Video of election machine voter fraud?

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Video has finally become available showing a voting machine picking a Democrat when a voter presses the touchscreen for a Republican.

Having been an election judge in Maryland, up until now I have been generally skeptical of this story that has been making the rounds in the past week. It is notoriously easy to accidently press the wrong button on a touchscreen, so hearing that people pressed Republican and got Democrat did not impress me. The story could easily be an example of Republican partisans trying to drum up outrage against Democrats, something I abhor, from either party. I wanted to see actual video.

Well, we’ve got some video now, which I’ve posted below the fold. As the article notes,

The YouTube footage is the first visual report of the alleged problem with the voting machines. The error appears to occur when the voter’s finger is slightly off center in the Republican box, which appears below the Democrat box. It is apparently still possible to vote for the Republican candidate, and it is possible for a vigilant voter to correct the mistake and vote again, but a voter in a hurry might easily register a mistaken vote for the Democrat by mistake and fail to notice. The problem seems to recur throughout the ticket of races. (No test involving a voter trying to choose the Democratic candidate and selecting the Republican instead is shown.)

The footage is still not conclusive, as there are many ways the action could be made to appear worse than it really is, and there is no real proof that this video is of an actual voting machine, in a voting booth.

If true, however, it suggests real voter fraud, as there is no way the machine could have accidently been programmed to misread a finger touch like this. Someone would have had to intentionally calibrated the machine to do this.


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  • Ed

    While I’m sure there is fraud by Democrats as they have been caught multiple times, this video shows people pushing for Republicans but near the edge toward the Democrats. This obviously has to do with touch screen alignment (which I do for many other applications such as CNC, ATMs and poker machines but never have with voting machines) and may not be intentional. Maybe. But with every voting machine I have used this does not cast the vote and can easily be changed before submitting. I have a bit more faith in the intelligence of Republicans than Democrats obviously have with their voter. Simply double check. Democrats always argue that their voters are too stupid to understand voting procedure and their voter just nod the idiotic heads in agreement. Let’s give Republicans more credit. If this is the only way Democrats can find to cheat I don’t think it will be effective. But, all the other ways…

  • RadioGlenn

    Appears to be a touchscreen calibration issue. I’ve run into this on some of the older resistive touch screen devices. If it were fraud by manipulation of the code I would expect much more savvy coding as to not reveal the fraudulent selection.

  • As skeptical about this as I remain, I also must note that the only examples we have learned of so far of this “calibration issue” are in Democratic run states where the voting machine was calibrated to switch votes to Democrats. Moreover, one of those states, Illinois, is famous for rigging elections in favor of Democrats.

    If it was merely a calibration issue, we would also hear of this kind of problem in other locations sending votes the other way as well. We have not.

  • Pzatchok

    Its just as easy to recalibrate it to read incorrectly.

    Just one liberal working the poles can just slightly change the machine on the day of voting to make it a bit sensitive to the democrat candidate.
    Especially if all the Dems are in the same relation to the republicans on the ballot. Like in this case all the dems were above the republicans on the ballot.

    This can be stopped by randomly presenting the candidates on each voters ballot. Some times the dems are first and sometimes the republicans or others are first. Simple programing changes.

    That way the voter has to pay more attention also.

    As soon as a dems vote goes for a republican this will be fixed permanently.

  • JLewis

    My polling place always has signs forbidding cameras. However, if I ever detect monkey business with my voting machine, my phone will be coming out.

  • Edward

    If this were a calibration issue, then we have to wonder about the quality control at the elections offices. Do they bother to calibrate? Do they bother to test the machines? If not, are there other important duties that they are shirking that are required to assure fair and accurate tabulation of people’s true intentions?

    No matter what, this is cause for concern. These failures are worse than mere “hanging chads.” They severely damage our confidence in a fair election and greatly increase the likelihood of error during the voting process.

    It is bad enough that these malfunctioning machines were not found and corrected beforehand, but they need to be immediately removed from service until they can be calibrated/reprogrammed/whatever to function properly, and they should have been removed from service when the first complaint was made.

    That they stayed in service long enough for Republican candidate Jim Moynihan to complain and a voter to record a video of the malfunction is unacceptable.

    What a cluster.

  • Max

    Where there not claims made and books written just a few years ago that Republicans will never hold majority again? At the time of B.O.’s first term it sounded like the fix was in and the Democrats were holding all the cards. If people in power who’s “ends justify the means” believe they can get away with vote fraud with no computer back up, do you think they would do it? Maybe you and I would not do it because we have morals, but those without any morals would have no problem. (They have higher purpose, and they care!) It’s not so much that power corrupts, as power attracts the corruptible.

    A county elections clerk in Utah took apart a Diebold voting machine with the help of electronics repair man a few years ago. I remember his interview on a local radio station, before he was picked up by the feds, where he described the internal workings was simply a motherboard of a smart cell phone. The disturbing part was that it’s cell and Wi-Fi circuits were active. This means it can report, receive updates, Patches, modifications, downloaded or be recalibrated during the election process.
    I tried to find the article to post here but found so many similar articles on the net that I was overwhelmed with how much evidence against Voting Computer fraud that there is. There is even instructions on how to hack a Diebold election computer! They’re talking in my state about removing and replacing the voting computers with mail in ballots due to the fast changing technology and the expense of replacing them. I vote with a mail in ballot because I don’t trust the computers, but in the last election they announced they weren’t even going to count the mail in ballots due to the fact that It would not change the outcome of the vote…

  • Edward

    Well, Max, that answers my question, above, “are there other important duties that they are shirking that are required to assure fair and accurate tabulation of people’s true intentions?”

    If they aren’t bothering to count ballots, then what good are the voting numbers that the registrars of voters announce?

    If they report, for example, 50,500 votes For and 49,500 votes Against, but they didn’t count the last 500 ballots, those numbers are wrong, even though the last ballots can’t change the outcome. Your county/state is not so good at election integrity, and your state’s Secretary of State needs to talk to them about certifying election results.

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