Vote on “clean” debt ceiling increase set for tonight

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The next budget battle begins: A vote on a “clean” debt ceiling increase has been set for tonight by the House Republican leadership.

More than 100 House Democrats recently signed a letter demanding that Speaker John Boehner bring forward a vote for an increase in federal debt levels without any conditions for cuts or future spending curbs. Imagine their surprise when Boehner agreed and will serve up a bill that would provide enough borrowing to cover all of president Obama’s spending requests for next year without any preconditions.

It is expected that the legislation will be defeated soundly in a very bipartisan vote. To quote the article again:

The political reality is that increasing the nation’s swollen $14.3 trillion debt is a political loser. Voters hate it and lawmakers don’t even get anything new to give away since the money is going to cover existing obligations.

If the bill is defeated as predicted, it will be very good news, as that defeat will bolster the efforts of those who want big cuts in spending to go with any debt ceiling increase.



  • Charles Alvarez

    All the spending should stop. All the current tax revenues should be put into a trust fund and the interest only from that trust fund used to pay our front line troops and our border patrol agents.

  • Kelly Starks

    Problem is a lot of congress critters want to debt nicrease regardless – adn theirs no way to make a 40% cut in the federal budget without nearly whiping out entitlements, or defaulting on the outstanding debt.

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