Using a warrant to search for guns, Homeland security officers and Maryland police confiscated a journalist’s confidential files.

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Fascists: Using a warrant to search for guns, Homeland security officers and Maryland police confiscated a journalist’s confidential files.

The reporter had written a series of articles critical of the TSA. It appears that the raid was specifically designed to get her files, which contain identifying information about her sources in the TSA.

“In particular, the files included notes that were used to expose how the Federal Air Marshal Service had lied to Congress about the number of airline flights there were actually protecting against another terrorist attack,” Hudson [the reporter] wrote in a summary about the raid provided to The Daily Caller.

Recalling the experience during an interview this week, Hudson said: “When they called and told me about it, I just about had a heart attack.” She said she asked Bosch [the investigator heading the raid] why they took the files. He responded that they needed to run them by TSA to make sure it was “legitimate” for her to have them. “‘Legitimate’ for me to have my own notes?” she said incredulously on Wednesday.

Asked how many sources she thinks may have been exposed, Hudson said: “A lot. More than one. There were a lot of names in those files. … This guy basically came in here and took my anonymous sources and turned them over — took my whistleblowers — and turned it over to the agency they were blowing the whistle on,” Hudson said. “And these guys still work there.”



  • Cotour

    Events like this will drive a new industry of devices that will be created and will be impossible to either detect or unscramble in order for the individual to remain anonymous. The blade of technology cuts both ways.

  • JWing

    “Obama’s Homeland Security Force”, “Obama’s Domestic Army”….”Obama’s Peace Patrol”, “Obama’s SS”….”Obama’s NKVD”….no difference, just different words.

    What difference, at this point, does it make (to quote Hillary)…..whether you call them TSA or secret police?

    Fascism by any name always acts the same.

  • wodun

    The DHS shouldn’t be participating in local law enforcement. Their presence points to the order coming from someone with interagency authority aka someone in the white house.

  • Ed Clark

    Actually the DHS unit was the Coast Guard. Her husband is a Coast Guard employee and the CGIS (NCIS) investigates crime within the Coast Guard. Not sure what it was they were investigating but it wasn’t just a local case. I was in the Coast Guard 16 years (back when it was the Dept of Transportation). CGIS could be investigating anything from smuggling to stealing a pencil from the office supply closet. Sounds like a one of the agents was former air marshal and had a vendetta against this reporter from back then.

  • wodun

    Could be but when was the last time you heard of the Coast Guard sending in a SWAT team to search a person’s house?

  • ken anthony

    Eternally vigilant should be more than just taking note, doncha think? Are we paying the price for liberty or not?

    2014 is going to be a big year, but even success is just the beginning of a very long process. It took generations to get where we are today.

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