Trump Treasury Secretary to be former Clinton donor and Goldman Sachs banker?

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According to one Trump fund-raiser, should Donald Trump win the presidency he plans to nominate for his Treasury Secretary a former Clinton donor and Goldman Sachs banker.

[Steve] Mnuchin, who is a former donor to Hillary Clinton, spent 17 years with Goldman Sachs, where his father also had been a prominent executive. He later worked with investment groups affiliated with George Soros, including as chairman of controversial mortgage lender OneWest Bank Group (which would later be acquired by CIT Group). He also has spent time as both an art dealer and film producer.

Heh. I seem to remember how Ted Cruz was attacked because his wife worked for Goldman Sachs. Trump was going to save us from the big bankers!

I myself am not really bothered by this man’s connections with Goldman Sachs. What worries me is that Mnuchin previously supported Hillary Clinton and also has ties to the very leftwing money-man George Soros. Thus, this story once again underlines the need for voters to elect as many conservatives to Congress as possible, in order to limit the influence of Trump’s liberal friends.



  • Wayne

    Yeah, I seem to recall that as well, Heidi Cruz being viciously attacked, for working in the wealth-management department in the Dallas office of GS. (and taking a year off without pay during the Primary.)
    She never once engineered any “big deals,” or floated any synthetic collateralized mortgage-debt securities.

  • Joe

    What is that famous John Batchelor saying, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”

  • Cotour

    Any way you look at it it appears that Goldman will have its operatives some how involved in the big money side of government one way or another. The Clinton’s however have a special relationship with Goldman as evidenced by the millions of dollars that Loyd Blankfine has funneled to them via “speaking fees” and their son in laws close relationship having worked for Goldman, and having Blankfine also endorsing and participating in his private hedge fund.

    This however is another very interesting road to the Clinton bank account and presidential access fund:

    Big money getting to their bank accounts for “speaking fees” and no one is really sure exactly where the money actually comes from. Add to that Hillary’s private unsecured government communications system and we really have quite the candidate representing the Democrats.

    Ah, its probably nothing.

  • Edward

    Now that he is the official Republican nominee, Trump no longer sees the need to hide his liberal Democrat spots. As we see, he need not bother to listen to the desires of the conservatives who made his nomination possible. The timing of his announced choice shows that he has intended to choose this left-wing person for quite some time. He is quickly proving himself to be the same as Clinton. His instincts are no better and no closer to conservatives than Clinton’s.

  • wayne

    Won’t Get Fooled

    “Smile and grin at the change all around, pick up my guitar & play,
    Just like yesterday, then I’ll get on my knees and pray.
    We don’t get fooled again, don’t wanna get fooled again, no, no…
    Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss.”

  • Edward: Though I tend to agree with you, I think you are overstating things. Only the day before I also posted a story reporting how Trump is assembling a list of government workers he intends to fire, and will also ask Congress to make it easier for him to do so. This is not “the same as Clinton.”

    We really do not know yet what Trump will do. I suspect in the end he will be a weird mixture of modern conservative and old-fashioned liberal Democrat. If Congress is strongly conservative, he will lean more to the former. If Congress is more moderate, he will lean more to the latter.

  • wayne

    “Cartelization of Banking”
    Murray Rothbard

  • Edward

    As you said to begin your post, the day before: “Good if true.” Even if he is granted such a wish, from Congress, we still don’t know which government workers he intends to fire. We keep hoping for the best, but Trump keeps speaking and acting for the worst.

    Clinton and Trump are both liberal Democrats who have expressed their desire for their own tyrannical governmental powers. They may have ideas for different paths to get there, but they both intend to get there. It is the same ends that they use to justify their different means.

  • Cotour

    Edward, overstating?

    It will be very interesting who in the end Trump actually surrounds himself with, as for right now its all really just speculation.

    I think his choice of Pence tends to be a net positive and indicates that he is listening to others and in the end makes the correct choice. If he had chosen Christy I would have tended to see him more as going with his own gut instincts only, and Christy would NOT have been the stronger choice, a net negative VP choice.

  • Cotour

    This is a good one.

    The Huffington Post attempts to reshape, recast Ben Carson’s Hillary / Alinski Lucifer connection which is documentable, with the brilliant, Trump is really the Luciefarian because HE is the “radical”?

    Alinski did dedicate his book to Lucifer and Hillary (and Obama for that matter) was an Alinski disciple.

    The news cycle must be controlled and successful messages counter balanced.

  • Localfluff

    – Mr. president, I know how to steal trillions of dollars.
    – Very interesting!

    All Americans proved last election that they hate the constitution and hate their freedom. Otherwise they would’ve elected Dr. Ron Paul, the only honest politician in world history. Instead the American people want a cut-the-crap Kaiser, a trumperor to conquer the world. So they elect the guy who wrote the book. While other politicians only steal from the future, Trump wants to steal from abroad in the zero sum political game.

  • Cotour

    The power of actual leadership, the power of winning, I.E. the power of capitalism in the real world:

    Trump tells Soros to “Go to hell!” right to his face at Davos.

    Trumps overwhelming positive reception at Davos proves that actual real leadership trumps (no pun intended) the fear that is created in the ranks of even the elite that demands compliance to a centralized power structure.

    The the cherry on top of the “Memo” would be a solid connection between Soros and the illegal activities of the FBI / DOJ / and the Clinton / Soros New World Order machine that would result in his arrest.

    We can dream. Hey, Im A “Dreamer” now too.

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