U.S. suspends payments to Palestinian Authority

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Years late: According to one Israeli news source, the United States has suspended all aid to the Palestinian Authority, beginning in May.

I24 News, which is based in Israel, reported Monday that the U.S. froze funding as part of the Taylor Force Act, which requires Palestinian officials to end payments to terrorist groups and take steps to stop those groups’ behavior.

The news outlet, citing a White House official and a Senate aide, also reported that certain Palestinian programs have been put on hold because the West Bank and Gaza office of USAID have not received a budget for the coming year. USAID provides funding for foreign development projects.

An official with one of those programs told i24 News that the U.S. stopped transferring funds at the end of May.

It appears that the Trump administration did this to underline the Palestinian leadership’s continuing support of terrorism and its unwillingness to accept any peace deal with Israel. It also appears that the Trump administration has successfully garnered the support of many Arab nations in this effort.

Without funds, the corrupt leadership in both the West Bank and Gaza will find itself very vulnerable. We could therefore see some very interesting and I think positive developments in the next year.

One more note: It is a disgrace that neither Bush nor Obama had the courage to do this earlier, even though it has been obvious for years that the Palestinian leadership was using U.S. aid to support terrorist acts. Their lack of action in this area suggests that neither was ever very serious about negotiating a peace deal.

Update: More information here concerning the Trump administration’s cuts to aid to Gaza.



  • Phill O

    Trump may be a turkey, but I like his policies like this. Bob, you are right about Bush and Obama not to say anything about B Clinton.

    Any country that continues to support governments or agencies which directly fund terrorists will pay a high price in the long long. That is my prediction for the year.

  • Cotour

    How do you build a building?

    First you own what was and knock down what is standing there (You break it), design something bigger and better and that works better for the customer (America), then dig a big new hole for your new foundation, then build the new building.

    Now you understand how Trump operates, its simple and its effective (A concept unknown in Washington and politics in general). Eliminate what was (Don’t keep doing what you know does not work, and if you do keep doing what you know does not work then maybe something else is going on), renegotiate in a stronger way that more bennefits you and then build new.

    Yeah, Trumps a turkey.

    What the last 4 American presidents were willing to do to continue this policy and not commit to end in a way says that they were either incompetent (weak) or were in league with the forces of chaos that work 24 / 7 against American interests. In other words the last 4 presidents specifically were in many ways treasonous or just did not have what it takes to actually lead America.

    Trump, that “turkey”, is very unlike his last four predecessors.

    Please sir, Mr. president, may I have some more?

  • Cotour

    Supreme Court upholds “turkey” Trump’s immigration policies.

    Keep piling up wins Mr. president, the proof is in the pudding, making most all other presidents look like they were sleeping.

  • Phill O

    Cotour “What the last 4 American presidents were willing to do to continue this policy and not commit to end in a way says that they were either incompetent (weak) or were in league with the forces of chaos that work 24 / 7 against American interests.”

    My thoughts are some were bought off, others were too worried about the negatives orchestrated by the left.

    Canada could use a turkey like Trump! The weasel we have is hurting us.

  • Cotour

    To my point, they were not leaders who acted on identified agendas based in an American interest philosophy, they were followers of the previous presidents fears and missteps. Trump, that “turkey”, is a true leader.

    And that Trudeau is a very feminized symbol of what a Canadian man should be IMO and a complete “progressive” and Globalist tool. Be ashamed, he is just a dynasty place sitter. And people say that Americans should be ashamed that Trump is the president, I say bah to that. Look in the mirror world and tell me who is doing what to whom. Most country’s in the world need a Trump of there own.

  • wodun

    Trump said he would apply all facets of American power to further our interests. Diplomacy only works in conjunction with economics and the military. The one American power that Trump hasn’t wielded effectively is culture. But wait is this true?

    Trump relies on foreign powers having a certain image of him. Our DNC media think they are damaging him by portraying him as a crazy madman about to start nuclear war but this helps quite a lot in dealing with countries like NK. So often, what the media sees as attacking Trump domestically, actually helps him internationally.

    Trump complains about the fake news, which he should because there is so much dishonesty, but it helps him out a lot domestically because people see through the fakery and also abroad cause they blindly believe the “news”.

  • Phill O

    Trudeau tried twice at a university degree and quite after one year is the scoop I have heard. His father’s name was his biggest asset and handicap, both at the same time.

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