Update of Texas Starship prototype construction

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Link here. The article is mostly what I would call “in the weeds,” mostly of interest to engineering geeks. Nonetheless, the progress described suggests that they are working hard to meet Musk’s proposed schedule of first test flight by October, and even have a small chance of doing it.



  • Cotour

    What is with the stainless steel panel construction?

    Its very annoying to me, what is the purpose?

  • geoffc

    Musk is saying that cryoformed Stainless Steel, has better heat performance, and with only minor heat shielding on the leeward (into the wind) side no other thermal protection will be needed. (Cryoformed is meant that the metal is processed at cryogenic temps while being shaped and somehow makes it more temp resistant).

    They tested hexagon tiles on the Starhopper, and other tiles on the last CRS mission.

    Demonstrably the SS construction is WAY simpler/cheaper than Carbon Fiber. (Demonstrated by the fact, vehicle #3 is approach completion in under 8 months (Starhopper in Tx, Mk1 in Tx, Mk2 in FL).

    It is freaky, and cool and amazing to watch. Will it work? Sure hope so. Good news is they plan to test it…

  • Cotour

    Thank you.

    It still annoys the hell out of me.

  • geoffc

    Annoying it may be.
    Quick to build however it is.
    Orbit we go.

    Is that a haiku?
    Syllables I cannot
    Count with accuracy.

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