UC-Berkeley Chemistry College to shutter?

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The coming dark age: The University of California in Berkeley is considering disbanding its College of Chemistry to deal with $150 million pf debt.

One commenter noted this key fact: “What about African American Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies? Are those programs going to be affected too?” with two others adding sarcastically, “No, they are essential,” and “Because they teach such marketable skills.”



  • wayne

    Say What?
    My daughter has a PhD in Pharmacology (B.S. & M.S. in Chemistry) and is happily ($) employed at a large Company. (Research & Synthesis, she is not a Pharmacist.)
    The only places that employ “African American Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies” grads, are University’s, which get massive amounts of tax subsidies.
    It’s only going to get weirder…

  • Political Girl

    But chemistry companies are “evil.” Didn’t you know that?

  • wayne

    Political Girl wrote:
    “But chemistry companies are “evil.””

    Har, I’ll assume you’re goofing me, ‘cuz I can’t see your face. :)

    Personally– I’m a firm believer in “better living through chemistry.” She had childhood leukemia & beat it with the help of those “evil” Company’s. I have every faith that her current research might just save somebody else in the future.

    Interesting new (audio) commentary by Victor Davis Hanson at Hoover dot org;
    “Weimar America,” that addresses some points directly relating to Mr. Z’s post.

  • Dick Eagleson

    Just a nitpick, but that headline should say “UC-Berkeley” not “UCLA-Berkeley.”

    As to the substance of the story, it would seem that California continues on its long leftist path of burning its seed corn and otherwise fatally abusing its patrimony.

  • Whoops, you are right. I will correct. Be aware that this might change the url to reach the post and comment thread.

  • Political Girl

    Wayne … my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek.

  • ‘Better Living Through Womyn’s Studies’. Hmmm. The evidence is in. Don’t think so.

  • wayne

    Political Girl
    No problem!
    Fully 60% of all communication is non-verbal, just couldn’t see your tongue was firmly planted in your cheek.
    We need more Chemistry Departments, not fewer!

  • wayne

    “The proper study of mankind is man.” Alexander Pope

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