Twenty percent increases in the cost of Obamacare in 2015

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Finding out what’s in it: Health insurance premiums in Iowa and Louisiana will go up from 9 to almost 20 percent next year because of Obamacare.

We know about these brutal increases because state regulators have released the information. Meanwhile, on the Obamacare website the 2015 premiums are being kept secret until after the election. I wonder why.



  • Shibes Meadow

    Friend, it’s over. Nobody cares. America is going to shrug, pay the higher bills, and move on. As long as there’s beer on the store shelves, football on TV, and gas in the tank, America doesn’t give a damn.

    I appreciate the sentiment behind these sort of posts. I don’t think there’s much of a point to them. My advice: instead of trying to influence the Big Picture, spend your time and money cultivating a local network of people you can count upon — people who look like you look, speak the language you speak, think like you think, and believe as you believe. This local network is the thing that is going to keep you and yours alive on the Day the EBT Cards Stop Working.

    And they will.

    Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion in your forum.

  • Rick Edwards

    It won’t matter, most people who vote Democrat either get free health insurance or are too wealthy to be affected.
    The voices of those who are hurt by it will be throttled or ridiculed by the MSM.

  • Rick Edwards

    Personally, I make just enough to not be eligible for subsidies. My wife lost her insurance, due to being cut back to part time.
    For me to add her to my insurance would cost 40% of my take home pay.
    So nobody can convince me that ObamaCare is a good thing.

  • Keith

    Healthcare premiums for just my wife and myself will increase by about 35% for next year.

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