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Trump walks out on North Korea summit

Unsatisfied with the deal offered by North Korea’s leader on his nuclear weapons, President Trump abruptly ended their summit meeting in Vietnam today.

Donald Trump’s talks with Kim Jong-un ended abruptly on Thursday as the president said he was forced to walk away after the North Korean dictator demanded that all sanctions be lifted in return for giving up only some of his nukes.

Trump said the final snag that caused the sudden breakdown was over sanctions – and Kim’s push to have all of them lifted in exchange for a concession Trump and his secretary of state could not live with. ‘Sometimes you have to walk away,’ Trump told reporters at a press conference in Hanoi that was abruptly moved up after a breakdown in talks.

The president expressed his hope that the two leaders would meet again, but acknowledged: ‘It might be soon, it might not be for a long time. I can’t tell you.’

The standard American politician since the 1960s would have instead gone through with the ceremonies, including signing some form of fake agreement that in terms of the U.S. would have stunk. That standard American politician would have typically been willing to sell out the U.S. in order to save face.

Trump is no standard American politician. He is there to actually negotiate, and sometimes a negotiation requires you, as he said, to walk away, as Reagan did with the Soviets in 1986.

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  • Cotour

    While you have to give Trump two thumbs up for actually successfully taking a different tact in attempting to deal with N.Korea, I still can not find the logic for KJU and his fellows to agree to surrender their nukes which they have worked so long and hard in amassing.

    What do you offer a dictatorial leader who is seen as a deity to get him to surrender his big stick?

    You offer him industry and trade and Democracy?

    Power is never surrendered willingly. (S.O.M.)

    Trump walking away leaves him in good shape, there is strength in walking away from a deal that you just traveled 12 thousand miles for. And I still can not see how N.Korea gets over the hump of surrendering their nukes short of starvation and a bloody war. They will give them up after being starved and forced to strike out which leads to a bloody confrontation which they and the South lose, similar to Japan. So the status quo is preferable at the moment.

    And the Democrats are mindlessly on track to reelecting Trump in massive numbers with there manipulation of things like the Cohen testimony to coincide with the Hanoi meeting to diminish him. They have forgotten that at least half of the voting country who elected Trump is watching very closely and another half of the other half of the country that call themselves rational Democrats are also watching and all they see is the Democrat leadership and their politicos voting for the legal murder of new born infants and more and more Communistic policies, they are all attempting to out Leftist each other. They are out of control, and thats a good thing.

    (And I have some compassion for Cohen to a degree, he and all the others who have been swept up in the Trump / special council political warfare. It really is an abuse of power by the government. Nasty, nasty business. And the people are also watching that, and I have to assume that like me they do not like it. And looking at Lanny Davis sitting behind Cohen says everything about what is what. If you do not know who Davis is he is a Clinton attack dog and spin meister of the first order.)

    Just one more reason for Barr to find the stones and the legal standing to reexamine everything Clinton. Ma Barker must be stopped! Notice you have heard nothing from the Clintons in many weeks. Probably got the notice from Davis to cool it so that he could work his magic without distraction.)

  • Cotour

    Cohen being the man in the middle wants to please those who have the power over him.

    But in his choosing to participate and become their / Lanny Davis / Clintons / The DNC’s attack dog he may well make things much worse for himself. This guy is not cut out for this, not many are. If you choose a side the other side is going to fight back and nail you to the wall because you have pissed them all off.

    He is screwed anywhere he looks. Much of these special council convictions really should not be, it becomes an abuse of prosecutorial power. And their power is absolute in many ways, if it has nothing to do with “Russian Collusion” then why go there?

    This goes a long way in creating the fear that the government so richly enjoys.

  • wayne

    I have no problem with DJT’s negotiating tactics.

    Ronald Reagan:
    “trust but verify; watch closely and don’t be afraid to see what you see;”

    (unfortunately, a crummy clip)

    Referencing Lanny Davis– he’s the one who needs to be in prison.

  • pzatchok

    I am more than willing to let Nk keep their nukes and missiles. As long as we get to call off the war.
    Its not they have a vast amount and if they actually do try to use one it will be all out total destruction on them.

    Its not like they have any leverage to stop Japan or SK from getting anti missile systems.

    If Trump signs an Peace Treaty with Kim before the next election Trump is elected again. Now that’s a big way to make the history books.
    Let China worry about getting rid of the nukes. They want to be big players in the world anyways. Its time they stepped up and acted like leaders, if they want it.

  • Cotour

    IMO the Chinese have no interest in ending the war. North Korea being a distraction for the U.S. is a much more productive model here.

    China? No. China will only do something related to N. Korea only if it is in the forced interest of them further manipulating the U.S., and it will only be symbolic.

    And given the self destructive nature of the Democrat party and their constant Leftist, third trimester and after (murder) abortions, free healthcare, guaranteed income, free college, command economy, AOC “shes the boss” green agenda, their abuse of power in Congress attacking the president etc, and Trumps general positive economic numbers and other accomplishments. Trump is on track for reelection in a massive land slide probably never seen before from my perspective.

    The Democrats would be better served if they all stayed home and out of the media and allow Trump free range to shoot himself in the foot. But thank God that is not how things operate and they will continue their un American and anti American Leftist drive to communism. And the people of America are closely watching and absorbing it all.

    We watch as the Democrat party is in the process of a forced self destruction reorganization that they must go through and can not stop. The Democrats are in the grips of a political nervous break down, enjoy the show, its a good thing.

  • wayne

    President Reagan’s Address to the Nation on the Eve of the Presidential Election

  • pzatchok

    I don’t think the Chinese care a whit about keeping the war going or ending it. They have nothing to gain either way.

    To the Chinese NK is nothing but a drag on their economy. They send NK all of its oil and gas, a huge amount of its food, and as for material goods exactly what does NK manufacture that China could want?

    China would only want NK and the US to still be at war just to keep NK as a thorn in the side of the US. And its not. NK is not even on our domestic radar. Millennials don’t even know we had a proxy war with China in Korea and Vietnam.

    And China knows that the Us can just crank up the economic pressure on them to get them to work with us in NK. Trump is just hinting at that now but wait. I bet inside the next year Trump put more trade pressure on China then go back to NK for more talks.

  • Cotour

    I agree with the Trump pressure on China, he is the only modern American president able or willing to do so in the interests of America. America and American business has spent the last 25 years in building up China and extracting corporate profits. But at what cost? They now possess much of our missile technology and other intellectual property that drives their world domination aspirations.

    A heavy price to pay for sure, Ross Perot was not wrong.

    Back to the Democrats: Lets take a look at who is running things for the Democrats at the moment as we head into the 2020 presidential election:

    Nancy Pelosi, third in line to run the country, just another crazy, stuttering, sputtering incoherent Left leaning / pandering Democrat drag on their American credibility.

    I think that the fact that so many people in America that many see as being incompetent or anti American and radical, like Pelosi, who is more an old school Democrat political operative, and the likes of AOC, and the other burka wearing newly minted Congress persons who have no business being empowered in our government is in a way a strength rather than a weakness.

    And that weakness is actually a strength because it reveals to the public the insanity of some of these political operatives and agendas. But on the other side of the equation these operatives and their followers are well organized like all delusional Communist wana bees are. The Democrats Borg like cohesion and ability to organize are their biggest assets and threat to our country.

    And Trump is our Captain Picard.

  • Col Beausabre

    Godwin’s Corollary

  • Cotour

    Godwins law ( I had never heard of it, thank you for the reference) would indicate that any liberal Democrat within the first minutes or sentences of a discussion of Trump or anything Trump related looses their argument immediately.

    Hitler is the Lefts default Trump position and argument.

  • wayne

    (I thought Bush was Hitler and Dick Chaney was Darth Vader?)

    you might find this interesting if you have any spare time:

    “Kling on the Three Languages of Politics”
    Prof Arnold Kling (Economics’ prof)
    EconTalk with Russ Roberts June 2013
    >embedded audio player

    “Kling argues that Progressives, Conservatives, and Libertarians each have their own language and way of looking at the world that often doesn’t overlap. This makes it easier for each group to demonize the others. The result is ideological intolerance and incivility. By understanding the language and mindset of others, Kling suggests we can do a better job discussing our policy disagreements and understand why each group seems to feel both misunderstand and morally superior to the other two.”

  • Cotour

    Thanks, I will take a look at it.

    I find that the Democrats are making it easier and easier to draw a clear distinction between what they say they support and what in reality pedestrian voting Democrats actually support.

    I start the conversation now with my Democrat friends with:

    “So do you also support your party’s promotion of third term abortions, and now even deciding the fate of a
    new born helpless infant after being born?”. The silence is golden after this question is asked.

    And I think I understand the methodology behind this strategy, I believe that it is designed to draw clear lines between the pro and con abortion groups in America. The extreme pro abortion feminists and the anti abortion most of the rest of the country. This serves to keep the Left aligned, but I believe that it will fail in the long term.

    The Democrats will not disappoint in 2020, they will be supplying the political discussion in America with a rich source of irrational, anti and un American material that will clearly indicate to many rational Democrats in America that they can not support the Democrat ticket. And at least some of them will look to Trump.

    The Democrats are uncontrollably self destructing in slow motion, and its a good thing.

  • wayne

    V for Vendetta:
    The Dominoes Fall

  • Cotour

    And thus far it is projected that its Bernie and Biden that will rescue the Democrat party. (?)

    Stay tuned for that, the juggernaut that is the Democrat party of self destruction is well under way and does not look like it will be completed before the end of this presidential cycle. Maybe not even the next.

    And in the growing field of wacky Democrats we have the growing list of heroic Communists and Liberals, names like De Blasio and Cuomo, two infanticide proponents.

    Good luck with that.

  • Cotour


    Its a raucous and high speed international comedy and peek behind the curtains of power with the entire world as its stage. Shot live and unscripted as a long running commentary and documentary on our American ability to influence and manipulate the world. In general for its and our own good. And its the story of the relatively puny and inconsequential leaders of the world who through pandering to their egos and base needs are molded and tasked by a master panderer, manipulator, American showman president, leader and patriot.

    A multifaceted buddy movie featuring, The Master, American president, D.J.Trump and the many interchangeable players that he eclipses. All of whom are generally detriments to all who they lead. Watch as the American president destroys the last 50 years of hurtful and weak anti American policies and replaces them with rational American centric policies. A seldom before seen feat on a scale also never before seen.

    See the coming sequel which will begin shooting in 2021 and will be shot over the following 4 years, the title?:


    Stay tuned.

  • wayne

    Hey– changing focus real quick– just watched a lengthy (un-edited/un-mediated) replay of Trump in Korea. I’m impressed on a number of levels myself.
    (I still believe we’ll eventually need to annihilate North Korea, but that’s not the Trump way, and I’m ok with that right now. Unlike obama, Trump actually loves his country, and I’m perfectly willing to give the President wide latitude, and not worry a whole lot about rocket-boy.)
    (The carrot is prestige for the little psychopath, the stick is making north korea glow.) ((and there’s no problem that can’t be permanently fixed, by prompt hard-radiation & raising the ambient air-pressure to 6psi momentarily.)

    An Old Vulcan Proverb
    (forgetting for a moment Nixon was a progressive, he did have a lot of anti-commie cred and deserves his due.)

    “Only Ambassador Spock could to go to Romulus .”
    “Only DJT could go to North Korea.”

  • Cotour

    Wayne, I am happy that you are seeing Trumps theater as positive massaging of egos in the pursuit of some never before imagined goal. And exactly what that goal would look like down the road is not yet known to me.

    And of course your signature momentary air pressure increase is the ultimate answer to all of life’s disputes and disagreements, but lets see where this goes before the breaking out of launch codes and the simultanious turning of any keys either on land or under sea is undertaken.

    Trump will have to produce and direct the two movies, he is in the process of writing them right now.

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson:
    “Embrace your shadow because its strength can guarantee peace”

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