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UK lawmakers reject all Brexit deals

The British parliament today rejected for the third and probably last time the deals negotiated by prime minister Teresa May in connection with her country’s exit from the European Union.

Right now it looks like the UK will leave the European Union on April 12, with no deal. While this possibility is causing heartache and terror among establishment politicians in Europe and Britain, it would honor the will of the voters, who voted to leave, period. The deals that have been offered have generally been a maneuver to nullify that vote.

Those establishment politicians have offered several new options to nullify the voters’ choice, including delaying the exit by a year to allow time for new negotiations, or offering a do-over election. Right now it looks like neither will happen, and Great Britain will leave.

Will an exit be good or bad? It is hard to say, but my sense is that it will be generally good for Great Britain, with most of the suffering focused among the establishment, who have used the EU as a means to power. An exit will strip them of this.

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  • Orion314

    The UK Brits pay the EU ~ £10 billion /yr.for their country club fees to be in the United States of Europe. No way are they gonna let the limeys out of a gravy train deal like that. Teresa May ,AKA “Lurch”, [no doubt an across the pond cousin of the Hildebeast] illustrates well what a disaster having a gargoyle like HRC in the White House would have been for the USA.At least TMay will soon be gone, but HRC? A nightmare that would never leave.I really was rooting for Brexit, but my cynical old heart knew that was a pipe dream. Money always talks. Besides, if they let the UK off the hook, the EU would collapse like a house of cards.

  • Col Beausabre

    The problem is that what worked as an economic union – the Common Market – doesn’t work as a political union and that is what the EU has been acting like these past 20-30 years. There is a fundamental difference between European and American governance. In the US power is devolved to the lowest government unit capable of performing the mission. In large part this is due to our national heritage – the idea of settlers in Oregon Territory, for example, having to write to Washington to be told what do was ludicrous. The European model is based on the system put in place by Colbert for Louis “Le Etat Sur Moi” XIV where all power is centralized, a system called dirigisme (from the Latin “to guide” or “control”). An example, in this country teachers work for the local schoolboard, in France all the teachers work for the Ministry of Education in Paris. Of course this what the elites in America have been trying to emulate this past generation or two (we often hear the US compared unfavorably to the Europeans by our self styled betters). And it’s the reason the forgotten Americans rebelled in 2016, the British voted out of the EU and the Yellow Vests are demonstrating in Paris.

  • m d mill

    Col Beausabre:
    I agree. There is no reason the Europeans could not have simply agreed to a common currency (managed by a single central bank), and a common tariff/trade agreement, without giving up national identity or national socal/political independence.

  • m d mill

    Why won’t the UK parliament simply delay again for 1 or 2 years…the weasels will certainly do this if they have the chance?… Is it because the EU will force the BREXIT to complete, without further delay (i.e., the fuse was lit 2 years ago by the UK exit notification)?
    I can only predict that May will beg, borrow, or steal more time from the EU.
    I can only predict that the EU will give it to them to avoid the “unthinkable” of a “National Independance” movement.
    Is the EU really resolved for a BREXIT???
    So, it all depends on whether the EU “blinks” in the next 2 weeks…stay tuned.(any bets?).

    If BREXIT happens the US should immediately start trade agreement talks with the UK.

  • Orion314

    Col Beausabre: Thanks for the insite ,felt like I just took a quickie on-line college class . ;) Most illuminating !

    m d mill : re: ” If BREXIT happens the US should immediately start trade agreement talks with the UK.”
    I heard POTUS talk about that EXACT same thing today.

    Not for one moment did I believe they would allow BREXIT , voters be damned.
    If this thing goes bad , imagine another “yellow vest” operation in the UK….I doubt most Americans have a clue just how catastrophic this could play out. World Wars have started over far less…PARIS IS BURNING!

  • Orion314

    If you guys really wants some Brexit grins with this on fire Brit Comedian / commentator, check out this guy:

    You won’t be sorry,
    R rated , but worth a listen. enjoy!

  • eddie willers

    OK….I have leave this PS. It’s been awhile since I heard the old Paul Simon song I linked to on youtube and the minute it started I said, “That’s Steve Gadd on drums!”. Checked Wikipedia and I was right.

    But enough about me. The real reason for this postscript is that when I read the first comment, I couldn’t stop laughing. Ready for it?

    “Tell her you’re gay, Ray.”

  • Ian C.

    Col Beausabre:

    Similar to America’s self-governance the EU has the subsidiarity principle. EU politicians/bureaucrats just ignore/neglect it where possible. They love their increasingly centralized, opaque, unaccountable mud ball too much.

  • wayne

    Nigel Farage:
    “I will endeavour to start a political revolution”
    March 29, 2019

  • wayne

    Col Beausabre-
    Good stuff.
    Ref– French education– they were once extremely proud of the factoid that if you knew what time of the day it was, you knew exactly what subject every single student in France was studying.


    Paul Simon – The Boy In The Bubble
    spoiler alert; “the bomb in the baby carriage was wired to the radio…”

  • Henk

    Leave was 51.9 percent, remain 48.1 percent with scotland 62 % remain and 38 leave.
    Clear result, isn’t it ?
    If you also know that younger voters chose to remain and older voters to leave, this does not give such a clear case.
    Young people are in for an economic disaster.
    I feel sorry for them

  • Tom Billings

    Henk said:

    “If you also know that younger voters chose to remain and older voters to leave, this does not give such a clear case.
    Young people are in for an economic disaster.
    I feel sorry for them”

    The younger voters, like here, have been through later versions of the increasingly progressive indoctrination that academia is pleased to call education. They have less knowledge of what an imperial state political
    hierarchy in Brussels can do to them than a sparrow.

  • I must point out that it doesn’t matter if the vote was close, the voters by a majority chose to leave the EU. In this matter the British government no longer has a choice, based on its own election rules, unless they wish to abandon those rules, and the idea of democratic rule by the citizenry.

  • m d mill

    Is This correct?…The UK (PM May) gave the EU the official notification of EXIT about 2 years ago. This complete exit will be permanent and in effect on April 14 per EU bylaw, UNLESS the EU votes for another delay. I read that the EU is going to hold another “emergency” meeting on this question soon?

  • Darwin Teague

    They were supposed to leave on March 29. The EU gave them an extension, but as I understand it, if the UK doesn’t have a plan by April 12, they will be forced out unless the EU gives them another extension. All 27 EU countries must agree to any further extensions.

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