Trump unclassifies FISA warrants, interviews; orders release of unredacted FBI text messages

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Trump has today unclassified both the FISA Carter Page application and the FBI interviews connected with that application. He also ordered the release, unredacted, of all FBI text messages of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr.

This information I think is going to demonstrate that the certain people at the FBI have been running an anti-Trump/pro-Democratic Party operation, concocting a false claim of Russian-Trump collusion in order to remove a duly elected President. Moreover, comparing the previously released redacted text messages with the unredacted messages is almost certainly going to reveal that someone at the FBI has acting to obstruct the investigation.

I wonder if anyone will ask the question “Who?”

I should also point out that Trump himself could have read these documents whenever he wanted. He doesn’t need to declassify them to see them, and form judgements from them. Moreover, the redactions only apply to the public, not to Trump. He could have seen this anytime, and acted immediately, if he had chosen.

Instead, he chose to wait and wait, and then release this now, at a moment when all eyes are aimed at the fake scandal being perpetrated by the Democrats against his Supreme Court nominee.


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  • Cotour

    Strategy / Counter Strategy.

    Timing is everything in life (Especially in politics).

    Notice how the Democrats are executing their Strategy couched as Morality (S.O.M.). They had the Kavanaugh accuser letter for months. The accuser makes accusations about an alleged event that happened 37 years ago? Sounds like a good Leftist soldier to me, someone has to do it and its her. And she is a university professor, the thing sticks to high heaven.

    Don’t bet against Trump. MAGA

  • Cotour

    Where now must this go as a bonus consequence?

    The Democrats must now be forced to eliminate Keith Ellison from their party, these are much more contemporary and verifiable allegations. Know the game, play the game, win the game.

  • wodun

    He could have seen this anytime, and acted immediately, if he had chosen.

    Instead, he chose to wait and wait, and then release this now, at a moment when all eyes are aimed at the fake scandal being perpetrated by the Democrats against his Supreme Court nominee.

    Why assume that Trump didn’t see them? I assume he did, along with all the other paper trails of what the Obama administration did and what information they gathered.

    The reason why Trump couldn’t release them until now is that it would have, and still might be, portrayed as obstructing justice. Now that Papadopoulos has been sentenced, Flynn’s sentencing is set, and Manafort has reached an agreement with Mueller, things are different. It is much harder to credibly claim obstruction of justice when the release comes after Mueller wrapping up all of the current prosecutions.

  • Phill O

    The democrat way is to release info at the most damaging time. Remember the Bush DUI conviction, held on to until one or two weeks prior to the election. Rest assured, Mueller et. al. is planning something similar before the midterms!

  • Orion314

    I posted this to Seething Frog not long ago…
    “We must recall why some ilk like HRC / DNC are so deadly… They have no fear of MAD, They embrace a scorched earth philosophy . This gives the klintons, et al , WHOM , i assume , are not yet in Gitmo. , the chance to retaliate. A very dangerous tactical move.”

  • Ed

    My concern: Will the released docs be the true docs or will they be edited To coincide with the redacted docs that have been supplied already. The issue here is trust in these guvmint agencies iwhich appears to be at an all time low.

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