UC-Berkeley student newspaper publishes essays praising riots

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The voice of leftist fascism: The University of California-Berkeley student newspaper The Daily Californian today published a set of essays praising the rioters that destroyed property, attacked opponents, and silenced the exercise of free speech at the university last week.

Read it all. The essayists justify their actions under the outright lie that Milo Yiannopoulos supports genocide. (He does not and never has.) One writer even suggests that because she believes in this lie, without providing any evidence, she should have the right to kill her opponents.

There really isn’t much to say. In Berkeley California today you risk your life if you try to speak your mind freely. These fascists run the university, have the support of the university administration as well as the elected city government, all Democrats, and will use that position of power to violently attack anyone that challenges them. This place no longer participates in the American vision of freedom and liberty. In fact, it functions in direct violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Based on these events, and the university’s response to them, I think it perfectly reasonable to cut off all of its federal funding. We did far more when faced with this kind of fascist behavior by the Soviet Union in eastern Europe. We should do no less, if not far more, when we see such oppression raise its head here in the United States.



  • ken anthony

    The problem is those with the generally reasonable attitude of ‘live and let live’ are likely to ignore it. This is a fatal mistake. It needs to be dealt with, with resolve.

    That the media has no outrage for this means they should also suffer for it.

    Do nothing and the next generation will be worse.

  • Gealon

    Hmmm, I have a question. I have for some time participated in the Boinc distributed computer program run at Berkley. I’m seriously considering stopping my participation in this though, because of this leftist nonsense. Given that Boinc is essentially voluntary subsidization of the computer facilities at the university, I feel that it would fall under the same net as the aid that should be withdrawn from Berkley. I would though like to hear some other viewpoints on the subject before I finalize my choice to pull the plug.

    I’ve done a bit of sifting on the forums and found cached/buried pages with loads of political bickering. It looks like moderators are doing their best to keep things neutral. However I still can’t shake the thought that since it’s a program run at a university with such slanted views, that it should no longer benefit from my contributions.

  • Gealon: I say, pull the plug. It appears to me that the university at Berkeley is participating in the abuse of freedom and has purposely made it dangerous to be conservative on that campus. To contribute to such policies is to contribute to the spread of tyranny.

    Let me add that it is very important that you make a statement to them if you do pull out. Just leaving will accomplish little. Making them aware of why might make a difference.

  • wayne

    Article in the WSJ this week on donations to College’s/Universities for 2016. Trend is flat but the amount is huge overall. (We are all collectively far too generous to some of these whacky Institutions.)
    Harvard/Yale receive the most donations, and the University of California system collectively received about $700 million, just in private-donations.
    Concurrently, Berkeley in particular, receives on the order of $600 million in direct Federal “research” Contracts (of all sorts, some dumb, some vital)

    I would put in a plug for Hillsdale College at this point.
    They need your money and they will not waste it!

  • Edward

    There was a time when I advocated for UC Berkeley’s students as leadership material by telling people that the university asked for — and got — the best of the best of the best, not just from California but from all of America and even the rest of the world.

    I have just reassessed my impression of the students of UC Berkeley.

    I do not want these people leading anything.

    If there is a way for you to influence how these students are taught, I say do it. From what little I know of BOINC, it seems that staying with the program will not do this.

    From the article, one of the black-clad ninja-types “argued that what the rioters did was ‘self-defense’ against the violence of Milo’s words.” He was defending himself by beating up buildings and burning things? Those objects were supposedly threats to him? Words are violence to be abhorred, but violent actions are not?

    Violent words justify violent actions? And what about all those people who have been physically attacked and intimidated?

    These students not only act like three-year-olds who have needed their diapers changed for a week, but they talk like them, too. They sound like they are saying, ‘I get to do whatever I want, because I want to!’

    From the article: “But he did declare that criticizing the ‘protests’ was the same as ‘condoning hate speech.’”

    This is in fact what freedom of speech is all about. You have to allow for that which you disagree with or which you think is hateful, otherwise you do not believe in free speech at all, only in speaking those ideas in which you already agree. Condoning hate speech is necessary to freedom and liberty. Further, allowing free utterance of hate speech should not be confused with agreeing with that hate speech.

    I no longer believe that these students are smart enough to innately understand that distinction.

    The proper defense of any speech with which you disagree is to speak out against it, not to act out in violence against it. That is what a baby does.

  • Gealon

    Thank you for the input gentlemen. I will indeed be discontinuing my support and issuing a tastefully worded notice to all of the projects I was involved in. It’s unfortunate that the political situation degenerated to the state it’s in at Berkley but perhaps in time that will change, especially if support of the university is withdrawn. It’s sad that I can no longer support science development through Boinc, but if doing my part to withdraw that support means ending my participation I shall do it dutifully.

    Thanks again for everyone’s input.

  • Gealon: I, and I think my readers, would be very interested in reading your “tastefully worded notice.” I do hope you will tell them why you are dropping your support, even if you do so tastefully.

  • Gealon

    As requested Mr. Zimmerman. I formatted it as generally as I could since I am terminating eleven separate projects and did not want to tailor eleven letters to their respective administrators.

    Dear Sir or Madam

    It troubles me to inform you that I must withdraw my participation in your project forthwith. While I have nothing but respect for the scientific work being done by yours and other projects that make use of distributed computing, I cannot in good conscience continue to support it because of the medium through which I must work. As you know the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, or BOINC, appears to be the platform of choice for network computing projects. Unfortunately due to the political bias displayed by the Berkeley University, the name has become tainted. For this reason I can no longer support any project associated with the school and it’s leftist political leanings. Now I have no way of knowing, if at all, which projects might share in those biases and which may not, but the fact of the mater is that the host of the processing program is politically biased and that has no place in science. In order to send the clearest possible message I find it necessary to withdraw support from all of the projects I am currently involved in regardless of their potential political leanings.

    I am therefore ceasing all projects run on the Boinc platform until such a time as the political climate at the university returns to a more balanced state. I will however be maintaining my account for the eventual purpose of resuming work when and if that time does come. If there is a direct way for me to contribute to your project without using the Boinc platform, please feel free to contact me through said account.

    Also please note that this choice was arrived at after much deliberation and that it does not reflect any unwillingness to assist in the progress of science. This decision has instead been arrived at as an act of protest against the abuse of the rights of free speech being regularly practiced at Berkeley University. Until such time when a guest speaker can give a presentation without being attacked by a mob or students wear clothing supporting the president without the same happening, I cannot, and I repeat, in good conscience, support anything associated with that institution. Therefore I have little choice but to terminate all of my processing projects, again, regardless of their potential political leanings.


  • wayne

    Good stuff!

  • Garry

    Thank you Gaelon!

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