Vandal destroys Trump’s Hollywood sidewalk star

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The hate is real: A man Vandal using a sledgehammer and a pick-ax destroyed Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame sidewalk star.

Understand this above all else: Should Donald Trump win the election the left will not accept his victory, and will make an organized effort to undermine anything he tries to do. And this effort will include a vast majority of government workers, whose campaign contributions favor Hillary Clinton by 18-1.

This is why I found the media uproar last week about Trump’s suggestion that he would not accept the election results to be laughable. Should Clinton lose, the left is going to exhibit far more denial of the election results than anything you can imagine that might come from the right. Their response will be violent, it will be sustained, and it will repeatedly defiant of the law.

Update: I had hardly finishing writing the above when I came upon this story: ‘Angry protesters’ to storm D.C. Trump hotel grand opening. And this will only be a taste.



  • Gealon

    Ah the left, so tolerant, so understanding, so willing to wait for all of the facts.

    ***WARNING*** Massive sarcasm alert.

    Now is this “Jamie Otis” going to be arrested and charged? Or will he get another free pass from the left and be allowed to destroy anything he wants like those other, poor, misguided, downtrodden individuals in Baltimore?

  • geoffc

    Which is why Trump’s answer to “How will you deal with racial strife?” in one of the debates with “Law and Order” repeatadly was correct, and resonates with so many people.

  • Cotour

    This is an indication of a potential Trump win.

  • hondo

    The left and their associates have become exceptionally embolden these past few years. I am starting to believe they truly plan to make their play for the golden ring in the near future.

  • wodun

    The media keeps saying “protesters” when they should be saying DNC and Hillary campaign operatives.

  • Cotour

    A must listen to speech, by Micheal Moore?

    Moore makes one of the most pertinent speeches related to our modern American politics and our civilization.

    Listen and learn from an unsuspected political commenter why Trump must / will become the next president.

  • wayne

    …no, it’s not really “must listen.”

    It’s Michael Moore for god sake. If he said “the sky is blue,” I’d wonder what scam he was pulling.
    (and I never miss an opportunity to say, “he never lived in Flint, he’s from Davison, MI., an upscale bedroom suburb north of Flint, and his “vacation cabin” is a 750K house on Torch Lake, near Traverse City, Michigan.)

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