TSA removes its head of security

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Does this make you feel safer? The TSA has replaced its head of security.

They didn’t fire him, only replaced him with another political hack who will likely do as bad a job. Meanwhile, the guy they removed will be given another job where he can screw up in a different way.


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  • Edward

    This may make me feel safer, in the future. I realized years ago that the long lines — bunched up into crowds of people — prior to the nipple-squeeze/porn-o-vision security sweep was a vulnerability, and Belgium proved it, earlier this year. Thus, if the next head of The Security Abatement (TSA) makes these lines shorter or otherwise less insecure, then perhaps we will be safer after all.

    It is one thing to be inconvenienced by missing an expensive and possibly important flight; that is bad enough. It is another thing to be blown to bits at the security station that is supposed to protect you from being blown to bits.

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