Turkey will establish space agency this year

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The new colonial movement: According to one Turkish official, Turkey is aiming to establish its own space agency within a year in order to better coordinate its aerospace effort.

Arslan also said that once established, the Turkish space agency shall oversee all Turkish satellite manufacturing and needs, the development of Turkey’s own indigenous space launch capability and launch centre, all other aerospace requirements, and even a human spaceflight programme.

Like many of these third world space efforts, it is the country itself that is running the space program, not private companies. While the competition between these different countries (and the private American companies) will fuel the growth of the industry and the establishment of space colonies, in the long run this is not the best way to do things. It would be far better to establish policies that encourage private, competing, and independent companies within each of these third world countries. In that way, they will eventually have a larger economy and can better compete on the open market.



  • wayne

    It’s very quaint the primitives aspire to such lofty goals. They must have increased the hashish-ration or something.

  • LocalFluff

    Erdogan will be busy with the task he was elected by the majority of Turks to complete: The final extermination of the Kurds!
    Space is just a word his regime uses in proportion to that word’s frequency on Google. Turkey is islamic and will simply torture everyone. They have no concept about what or where space is or how to manufacture any item.
    A long sought-for self insight from a leader in the region, 12 years ago (“We don’t even make a single nail in the Mercedes we drive!”):

  • wayne

    good stuff.

    >”Armenian genocide.”

  • LocalFluff

    And I insist on the very big different between “third world countries” and muslim countries. Turkey might be a 3rd world country, but what is important is that it is an islamic country (now because of Erdogan). Different worlds completely. In third-world countries people are struggling because of all sorts of historical and geographical legacies. But they want the best for their children try so hard that they bleed, and they make substantial progress throughout black Africa! Islam is a completely different idea.

    In muslim countries the political ideology deliberately prevents any progress, because islam is to force all of human kind to live like their pedophile prophet did 1400 years ago.

  • wodun

    Like many of these third world space efforts, it is the country itself that is running the space program, not private companies.

    I suspect because many of these countries are actually using space programs as a fig leaf for weapons development. Turkey probably wants their own nukes.

  • Dick Eagleson

    As are others here, I am also dubious this recent wave of space agencies in Islamic-majority nations is likely to amount to anything. At a minimum I should think zero-G would present insuperable problems in both assuming the canonical Muslim prayer posture and in maintaining the requisite orientation toward Mecca. Perhaps the experience of the Saudi prince who flew on Shuttle some years back would be of interest to the Turks and the UAE?

    That said, I favor any expenditure an Islamic nation cares to make that is not explicitly oriented toward making trouble outside its borders. Islamic space efforts may not, in the end, come to much, but they would certainly beat the procurement of solid gold plumbing fixtures or beardless boys to bugger as expense items.

  • wayne

    Good stuff!

    News-flash from Turkish State Media:

    “The hashish ration has been increased, to 25 grams per week.”

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