Ukraine-Canadian partnership to launch from Nova Scotia

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The competition heats up: A new launch company based in Canada and using a Ukrainian-made rocket called the Cyclone-4M has chosen as its launch site a location in Nova Scotia.

The rocket appears to be a variation of the Ukrainian Tsiklon-4 rocket, and would make this company competitive and in fact more capable than India’s smaller PSLV rocket that recently put 100 smallsats into orbit.



  • PeterF

    Only a good location if they are looking to corner the market on polar orbits

  • Steve C

    The article does say they are looking at polar/sun synchronous orbits. Weather and observation satellites I guess.

  • Dick Eagleson

    This is an improved version of a booster whose original development was a now-defunct Ukrainian-Brazilian collaboration. The Brazilians backed out a few years ago. Good to see the Ukrainians have found another partner with access to a coastal launch site.

    Cyclone-4M is an all-hypergolic design like the Zenit and is made by the same firms, Yuzhnoye and Yuzhmash. Unlike the Zenit, it uses all-Ukrainian engines. These folks also make the Antares 1st stage for Orbital-ATK.

    Given the Cyclone’s all-hypergolic propellant architecture, I anticipate some non-trivial static being raised about this project by Canadian environmentalists.

  • Laurie

    Queue Dr David Suzuki.

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