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UN slashes in half its death count of women and children for Gaza

Hamas vs Israel
The blunt truth. Courtesy of Doug Ross.

The United Nations on May 8, 2024 very quietly cut in half the number of women and children listed as killed in Gaza during the Israeli operation.

The United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) revised its child fatality figure from the Gaza war sharply downward, reporting more than 14,500 deaths on May 6 but then 7,797 on May 8. OCHA also revised downward its figure for women fatalities from more than 9,500 deaths to 4,959 deaths.

This follows the recognition in April that more than 10,000 casualities on Hamas’ list had no names or identifying information, and were removed. At that same time Hamas’ Gaza Ministry of Health stopped claiming that 70% of those killed were women and children. It apparently realized the lie was no longer working, that even its allies in the UN couldn’t buy it any longer.

In other words, the UN has finally acknowledged that the numbers it was getting from Hamas were bogus and made-up. Too bad it took this long, as anyone with any objectivity could have told the UN this fact months ago. Hamas is a terrorist organization devoted to the genocidal murder of every Jew and non-Muslem worldwide, and as such it routinely lies. For example, we would be naive to even believe the numbers that remain:

The Palestinian statistical agencies are famous for using “under 20” as their marker for separating children and adults. That means among the “children” are likely a number of 18- and 19-year-olds (i.e. not children). Additionally, we know the IDF encounters 16- and 17-year-old militants in the field, meaning a chunk of the “children” are actually combatants. And of course Hamas makes no distinction between combatants and civilians when counting the casualties.

It’s possible, then—perhaps even likely—that the IDF has achieved a civilian-to-combatant casualty ratio of around 1.5-1, an unheard-of level of precision and civilian protection in urban warfare. [emphasis mine]

In other words, the only genocide going on in Gaza is one being imposed by Hamas, which continues to use its fellow Arabs as shields even as it holds more than a hundred innocents hostage after its barbaric attack on October 7th. Israel meanwhile is doing whatever it can to minimize civilian casulities.

This is war, however, one that Hamas started. And the Gazan people did vote Hamas into power, and have supported it for almost two decades. You reap what you sow.

Genesis cover

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  • Edward

    Sounds like a blacklist.

    Why can’t it be used both ways? Isn’t it also a list that can be used for fellow Hamas-philes to know who is a fellow Hamas-phile?

    And of course Hamas makes no distinction between combatants and civilians when counting the casualties.

    Does Hamas even have a military, or is it just a civilian militia?
    … Hamas, which continues to use its fellow Arabs as shields even as it holds more than a hundred innocents hostage after its barbaric attack on October 7th.

    So, why is not the world complaining about any of these three barbarisms? The UN supports Hamas despite it using civilians as shields, despite holding hostages (even the U.S. hasn’t complained that its own citizens are held hostage), and despite its barbaric attack on October 7th. It appears that the world’s leaders now favor terrorists over their victims.

    What a world we are in. As the Democrats say: “elections have consequences.” As the American patriots say: “Let’s Go Brandon!”

  • pzatchok

    And this numeric update comes from an organization that is a majority of dictatorships who hate the west and Israel.

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