University punishes professor for uncovering academic fraud and incompetence

Portland State University (located in that hotbed of antifa fascist violence) has announced that it is punishing one of its professors for uncovering academic fraud and incompetence by co-writing several fake science papers and getting them published.

Peter Boghossian made headlines in 2018 after he and two other researchers set out to prove a point about the integrity of “peer-reviewed” academic publications by submitting several fake studies including an analysis of “dog rape culture,” and a piece that was simply a section of Hitler’s Mein Kampf reworked to include a smattering of academic buzzwords. After seven of the team’s fake submissions were accepted and published by esteemed academic journals, a Campus Reform investigation led the publisher of the infamous Portland “dog park rape culture” article to question the origins of the submission. This ultimately revealed the article as part of a larger effort by Boghossian and his team to demonstrate the inadequacies of these publications.

After his experiment, Portland State threatened Boghossian with disciplinary action, accusing him of conducting research misconduct. The school asserted that Boghossian had unethically conducted research on human subjects with his experiment. According to the school’s Institutional Review Board, Boghossian would have needed to obtain “informed consent” from the individuals reviewing his hoax articles in order for his actions to have been considered ethical.

The IRB conducted several reviews of Boghossian’s work involving his treatment of animal subjects, human subjects, and the possibility of “plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification.” On July 17, the university sent Boghossian a letter informing him that he is now barred from conducting any “human subjects related research,” as well as any university-sponsored research. Boghossian is prohibited from conducting research until he “can show satisfactory evidence of understanding of the protections afforded human subjects,” by completing a “protection of human subjects” training course and subsequently meeting with the Assistant Vice President for Research Administration to “assure [his] understanding.”

The letter, sent from Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Mark McLellan, also warns Boghossian that the university president, as well as his department chair, dean, and provost, will be advised as to his “lack of academic integrity” and “questionable ethical behavior.”

This story is closely related to the Oberlin story below. Both universities are typical modern leftist madhouses, dominated by fake and politically driven academics who will brook no dissent. They are also increasingly bigoted against ordinary white Americans, merely because they are white. Boghossian and his cohorts did the academic community a service by identifying journals where bad research was being routinely published. His university immediately moved to squelch his effort by punishing him.

Is this the kind of place you want to send your kids? Is this the kind of place you’d want to attend, if you were a high school student?


  • wayne

    Dr. Jordan Peterson
    “Interview with the grievance studies hoaxers”
    –Dr. Peter Boghossian, Dr. James Lindsay, and Helen Pluckrose–
    January 2019

  • wayne

    A Massive Hoax Exposes Social Justice in Academia (Full Interview)
    Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay
    The Rubin Report February 2019

  • Scott M.

    Forgive my ignorance, but isn’t the university just sticking a giant ‘sue me please’ sign on their back by doing this? The ‘use of human subjects w/o permisson’ angle is just nonsense, and I can see any competent lawyer tearing that to shreds with no effort.

  • Tom Billings

    Scott is correct, …but I’ve been around PSU a long time. I was there, taking a neurophysiology class in 2002, from a tenured senior professor. We got to the 5 chapters in the text “Principles of Neural Science”(by the Nobel Prize Winner, Kandel) that dealt with sex differences in the brain. The professor told us, “You can read those chapters at your leisure, but I won’t be touching them with a 10 foot pole”. It was already that bad.

    The previous Winter semester I had already been threatened in the hallway outside a Geopolitics class I was taking by a “back-of-the-class” group of 10-12 “activist” students. They actually expected me to shut up for the rest of the term, while they turned professor Kristoff’s class into a radical seminar group. They were disappointed in my reaction, though just wise enough to escape without physical harm.

    PSU has slid downhill since then. It is now a place of crazy. There are sane spots. They even have an excellent PSU aerospace Society with good projects. But is generally a place of growing darkness.

  • pzatchok

    No good deed goes unpunished.

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