Tubeway Army – Are Friends Electric?

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An evening pause: Music from the late seventies. Reminds me vaguely of a later Laurie Anderson hit.

Hat tip Jim Mallamace.



  • wayne

    Is this Gary Numan?

  • Joe

    Very cool, never heard of either group.

  • wayne


    Laurie Anderson, does have some excellent stuff, (late 70’s, early 80’s) it is however, heavily anti-American in content. (for the most part, Reagan was driving these people totally insane at the time.) Not all of her material is uploaded to YouTube as of yet.

    This Gary Numan tune, had heavy rotation on US FM-radio.

    And “Promo-video’s,” were the exception and not the rule, in a short window before MTV arrived on the scene.

    Highly recommend almost any of Brian Eno’s early work as well. (It’s in the ‘techno/ambient-music’ sorta genre.)

  • Wayne: I still wonder why you don’t send these youtube suggestions to me directly, so I can schedule them as evening pauses and thus give them a wider audience. Posting them in a comment might be faster, but it doesn’t showcase them well.

  • Joe

    Wayne, love that tune!
    Robert, another song from the era sent!

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