Trump to keep U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv

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President Trump today signed a waiver allowing him to keep the U.S. Israeli embassy in Tel Aviv, rather than moving to Jerusalem as he promised repeatedly on the campaign trail.

This is not the most important political story of the day, but it illustrates what we can expect from Trump. In the end, he backs down under pressure from the Washington elitist community. For example, even though his proposed federal budget suggested a willingness to cut the deficit and eliminate whole agencies, I have doubts he will succeed in getting Congress to agree to any of those cuts.

This is also why I have not yet posted on the various rumors claiming that he plans to exit the Paris climate treaty. Until I actually see him do it, I do not believe it.



  • eddie willers

    I would hold my fire too as I don’t believe he will back out of Paris.

    Hope to come back and admit I’m wrong in a few minutes.

  • LocalFluff

    He will back out of the Paris climate treaty, because it is against everything he stands for. The address of an embassy is just meaningless decoration and cheap to sell in a negotiation. Now the Israelis insist that he doesn’t change it to Jerusalem, so he gets something in exchange from Israel for not doing it. For now.

  • eddie willers

    Out of this one, but will talk about a new one.

    I hope the howling will be so loud and over-the-top that he says “Screw it, I don’t want to talk about it anymore”.

  • LocalFluff

    “The purpose of the Paris treaty is to keep America bound and ted down. It won’t happen while I’m president, sorry!”

    “I’m elected president by the voters of Pittsburgh, not of Paris”

    Some rats typing their waste here do not understand Trump’s presidency. It is very simple, still far from the brains of some.

  • wayne

    “Some rats typing their waste here do not understand Trump’s presidency.”

    I am intrigued by the typing of rats, please expand.

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