U.S. freezes $125 million grant to UN agency that funds Hamas in Gaza

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This is probably related to my previous post: The Trump administration has frozen the payment of a $125 million grant to the UN agency that supposedly does refugee work in Gaza but has been found in the past to help Hamas with its terrorist activities.

The amount frozen is one-third of the annual funding the United States provides the organization, according to the report.

The three diplomats, who asked to remain anonymous because of the political sensitivity of the issue, told Channel 10 the grant had been frozen until the end of the reexamination of U.S. aid to the Palestinians, which began in recent days. According to the diplomats, officials in the administration have informed UN officials in the past two days that President Donald Trump is considering cutting this amount completely and could even increase the cut to $180 million, which would be half the total U.S. funding for UNRWA.

From the article it appears that there are conflicting opinions about this action in the Israeli government.

UNRWA has been caught using its schools for Hamas anti-Semitic propaganda as well a place to store missiles. Let me repeat that: The UN and Hamas think there is nothing wrong with using schools to store weapons.

But hey, let’s give them millions so they won’t get upset at us!



  • wodun

    Trump did say he was going to use all of the diplomatic tools in the box to further diplomacy. I doubt the media will give him credit for being a diplomat.

  • Phill O

    Now if Hillary had of won, this money would still flow with the kickbacks to the Clinton foundation.

  • ken anthony

    It’s time we accepted the full wrath of the world and only supported those that support us.

    Terrorist: “I’d like a loan.”
    Banker: “How would you use the money?”
    Terrorist: “Burn down your bank and kill some of your friends.”
    Banker: “Is cash acceptable?”
    Terrorist: “Only if I don’t have to pay it back.”
    Banker: “That’s our policy.”

  • Commodude

    I’m SHOCKED, shocked, I say, to find this going on in my establishment….

    This is the same UN who was feeding Hezbollah information on troop movements while they were acting as impartial monitors under the UN flag.

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