Virgin Galactic gets another launch contract

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The competition heats up: Virgin Galactic has signed a launch contract with new communications satellite company Sky and Space Global to use LauncherOne to put 200 nanosats into orbit in 2018.

This contract suggests that Virgin Galactic might be making good progress on LauncherOne. Or it might mean that Sky and Space has some commitments that forced it to pick Virgin Galactic over other smallsat launch companies that appear to be farther along in development. Either way, the stock market looked at this deal and, as noted in the article above, sold off enough Sky and Space stock for its value to drop.


One comment

  • pzatchok

    Its sad when a big contract is signed by a company and its value drops.
    It expresses a distrust in either of the participants in the contract.

    But since its a penny stock there is not much to lose and if it does work out then the gains could be pretty good.

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