Vet charities not getting promised Trump donations

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What does this tell us? Three months after Donald Trump held a charity event for veterans rather than participate in a presidential debate, more than half of the $6 million raised has not been given to any of the veteran organizations.

A survey by The Wall Street Journal of 19 of the 22 groups originally listed by Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign as the prospective recipients of the funds found that they had received roughly $2.4 million of the estimated $6 million in donations the campaign said the event generated. The total received by all of the groups is likely to be more.



  • wodun

    Doesn’t really tell us much. Three months is a short period of time. We don’t know if the funds were just being given to groups in lump sums or given to groups for specific uses.

    What is the accusation being made, that Trump is going to pocket the rest of the money? Trump has been pretty good about constantly sticking his foot in his mouth but running a scam like this would be like shooting his foot while it’s in his mouth.

    What if Trump is actually doing due diligence before throwing money around?

  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    Have all the pledges been funded?

  • Edward


    If Trump promised to give money to all of these 22 groups, then he is obligated to do so and for it to be used as he said during the fundraiser, not for any other specific uses; it is what he promised the donors, and it is what they relied upon as part of their own due diligence. He should have done his own due diligence before making promises.

    The accusation seems to be a questionable amount of delay in delivering the funds. From the article: “Nearly a month and a half later, Veterans are still waiting for the Donald J. Trump foundation to deliver on its promises.”

    Another possible accusation could be that the foundation has an unacceptably large overhead, and will not deliver as much funding as everyone had thought.

  • jburn

    Five weeks later and this is an issue? Maybe Trump has been a little busy — running a campaign, battling the collective media affront upon him and the GOP(!) efforts to derail him, not to mention the violent counter protests funded and manned by professional thugs. Now, heads of state in foreign countries are joining the dog pile? What other Presidential candidate faces this gauntlet? None.
    I pray that America doesn’t put serial rapist Bill Clinton back in the White House via Hillary – but I fear they will.
    >rant off

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