VA fiddled while sick veterans died

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Obamacare will soon make this kind of medical care standard for everyone! A new audit of the Veterans Administration estimates that 307K patients died while waiting for requested treatment.

Read the entire article. The malfeasance and corruption at the VA is far worse than this, and goes back decades to the agency’s very beginnings. Also, giving the VA more money won’t fix it.

[T]he VA has seen its budget grow from $87.6B in 2009 to $152.7B in 2014. The 2016 budget request is $165.5B. This includes $70.2B in discretionary spending, with $63B going to medical care. So the department is asking for plenty of money to “help” veterans, but isn’t spending the money wisely.

Most of the issues mentioned in this audit were first identified in report issued in 2010. So why didn’t the VA act then to attack these problems?

Things move slowly in government, but if the work process system was this bad, why wasn’t it fixed? A part of it might be the VA wasn’t interested in fixing the system because it didn’t want to lose any money. This is a horrible theory, but it isn’t like the VA hasn’t had issues for years.

The time has come to shut these failed government agencies down.



  • Phill O

    This is the net effect if the government takes over health care. In Canada, my brother in law died because the government was slow on evaluating the heart valve that was replaced some 17 years ago.

  • Ted Savas

    Just disgusting.

    If I was a Senator or Congressman, and one of my colleagues advocated for Single-Payer government healthcare (as many do right now), I would whip out a single-page bill already written, and in front of the TV cameras, say,

    “Here is a single-page two paragraph bill that mandates all Federal workers, including Congress, the White House, and the Judiciary, will use only the VA system for healthcare for three years to show the rest of the country how efficient and effective it is, and that it should be utilized by the rest of the country. Will you sign it today, Senator?”

  • pzatchok

    I cannot say anything bad about our local VA clinics and services. Youngstown and Cleveland Ohio.

    They have cared for my brother and my family quite well. My brother has MS and all other veterans (father and uncles) in the family have had fine service.

    There has never been a wait for any service.

    My friend had a mental health issue and just walked in and asked for an appointment and a doctor. Had an appointment the next day and a permanent mental health doctor the next.

    The local waiting room has now turned into a sort of social club. Guys just show up and hang around drinking free coffee. Doctors are always coming out of their offices and just asking those waiting there if there is anything they can do for them.

    As for those I know in the Obama free government plans. Well….. Lets just say Canada is looking pretty good.

  • hondo

    Services vary dramatically base on location – and sadly – attitude of staff.
    I know the system extremely well. I am totally dependent on gov’t largess – Army pension/VA disability and SSDI – healthcare is a free perk (‘cept co-pays).
    When something is free (even earned) its always buyer beware.

  • pzatchok

    My uncle had to wait 3 months for his knee replacement surgery but that was after he took a year to decide if he wanted it at all.
    He could have had them done at any time. He was just stubborn.

  • D.K. Williams

    Even with knowledge that media is watching, the VA can’t right their ship. Dr. Ben Carson’s idea to reform the VA is worth a look.

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