UC-Berkeley’s chancellor orders removal of posters, starts investigation

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Fascist Berkeley: Following the cancellation of “Free Speech Week” at the University of Berkeley, the university’s chancellor ordered the removal of posters detailing the terrorist connections of certain students and teachers, calling them “hate speech” and starting an investigation into the conservative organization that posted them.

The posters in question name Kumars Salehi, Judith Butler, and Hatem Bazian and nine other individuals as supporters of terrorism on the consciousness-raising posters that UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ ordered torn down.

According to the Canary Mission website, Salehi is a graduate student in German literature and culture at Berkeley. Salehi supports the dissolution of the State of Israel and is a member of the terrorist front group Students for Justice in Palestine and the BDS movement. He agrees with the absurd claim of Columbia University professor Joseph Massad that “Zionism and white nationalist anti-Semitism have historically been allies.”

Butler is the Maxine Elliott Professor of Comparative Literature at Berkeley, a BDS movement leader, and a member of the anti-Israel Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP) advisory committee. Butler has charactered Muslim terrorist groups as legitimate political players, saying she sees “Hamas [and] Hezbollah as social movements that are progressive, that are on the Left, that are part of a global Left [that are] very important.”

Bazian co-founded Students for Justice in Palestine to wage a campus war against Israel on behalf of Hamas. Bazian is chairman of the board of the Hamas organization “American Muslims for Palestine,” and is on record calling for the destruction of the Jewish state and its Jews in so many words. The founding charter of Hamas, by the way, speaks of “the Nazism of the Jews” and asserts that “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.” It claims that peace initiatives “are all contrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Resistance Movement”; that “there is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad”; and that “war for the sake of Allah” is a noble enterprise that requires the faithful to “assault and kill” on a massive scale. [emphasis mine]

You can’t support freedom of speech if you tear down posters and investigate the people who post them. Such actions are that of tyrants, and we now know that Chancellor Christ’s claims that she supported free speech were lies.

Note that the posters were put up as part of the “Free Speech Week” event that Milo Yiannopoulos attempt to put on there, which ended up getting cancelled. Note also that they were written and posted by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a conservative organization focused on supporting freedom and opposing oppression.

Update: Leftist protesters at Berkeley this week also acted to block reporters from reporting on their protest.



  • wayne

    Remind me again— who is the Chancellor of The U of Berkeley?

  • wayne

    “The most controversial thing MILO did at UC Berkeley”
    published 9-25-17

  • wodun

    So did the Democrat protest have to jump through all of the hoops the non-Democrats did? I am guessing they didn’t.

  • Phill O

    Once again, with this antisemitic bent, I am appalled at the similarity of the new left to the NAZI party. Same in Canada’s leftists.

  • Edward

    wayne aske: “Remind me again— who is the Chancellor of The U of Berkeley?

    That would be the inmates — er — students.

  • wayne


    I’m ignorant as to how the “UC System” is governed. Wasn’t the current Chancellor in Berzerkeley, the vice-chancellor for a long time prior? And she’s relatively new (1-2 years?) to the top post, if I understand correctly.

    Tangentially– our x-governor, Jenny Granholm (Michigan) promptly up and moved to California after she was finished wrecking our State, and became some sort of Professor Mastermind, at one your Universities.

    I’ve worked in locked psychiatric units before, and was always comforted to know, that I was able to leave at the end of the day, and the patients were not.

    “We Will Rock You” –
    Kinetic Typography

  • Edward

    I didn’t realize it was a serious question; I apologize for the flippant answer. Carol T. Christ is new this past summer and is the one who promoted the pseudo Free Speech reboot on campus. It is too bad that the whole thing turned out to be just words on a mutable website and not actions that taught the Berkeley students civil discourse.


  • wayne

    No problem.
    (Fully agree the patients are running the clinic!)

    So, the Chancellor is the “President” of the specific University, in the U of C System–to whom do these various Chancellor’s report, directly to the Governor or is their another layer in between?
    In Michigan, we have a “Board of Regents” for each major State University, and those people are elected statewide, and they answer to our Governor.

    (Fully agree the patients are running the clinic!)

  • Edward

    The chancellor is the “president” of her specific campus and reports to the president of the UC system. There are ten campuses of the University of California, Berkeley being the eldest and the latest, Merced, being a decade old. There is one president of the UC system, who is an ex-officio regent and gets a house about a mile or two off the Berkeley campus (I once visited the garden, which is open to the public). Currently this is Janet Napolitano. My recollection is that Governor Jerry (Governor Moonbeam) Brown appointed her.

    There is a Board of Regents. The California Governor is an ex-officio regent, but he makes the appointments of many of the other regents (among many other non-appointed regents there is an alumni regent and a student regent). I don’t know if that makes any of the regents answerable to the governor, but he is supposed to be the President of the Board of Regents. In reality, the Board has a chairman who does the real work of their president. Ever since I learned of this reality I have been disappointed, because the governor is the one with the real power, and he may not even show up for any of the board meetings.

    There are 23 campuses of the California State University system, but I have not paid much attention to their hierarchy.

  • wayne

    Thanks. (Is Community College “free” in California– how does that work??)

    Janet Napolitano, is the name that escaped me & I was fuzzy on her Title and specific role. I’m sure she’s obeying the law…. (he typed sarcastically)

    Yow– I sometimes forget how big California actually is. We only have 10 million people in Michigan and we don’t have 23 campuses. (We do however, have about 1 million Deer.)

  • Edward

    The last time I took a class at a community college, a decade ago, it was around $30 per unit for residents, plus miscellaneous enrollment fees and charges ($50-ish?). Back when I graduated high school it was free for residents, except for those pesky enrollment fees.

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