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University in Michigan drops math while requiring four diversity courses

The coming dark age: Wayne State University in Michigan has dropped its requirement that students complete a single math course while requiring students to complete four courses promoting diversity.

In the eyes of the school, mathematics is apparently no longer an essential expertise. But if faculty have their way, the school will soon recognize an appreciation for diversity as an extremely essential expertise. As was first noted by The College Fix, the committee handling WSU’s general education reform has recommended a new framework that, if adopted, would place an extremely strong emphasis on diversity-related courses. Under the framework, the school would create a series of new diversity-themed courses, and all students would have to take at least one.

In addition, students will have to take three “signature” classes, two designed for freshmen and one that will serve as a “capstone” class for upperclassmen. These “signature” classes will be designed to engage with modern-day issues such as “culture, sustainability, health, ethics, and urban development and renewal.” In recognition of the importance of diversity, all signature classes will be required to achieve a diversity-related goal such as “intercultural knowledge and competence” or “global learning.”

The framework justifies the heavy focus on diversity because “diversity is central to the nature of WSU, i.e., ‘Distinctively Wayne State.’”

As far as I can tell, these diversity courses are nothing more than leftwing political propaganda exercises, designed to brainwash students to the Marxist ideology. That will really do the students, and our society, a lot of good in future years. Just ask the people who lived in the Soviet Union.

Note also that Wayne State is a public institution receiving tax money. I wonder if the state legislature, controlled by Republicans, will have anything to say about this.

Pioneer cover

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  • LocalFluff

    And “diversity” is orwellian language for total intolerans and monotomy of thought, islam.
    Islam is the only arabic cultural heritage. Muhammed was born in the arabic stone age only a few decades after arabic became a written language, and his prescription of how slaves are to be kept (like cattle, the way the desert nomads lived with their camels) hasn’t changed the slightest since then. Arabic countries have no science, no industry, no freedom, no culture actually. The reason they are so extremely bloodthursty, the arabs is the only region in the world which is at war today, is that life was short and dangerous in the stone age. And they have not changed a single bit since then. Human life is still worthless to them. And this is now the official ideal for the Western world! There is nothing to respect about islam, it is a total failure and a disgrace for humanity.

  • wayne

    Wayne State is the 3rd largest State University in Michigan.
    Unlike most States, Michigan Universities are governed by an independent “Board of Governors.”
    Control of Wayne State, for example, consists of 8 state-wide elected Board members, serving 8 year terms. They choose the College President & control the University budget.
    This is why it’s imperative to elect Conservative Republicans & Libertarians to each University Board, in Michigan, at every opportunity.
    The State legislature only makes broad appropriations, the Board is where the power is located.

  • wayne

    These are the people responsible for Wayne State University;

    Downside to these Boards, is they can create a lot of havoc. 8-year terms, although the Governor can appoint temporary members to fill vacancies & finish out Terms.

    >Upside is they are State-wide elected positions & can be gotten-at via the ballot.

    (Similar situation exists at U. of M. & M.S.U. as far as governance & whacky social-engineering projects.)

    Libertarian’s & Conservative’s regularly run candidates for these obscure albeit important office’s

  • wodun

    As far as I can tell, these diversity courses are nothing more than leftwing political propaganda exercises

    Yup, and all of these colleges explicitly state in their job postings that applicants must following this ideology. Government jobs do too.

  • Edward

    I certainly hope this diversity will finally include old dead white men. They have been tarnished and belittled, these past many years. (Isn’t it funny how diversity always seems to leave out certain people/cultures?)

    Meanwhile, mathematical illiteracy contributes to the ignorant being unable to figure out that computer models that don’t accurately predict future temperatures are useless and are not to be trusted for public policy decision making.

    It is truly terrible when your college graduates ignoramuses.

  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    Math is a general education requirement. Not sure how their regional accreditation agency will view dropping it from the curriculum.

  • PeterF

    In the immortal words of some airhead in some stupid movie; Math is HARD!

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