UCLA fires popular free speech professor

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Fascist California: UCLA today terminated its contract with a popular free speech professor whose classes on free speech were always overbooked.

Dean of Social Sciences Laura Gomez told Keith Fink, an attorney and a free speech defender who’s been critical of UCLA for denying students’ free speech rights, in a letter he wouldn’t be appointed as a continuing lecturer. She wrote that Fink’s review found his “teaching does not meet the standard of excellence.” UCLA’s ousting of Fink was first reported by The Daily Wire.

The university’s decision ends a months-long saga between the UCLA administration and Fink, who said his superiors blocked students from taking his free speech courses and put him through a “star chamber” review process because they don’t like his right-of-center politics.

In a statement to The College Fix, Fink’s teaching assistant Andrew Litt said “this outcome is entirely politically-motivated” by Fink’s superiors and others at the university “who do not like his message on issues [such] as free speech and due process which UCLA routinely flout. His termination is an injustice to the students and the taxpayers of the state, a threat to all teachers and academic freedom and a slap in the face to the notion of due process and fundamental fairness. He will not give up the fight here based on principle,” Litt continued.

According to Fink, the problems began when the heads of his department changed. The new heads, including Gomez above, apparently wanted to force him out, merely because of his politics. Can’t have any diversity of opinion, y’know, in a modern California university.



  • Greg Jones

    I am a UCLA alum. For many years, my opposition to UCLA management decisions has steadily grown. This story only increases my opposition. Combined with the ways that UCLA views and handles its alums – USC figured out how to do this right decades ago – I will donate money to USC before I ever donate to UCLA . . .

  • Greg Jones: You need to tell UCLA this. That will be the only way you might have some influence on them.

  • Chris

    You also need to tell the governments that fund these universities that you are offended by you tax dollars being used to stifle free speech.

  • Kevin R.

    It’s a monoversity.

  • pzatchok

    Tenure used to be used to protect the teaching and opinions of divisive professors.
    Like those free thinkers of the sixties. The progressives of the seventies.

    In situations like this I am reminded of the Stanford prison Experiment.
    Anyone, when placed in a position of authority, can become abusive and eventually the fascists they originally fought against.

    All those free thinker progressives are now in charge and are just going crazy with power

  • ken anthony


    You make it sound like they changed…

    Fascist without power are still fascists.

  • pzatchok

    But if they can’t express it who would ever know?

    This is what happens when those free thinking progressive students grow up and become teachers but forget what their conservative teachers taught them.

    Eventually they don’t teach the constitution or its amendments but misinterpretations of them.
    I.E. free speech becomes free speech, as long as it doesn’t offend someone.
    Separation of church and state is not in the constitution.
    The second amendment does not mean only the military, or only in your home, or only specific weapons.

    And so on.

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