Two NASA employees indicted for allowing Chinese scientist access

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Two NASA supervisors from the Langley Research Center in Virginia have been indicted for allowing a Chinese scientist unrestricted access to the facilities there for two years, including allowing the scientist to return to China with a NASA-issued laptop.

What I find amazing about this indictment is that a U.S. attorney in the Obama Justice Department has issued it. The Obama administration and NASA administrator Charles Bolden want unrestricted cooperation with China, and have even done some things that could also violate the same laws against providing U.S. technology to China. Under these conditions, I would have thought the attorney would have been ordered to drop the case, just as the Obama administration has done with numerous other examples where someone in that administration did something illegal and got away with it.



  • NickP


    “just as the Obama administration has done with numerous other examples where someone in that administration did something illegal and got away with it.”

    Is it just that I’m getting older and more cynical or has it always been this bad?

    I just don’t remember this level of corruption in prior administrations.

  • mike shupp

    Try and convince me, if this were a graduate student from within the US, returning to Peoria after a stint with NASA, carrying the same lap top and the same data — mostly soft porn, if memory serves — would you or anyone else give a damn? Nobody on earth, not even Congressman Frank Wolf, sees this case as comparable to the Rosenbergs giving Manhattan Project secrets to the USSR back in the 1940’s.

    I think people are jumping up and down and screaming because a Chinese guy is involved and it’s just so much fun to jump up and down and scream about the evil Chinese. Particularly when there’s no cost.

  • A. Choo

    No cost!! Someone is out in space on this one. Could it just have been a Hillary oversight. Back to sleep.

  • The corruption and politicization of the Justice Department has been getting worse in the past few administrations, starting with the Clinton administration. When Clinton took office he did something that no previous president had done in decades, firing all the attorneys and replacing them with politically trustworthy Democrats. Bush, being the wimp he is, didn’t do the same and kept these hacks on when he took office in 2000. Obama then cleaned out the small number of Bush appointees in 2008. Since then, the Justice Department has been a reliable Democratic Party operative.

  • pzatchok

    Who said it had to be comparable to the Rossenbergs?

    Spying is spying no matter how much was gained.

    Industrial espionage is still theft. In fact I bet the US government paid for all that tech he took. That’s my cash.

    Why don’t you care about that? What would it take to make you care?

    China admitted the man was a spy. He was deported to keep the political fallout down to a minimum.
    But someone had to pay for the mess up. So that fell in these two mid level chumps.
    They could have ratted out their boss who told them to give this guy access. But no, they are taking the blame and retiring to a nice quiet lifestyle. You don’t really think they did this all on their own do you?

    They will get a slap on the wrist or a presidential pardon and sent on their way.

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