Update on wildfire at Vandenberg

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Despite efforts to be rein it in, the wildfire at Vandenberg continues to burn and spread.

It has grown to include at least 5,000 acres.

The overhead image of the burn area at the link shows three launch sites. The SLC-3E site is ULA’s launchpad for the Atlas 5. The SLC-4E site is SpaceX’s launchpad at Vandenberg. The SLC-6 site was the site originally built for the space shuttle, never used, and has now been redesigned for ULA’s Delta rockets as well as payloads that need to be integrated vertically. For some close-up pictures, see my Vandenberg photo tour from 2015.



  • PeterF

    If you have ever seen Vandenberg, most of the fuel for a wildfire near the SLCs consists of grasses and scrub brush. I can’t imagine that more than cosmetic damage will be done to any infrastructure there. The greatest danger (other than radical environmentalists) will be flying ash igniting fuel stores.

  • Steve Earle

    When you use the words “Wildfire” and “Vandenburg” I immediately think of the classic novel and movie “Andromeda Strain”.

    Sorry, just a quick non-sequitur. Please return to your original programming ;-)

  • wayne

    Steve Earle–
    Yow-za, me, as well!
    (“I recommend, we call a wildfire alert.”

    Great book, above-average movie.

    The Andromeda Strain (1971) Trailer

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