Update on plane crash: O’Keefe and son survive

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Update: Keith Cowing of SpaceRef reports that Sean O’Keefe and his son have survived the Alaskan plane crash today that killed former senator Ted Stevens.

Update: Thanks to commenter Ric who noted that Ted Stevens was not governor but senator. Too much travel and not enough sleep. I’ve corrected the webpage.


One comment

  • ric

    Ted was never governor, but he was a U.S. senator for life until the Leftist coup of 2008.

    Unlike a substantial number of my fellow Alaskans, I can celebrate the life of the Honorable Senator Ted Stevens unencumbered by any regrets for failing to stand by him when he needed us most. Sen. Stevens’ prosecution was seen by all too few Alaskans as nothing more than another front in the political war waged on America by the Left, with Alaska and Alaskans as fodder in the battle to unseat our senior senator; our Old Bull.

    I can rest easily knowing that Ted now knows that I was not among those who believed it possible that he was not an honorable man. I never questioned Uncle Ted’s fidelity to Alaska and the United States of America.

    Thank you for your service, Senator Stevens.

    I also thank you Mr. Zimmerman for the opportunity to be an advocate for the legacy of a noble man, as well as your contributions to the John Bachelor Show. I don’t know what I would do if Mr. Bachelor ever got the urge to be a novelist again, since he entertains and enlightens me every evening along with his various correspondents, including you. Cabin fever, maybe.


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