Two planes to Martha’s Vineyard

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Barack and Michelle Obama took separate government planes to their vacation on Martha’s Vineyard,

This is just one clear example of why I have no faith in Obama’s sincerity when he claims he wants to rein in spending. To him, tax dollars and the government they fund are his little playthings, to do with as he likes.



  • tjmorrill

    Good point. The sooner we address this honestly and openly, the better off we will be. He treats the space program that it should never happen.

  • The thing is, if there were private space hotels you can bet Obama would be happy to take not one ship but two to make his stay here.

  • John M. Egan

    I thought these liberals were concerned about carbon footprints. Oh, that’s right it’s only us peons that cause that! Nov., 2012 can’t come fast enough to depose the royal family!

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