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Update on audit of Dominion tabulators in Michigan county

Link here. Because of a lawsuit by a local citizen of Antrim County in Michigan, challenging the results of the vote count there, the court had granted that citizen access to the Dominion tabulator machines to obtain their data and do a full audit of the manner in which those machines counted the vote.

The article describes the effort to get that data, including the failed attempt by one local official to delay or block it. To protect the machines, citizens volunteered to stand guard for an entire weekend to make sure they were not tampered with before the lawyers and their software experts could access them.

The result?

After 8 hours, the collection was complete. With 16 CF cards (similar to SIM cards), 16 thumb drives, and forensic images of the Dominion voting machines in hand, the IT team was escorted to the local Antrim County Airport by two Antrim County Sheriff vehicles, where they boarded their jet plane with evidence in hand.

Two of the patriots followed attorney Matthew DePerno for at least half of his long drive home. Like many Americans, these patriots simply wanted to ensure the safety of a man who has risked so much to protect our right to free and fair elections.

Mr. DePerno expects to have the results of the study sometime tomorrow. He explained the forensic images of the thumb drives and the master computer would tell if machines were connected to the internet—and if they were, who were they communicating with? DePerno said the examination would be able to determine the algorithms used by the computer and will provide the number of ballots read through the machine compared to the actual number of paper ballots.

Every American should be demanding this be done with every computer tabulator nationwide, if only to reassure Americans that the vote was not faked by computer trickery.

That an unelected county official resisted such an audit however is very suspicious and indicates his incompetency. Regardless of how the audit comes out, this man, Peter Garwood, should be removed from office immediately. He does not appear to be properly representing the citizens. If he was, he would have gladly cooperated.

Conscious Choice cover

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  • LocalFluff

    Astrology news!
    Jupiter (planet of truth) was in conjuncture with Pluto (planet of death) in November 12th. Their third conjunction this year because of retrograding. This means the death of truth! I.e. election fraud.

    Jupiter continues its wandering and will on December 21th make its 20 year conjuncture with Saturn, the great conjuncture that has been so central to so many civilizations in the last couple of thousand of years. That “heralds apocalyptic changes”. As does, of course, the Solar Eclipse December 14th.

    All the planets, including the Sun and the Moon being on the same side simultaneously looks special to me. But I know of no particular interpretation of that.

    At least Mars seems to be about nowhere in the sky, so no immediate war predicted (just like in sneaky December 1941…)
    /End of message from “far out there”.

  • mivenho

    “That an unelected county official resisted such an audit however is very suspicious and indicates his incompetency.”

    Or it may indicate something worse than incompetency.

  • Max

    Your astrological commentary inspired me to look it up. Unfortunately, I am unable to understand it anymore now, then when I was curious years ago. Many websites ranging from the boring commentary to the extravagant in doom and gloom and the end of the world.
    Kronos the god of entropy famine,plague, loss battling with the new god of Jupiter bringing Hope, life, and plenty with new beginnings. It’s not an accident that the “Great Reset”, agenda 21, build back better, and the “new age” all start at this date. The movie plandemic shows the preparation for this time, even the genome for the virus was released for open source on January 10 before The Wuhan flu was released.
    The more rational, description of the astrology of the coming age of Aquarius… Copied and pasted from some website.

    “Thus 2020 is at the end of a two-hundred-year era of Jupiter and Saturn uniting in earth signs. While the earth element signifies focus on material security and consolidation of resources that is resistant to change, the era of air will bring disruption to established orders and dramatic changes in collective ideas and the way we communicate. Vitally, not only will Jupiter and Saturn be uniting in Aquarius, they will also be forming a catalytic square aspect with Uranus in Taurus. At this pivotal moment in our journey, the lightning bolts of Jupiter and Uranus will not only bring down old societal structures but will also impel us to release old personal dreams and drama we have been attached to.”

    That’s all gobbledygook to me…

    The voting machines are at the center of this conspiracy to steal the election. Not only did china pay $400 million for the software rights and dominion company… some of the hardware, the router I believe, was made in China with the usual back doors built in. Hopefully they took some of that hardware to be analyzed as well.

    Mitt Romney used to own, and maybe still does through his son tag, a share of the election computer system before everything got put into off shore holding companies in the Caymans to avoid taxes.

    If you haven’t had enough of wacky conspiracy theories, this is very entertaining, uplifting and gives one hope that Trump is holding the Democrats and rhinos accountable and the rule of law will be reestablished. As Cotour would say “it’s coming” 5-D 50min.

  • LocalFluff

    Of course it’s all gobbledygook! It’s stupid astrology.
    I just stumbled upon a fully serious “history of astrology” presentation, which is a quite important piece of history that I have missed thus far, since it has been input to so much important decision making, here:
    (I’ve only gotten to the printing press, but it all seems quite fool proof historically scientifically, DESCRIBING astrological believes).

    It turns out that this YT-guy actually applies this historic astrology, systematically as far as I can discern, to current events once a month. Of course I see SOME problems… Like Pluto not having been discovered until 1930 and stuff like that. And what about other Kuiper Belt objects? And is it Trump or Biden who is lying about the election? Well, never mind. The oracle speaks and none are the wiser.

    Applying Ptolemy’s ideas combined with much later stuff just piled on from Persia to even closer to Hell. I still kind of appreciate his effort to revive and explain ancient Hellenic superstitions from 200 BC. As if he were Brahe or Galilei or Kepler who 400 years ago all made their livings as astrologers, consulting Fürsts on when to marry into alliances, wage wars, stay in bed. This guy is like a piece of installation art. With ridiculous current politics applications.

    Still, once heard about it, it is difficult to not remember that 911 occurred during the last Great Conjuncture. It’s like that Summer song that one cannot get out of one’s head. Psychological warfare by striking stupidity. So don’t listen to such stuff, just enjoy the upcoming telescope imagery of Jupiter and Saturn being together in the same field of view!

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