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United Airlines diversity quotas finally begin paying off in disaster

United Airlines: Run by fascist clowns
United Airlines: Run by fascist clowns

In the past week there have been four serious airplane incidents involving United Airlines. Though most of the media focus has been aimed at Boeing — which clearly has demonstrated significant management and design issues with almost all its new products in the past few years — the real culprit of these recent failures is not Boeing. All of the following potentially deadly incidents occurred on United flights, and all suggest major problems within its maintenance and hiring departments.

  • March 4: A United Boeing 737 had to make an emergency landing shortly after take-off when a fire started in one of its engines. One news report claimed the fire was caused when some bubble wrap was pulled into the engine, an explanation that seems exceedingly unconvincing, especially because no investigation has yet been completed.
  • March 7: While taking off in San Francisco, one wheel on a United Boeing 777-200 airplane fell off, crushing several cars in an airport employee parking lot, with the plane making an emergency landing in Los Angeles. United had purchased the airplane 22 years previously, so the problem had to come from within United’s maintenance department.
  • March 8: A United Boeing 737-Max ended up on the grass while taxiing off the runway after landing when its left main landing gear collapsed. One passenger reported the incident occurred due to bad driving by the pilot, who mistakenly steered the plane onto the grass, causing the gear to collapse.
  • March 8: A United Airbus A320 had to make an emergency landing in Los Angeles when it experienced “complete hydraulic failure” in one of the airplane’s three hydraulic systems.

In 2020, shortly after George Floyd’s death, United officials made a very public commitment to instituting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) quotas in hiring, from maintenance to pilots. For example, it announced it would favor training and hiring pilots based on skin color and sex, regardless of qualification.

United Airlines will seek to diversify its flight decks by offering preference to female candidates and those of color.

The company is also focusing more on race than quality in its supplier contracts, giving favoritism to companies that are 51% made up of women, minorities, veterans, or queers.

Even today its website continues to tout its goal of hiring people based solely on skin color and sex.

We made progress in our efforts to have our leadership reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. In 2022, almost half of all promotions at the Senior Professional and Senior Leader level were of those belonging to underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. Growing diversity in our leadership will continue to be an essential focus in 2023 and beyond. [emphasis mine]

For half of all promotions to go to minorities means United has to be discriminating against whites, and choosing new senior employees (including pilots) based merely on their race, not on their ability to do the job.

Nor should anyone doubt the reality of these bigoted policies, as the company’s CEO, Scott Kirby, has endorsed them publicly, and underlined his commitment to them by appearing himself as a drag queen.

We are now seeing the consequences of this insane policy. United mechanics apparently do not know how to properly install an airplane wheel, at least one pilot does not know how to steer an airplane properly, and maintenance departments appear to routinely allow planes to take off with faulty engines and hydraulic systems. And as all this goes on, the managers do nothing, because they no longer have the right skills for demanding high standards of work.

I must emphasize that these problems are not specifically because of the increased minority representation at the company. The problems are because these individuals were hired based on their skin color or sex, not their skills. It would be no different if United decided that blue-eyes are a primary qualification for fixing airplane engines. The resulting staff would be unqualified to do the job.

Expect many more incidents in the air, with some soon leading to major crashes and significant loss of life. United is not focused on keeping planes flying safely, but is instead focused on touting a racial mix that fits well with the demands of critical race theory and Marxist racial quotas.

Right now I wouldn’t get on a United flight if you paid me.

Nor is this problem confined only to United. Boeing’s own problems are probably linked to its own similar foolish diversity policies, though not as blatantly. We also should expect similar issues beginning to appear with other large corporations, all of whom jumped mindlessly on the diversity bandwagon after Floyd’s death in 2020.

Four years later, the harvest of that stupidity is beginning to bear its poisoned fruit.

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  • James Street

    Some excerpts, but this whole article about the DEI office at the VA is funny. The 400 people in the office spend so much time filing sexual harassment complaints against one another they don’t have time to serve veterans, which may be a good thing. Warning for language about things VA DEI office say and do.

    “DEI Office In Biden’s VA Is ‘Hostile, Toxic’ With Rampant Sexual Misconduct, Internal Probe Finds”
    “At one point, a senior manager fired a mid-level manager because both men wanted to sexually harass the same employee”
    “The 125-page report paints a shocking portrait of the 400-person diversity office, in which employees spent much of their time filing complaints against each other instead of serving veterans.”
    “Good morning Sexy!… Ain’t just attracted to your curves and those physical attributes that cause men to holler at ya. Your bold, audacious disposition and your alpha female demeanor are equally a turn-on for me.”
    “Some sexual activity in the DEI office was consensual. One employee was happy that chief of staff Davis called her his ‘big brown sugar’”

  • As long as everyone is equal it does not matter how many might perish.

    Let’s trade an expectation of some degree of excellence for growing government dependency and mediocrity, that is what America is about now.

    Probably all a result of the Trump administration and his continuing striving for the presidency.

  • pzatchok

    I honestly can not say if any DEI program has directly negatively effected any organization but I just can not see how it improves an organization in the long run.

    The individuals being hired under it yes but not the organization itself.

  • AO1

    And there I was thinking this book was satire – Rob Grant : Incompetence.

    “set in a near-future federal Europe where no-one can be “prejudiced from employment for reason of age, race, creed or incompitence [sic]”. Consequently, much of the population demonstrates an extreme lack of competence in their occupations”

  • This is what the future of America will look like if we do not get a handle on these “equity” / “politically correct” Democrats:

    And be confident the Democrat party machine wants exactly this for your future.

    There can be no other result.

  • F

    This is terribly tragic because it is preventable.

    I just wish more people were visiting this site and reading this article. It would be great if the United were to experience a major decline in sales brought about by a greater awareness of the problems and their underlying causes.

    I am sure there are many hard-working people at United, and I honestly wish them well, but the disease known as DEI must be rooted out.

  • Jess

    Well, it’d be nice if a sales decline at united made them re-think and/or drop their marxist policies, but sadly, they don’t care. It’s our right, as customers, to determine where our money’s spent, so avoiding the wokesters – to me, at least – is ongoing. I just dropped my insurance company (usaa) of 46 years (!!) due to woke policies. Where I spend my money sends the strongest message…I wish. But it does, to me. I won’t support a company who’s against me, and against America. That’s my right, and I exercise it.
    I also stopped flying when the tsa nazis began. They broke into my luggage and that was surely unacceptable. Un-American. And as I read about the nonsense like what’s happening, noted in this article, not to mention all the near-misses, I know I made the right decision!

  • James Street

    “Boeing whistleblower John Barnett is found dead in his truck outside a South Carolina hotel just days after testifying in lawsuit against the aviation giant”

  • Milt

    Proportional Diversity versus Meritocracy: Why you cannot have both

    Ironically, one of the roots of DEI ideology is the left’s horror of any measurable, statistically valid disparity between the aptitude / achievement of different groups and their resulting representation — or lack thereof — in sundry professions. As Heather Mac Donald explains, “The most consequential falsehood in American public policy today is the idea that any racial disparity in any institution is by definition the result of racial discrimination.” There aren’t enough pilots or mechanics at United who are women or people of color? The only possible explanation must be sexism and/or racism; there could be no other reasons.–lMihEWhcECFVAGkpwHZjpdHQuL6JkPojlXMWYCM8SkVfxHMpeCJ56qix7bNxjwF-wF3a_isInYqeKCL05i37jPhsOew

    Ms. Mac Donald’s “inconvenient truth” about continuing achievement gaps in American life lies at one pole of the circular reasoning of the left, and it leads directly to the idea that — since racism can be the *only* reason for statistical differences in employment — there can be only one cure. Moreover, even if evidence of statistically significant differences between groups should emerge, achievement and meritocracy themselves are racist, Eurocentric constructs and thus something that our society ought to eschew. Quite simply, the idea of “achievement gaps” between groups is so unacceptable / disquieting at a deep level that some people simply cannot acknowledge or process such data., no matter how bad the results of such blindness may be. As she goes on to observe:

    “We can argue about why these disparities exist and how to close them — something that
    policymakers and philanthropists have been trying to do for decades. But in light of these
    skills gaps, it is irrational to expect 13 percent black representation on a medical school
    faculty or among a law firm’s partners under meritocratic standards. At present you can
    have proportional diversity or you can have meritocracy. You cannot have both.”

    Yet, the Jacobin left demands that we achieve proportional diversity under the aegis of sundry DEI initiatives, despite all of the costs to the larger society that they entail. And, ironically enough, they ignore the much higher costs of such woke policies to the very disadvantaged groups that they claim to champion.

    “Walgreens, CVS, and Target would rather close down entire stores and deprive their elderly
    customers of access to their medications than confront shoplifters and hand them over to
    the law, because doing so would disproportionately yield black shoplifters, as the viral loot-
    ing videos attest. Macy’s flagship store in New York City was sued several years ago because
    most of the people its employees stopped for shoplifting were black. The only allowable
    explanation for that fact was that Macy’s was racist. It was not permissible to argue that
    Macy’s arrests mirrored the shoplifting population.”

    And, in terms of the actual victims of crime:

    “The result of this de-prosecution and de-policing has been widespread urban anarchy
    and, in 2020, the largest one-year spike in homicide in this nation’s history. Thousands
    more black lives have been lost to drive-by shootings. Dozens of black children have been
    fatally gunned down in their beds, in their front yards, and in their parents’ cars. No one
    says their names because their assailants were not police officers or white supremacists.
    They were other blacks.”

    But all of this, of course, continues to be more than OK with the political class in blue districts — or at United Airlines — and they continue to invoke the myth of perpetual racism and intersectional victimhood to “explain” everything that is systemically wrong within their purview. At the same time, they implore Washington to send them more money (or corporate subsidies) to save them from the untoward results of their own actions. Nice.

    The answer to this conundrum, simply enough, is to follow Prof. Yascha Mounk’s advice and treat people as individuals with inalienable rights and universal human qualities, as opposed to judging them solely as members of groups. That is, to look at people without the attribution of any specific qualities — including any putative achievement gaps — related to identifiable characteristics such as race. This, once again, is no less than Dr. King’s Dream, where such things as character, determination, achievement, and, yes, hard won lived experience do indeed count for more than what a person might simply “look” like.

    If you don’t want to be a racist, then look at individual human beings and don’t obsess about their race. The results may not be perfect in terms of proportionate percentages in every profession (at least for now), but what kind of a world would you rather live in?

  • wayne

    take a look….

    “What it Means to have an IQ Lower than 83”
    Dr. Jordan Peterson

  • wayne


    Dr. Jordan Peterson
    “What Kind of Job Fits Your IQ?”

  • JG

    Any company doing DEI is breaking the US Civil Rights Law and over time will be sued or lose quality people and will be affected by poor quality and loss of money. The Biden Admin is allowing foreign invasion through open borders leading to wrecking of our cities and country, but this must end with removal of all illegal aliens.

  • Jeffrey Guy

    Any company doing DEI is breaking the US Civil Rights Law and over time will be sued or lose quality people and will be affected by poor quality and loss of money. The Biden Admin is allowing foreign invasion through open borders leading to wrecking of our cities and country, but this must end with removal of all illegal aliens.

  • Related, it is all related:


    Money, politics and the aspiration to success and power make some people do some raw naked irrational things.

  • Edward

    Clowns in charge is right! Rather than submit to reality, these people seem to hope that fantasy will work better.

    Robert wrote: “The resulting staff would be unqualified to do the job.

    The employees may still be qualified, but they may not be as careful in their workmanship or may not be the ones with the best judgement. Perhaps they are the ones who are more accident prone. The problem is that instead of making sure that they have the experience and the attention to detail to do the best job, the company has non-performance characteristics that are a higher priority than quality workmanship.

    I don’t know how it is with DIE Human Resources Departments, but it used to be that there were specific areas that employee reviews would cover, and promotions and raises were dependent upon these merit qualities. These included performance, such as quality of result. It did not include race or skin color, as these are explicitly against the Civil Rights Act. Promotion due to characteristics other than performance tend to result in poorer quality workmanship, because why work better when that is not the factor for promotion?

    One company I worked for announced a new set of measurement points for employees. It missed a few points that I thought were important, so I started using a phrase around the office, hoping that my superiors would overhear: “Be careful what you measure, because that is the behavior you will get.” If you literally give privileges to certain people, then don’t be surprised when their behavior is worse than the behavior of those whom you had claimed were privileged before.

    Ever since Affirmative Action, whites have had to emphasize the quality of their work, because that was the measure of their merit. Now that merit is based upon skin color, ancestry, or national origin, quality stops being part of enlightened self interest. Why put in the effort when effort gets you nowhere?

    When lives are at stake, we want the higher quality workers. Safety has been an increasingly high priority for the past century or so. DIE has changed that priority.

  • Chris

    As one can see in the second Jordan Peterson video from Wayne (excellent selection), there are three components to competence: intelligence, stress tolerance, and contentiousness.

    I see these as different but complimentary items.

    Intelligence is what we are born with – a gift from God. We can help to increase it somewhat through various activities, but in gross amounts I believe you get what you get. (I could be wrong here, but this what I have read.)

    Stress tolerance and contentiousness however are traits that too are given at birth but I believe are greatly influenced by environmental actors – especially family upbringing. Here I think one of our society’s long ills is now raising its ugly head and beginning a long roar that may last decades and decades. The fruits of the decline and elimination of the nuclear family and the widespread decline of the nuclear family over several generations has produced individuals embedded within our society at all levels without the stress tolerance and especially contentiousness tools needed to do even a reasonable job.
    Dan Quayle correctly warned the nation of this in his criticism of a Murphy Brown episode long ago. And even The Atlantic magazine admitted to this as one of the few areas in social sciences where the evidence was clear – children of single parent families do poorly. But that growing population of low contentious and low tolerance individuals did not just stay in the lower reaches of society. (They too may have had high intelligence). They are now spread throughout our workforce and we are now seeing their effects throughout.

  • LongTimeTexan

    The next time you fly commercial just know that the pilot and co-pilot may not have been hired because they were most qualified high-time hours crew, but because of their skin color.
    A conservation in the cockpit of a diversity hire crew on a 747 might go something like this.
    Pilot, “Isn’t Seattle somewhere over there to the west?
    Co-Pilot, “No man, Seattle is over in that direction just south of Chicago. Why you worrying about Seattle? We be going to Phoenix, so turn the MF’er around.”

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