, and the next day have a meeting with the Dutch Ambassador announcing some “big deal,” and how much he loves our Dutch friends. It would be “wonderful.”)

    {I do have a BIT of Dutch & Ukrainian in my family tree. I’m not entirely unsympathetic to some of your socio-cultural commentary Alex, and I do get from where you come.}

    Trump is a trash-talking, name-dropping, counter-punching, booster. Something like, “he’s to be taken seriously, but not literally.”
    Everything is “wonderful,” “fabulous,” “great,” etc.., and while it IS refreshing to hear that after 8 years of Marxist Lecturing by Herr Professor Obamavitch, it’s starting to grate on my nerves. (If everything is “great,” nothing is great.)

  • pzatchok

    With one tweet trump has done more for Chicago crime fighting than Obama did in 8 years.

    Plus he clearly places the ball into Rahms court.
    And all Rahm did was ask for more money (just like a good liberal) and demanded no federal troops be sent in.

    Trump could do a LOT without sending cash. The Governor could order the NG to build a new Sheriff Arpaio style fence prison and get it ready for the new residents.
    Send in a few thousand federal marshals.
    Send in 50 to 100 more prosecutors and force the courts to go into a 24 hour duty day.
    Any illegals caught can be bused back over the boarder by the marshals or the military.

    Or get real radical and offer to send and Chicago resident of the the worst effected neighborhoods a few hundred bucks and a free move to any other sanctuary city.

  • wayne

    pzatchok — good stuff.

    There are a few lengthy articles in the Wall Street Journal today, on the whole “Chicago” ‘thing.
    (Rohm only wants more free-cash.)

    – by population, the murder-rate in Detroit is actually higher. (If Trump is sending anyone more “free cash,” it should go to Detroit first. Or even better, stop sending “free-cash” to everyone. They can raise their taxes in Chicago to pay for all this stuff, if they really want to stop it.)
    – Obama did send additional Federal people to Chicago in 2014.
    – The case closure-rate on “homicide” in Chicago is barely 25%. You have a 75% chance of never being caught.

  • wayne

    I’ll toss this in this thread; friend of mine who works in downtown Portland (Oregon) relates this to me, referencing the riots of last weekend:

    “….as far as I could tell though, people stuck in their cars as the march went by them seemed to be supportive or at least enjoy the ‘parade,’ there were a couple people intent on burning flags – the small hand held kind, people (as in other protestors) shut that down and I don’t believe it got on the news.
    -Saturday’s march was all sanctioned, permitted, forms filled out, meetings with the police ahead of time etc.
    -Friday the police were intent the marchers not cross any bridges to the east side where it’d be much more difficult to contain the crowd (not to mention really screw up traffic), riot brigade gear and eventually tear gas (or something similar) was utilized, to the intended effect of dispersing the crowd.
    -There were numerous camera drones, documentarians, and what looked to me like pretty intensive image-recording devices and crowd counters. The had the police helicopter out and a small circulating air-craft monitoring all of downtown.
    -No sharp-shooters I could discern and the anti-anti counter-disestablishmentarians stayed away. That is, no right-to-carry folks decided it would be a good day to be out in open display mode (which has happened.)”

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