Turkey moves to create its own space agency

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The new colonial movement: A draft bill to create a Turkish space agency has been introduced in that country’s parliament.

The Turkish Space Agency, according to the draft bill, will also be in charge of coordinating, managing, and operating all satellite requirements, design, manufacture, launch, and operations in Turkey, as well as coordinating private Turkish industries towards those goals. Jane’s Defence Weekly reports that the draft bill for the Turkish Space Agency has previously been held up for years due to a dispute between the Turkish military and several Turkish administrations as to who should be the lead within the agency. The draft bill in front of parliament suggests that the military have lost that argument, doubtless because of the aftermath of the July 2016 attempted coup, and instead it will take the lead on technical issues rather than policy and strategy.



  • LocalFluff

    Turkey is becoming an islamic stone age terror tyranny now. The entire Turkish people will express their wish to ultimately and forever after define themselves as arapes now on Sunday April 16 already. Turkey is the new Iran. All Turks choose to live like the desert bedouins did in their pre-written language stone age 1,400 years ago.

    They will build nothing at all. I have never heard of any item ever having been manufactured in any islamic tyranny. And the arapes cannot throw their rocks and shoes high enough to reach orbit.

  • wodun

    In an ideal but imperfect world, individuals, companies, groups, and countries will be able to purchase space based goods and services. Even if Turkey can’t build everything on their own, there will soon be a thriving space based economy for them to purchase the services they want.

  • LocalFluff

    Turkey will be blockaded by all of the world (except some failing rouge states) and they cannot have any kind of domestic industry given their new popular regime of terror. Turkey has no significant oil resources, so they have nothing to export. Turkey might very well become like Syria now very soon, but with five times the population. A space program is not on the remaining inhabitants’ mind there right now, even if they all do want to escape in anyway possible, like virius spreading the nightmare they themselves have created with their intolerant stone age “culture substitute” of islam.

  • Cotour

    I found some of the art work that they are considering for their space suite insignia.


    Looks promising and just about right.

  • LocalFluff

    Photoshop Erdogan’s face onto one of those pictures, and you’ll be extradited to death if you ever leave America for any of the enslaved islamic European countries like the UK, France and most others! The EU wants Turkey to become a member. With Hillary, Turkey would’ve become the 51th state of the US.

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