TSA backs down

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The furor over TSA policy to allow illegal aliens to fly without identification has forced the agency to change its policy.

TSA employees at Laredo International Airport notified Border Patrol agents last night at 11 p.m. local time that a new policy was in place that would not allow illegal aliens to fly solely using an I-862, otherwise known as the Notice to Appear form. TSA employees stated they will allow illegal aliens who had been released on their own to travel with a foreign passport or ID in addition to an I-862.

The TSA continues to deny they ever had a policy in force that allowed illegals to fly without identification, but the fact that they have announced “a new policy” proves that denial is an outright lie. Moreover, so does the willingness of many Border Patrol agents to testify to the earlier policy, under oath, which also probably contributed to forcing the TSA to quickly change its policy.

From my perspective, this entire story proves once again how completely worthless the TSA is. We would be better off without it entirely. At least then we wouldn’t have to be subjected to sexual abuse whenever we boarded an airplane.



  • DDZ

    If your Blog had a Like button, I would push it.

  • Hm, I wonder if such a thing can be done. There are multiple ways to share the site with others on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc, and you can also subscribe to the site. I will ask Shane about a like or follower button.

  • mpthompson

    The TSA had no choice but to back down. If this outrage had been allowed to continue, there was a growing, albeit slight, chance that the MSM would pick up on the story and all hell would break loose. However, does anyone really think the policy has been reversed in practice. I hope Brietbart stays on top of this.

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