UAE and Algeria sign space accord

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The space agencies of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Algeria have signed an agreement to enhance their collaboration in space.

The MoU defines a framework for collaboration in the peaceful use of space, in line with the UAE Space Agency’s strategic plans to enhance collaboration with international stakeholders in the sector. The MoU covers various aspects of the peaceful use of outer space, as well as collaboration in the fields of policy-making, regulations, space science, technology, and human capital development in the space sector.

I didn’t even know Algeria had a space agency.



  • Tom Billings

    UAE has lotsa money, and Algeria has lotsa land to test rockets in. In fact, before the Kourou facility opened there was a French test center in Algeria from 1947-67, named Hammaguir. The UAE might want to reopen that, rather than flinging rockets around in the Persian Gulf.

  • Tom Billings: Bingo! I had forgotten about the French launch site in Algeria. This is exactly why this agreement was signed.

  • D.K. Williams

    Hmm. I’m thinking of promulgating a space accord regarding human exploration of Pluto. And if you sign in the next ten minutes, I’ll throw in Charon. Just pay separate handling and processing.

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