Voter fraud found in Virginia and Maryland

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An investigation has found at least seventeen examples of voters voting multiple times in both Virginia and Maryland.

In both cases the investigators sent their reports to state attorneys for further investigation and prosecution. In both cases, the state attorneys, both Democrats, have done nothing. I wonder why.


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  • Chris Kirkendall

    I think we need to just go ahead & make it official: From now on, there will be TWO sets of Laws – one for the Dems, another (very DIFFERENT) set for Repubs/Conservatives. To wit:

    Repubs/ C’s will be held to the highest standards of ethical conduct. ANY form of vote fraud, electioneering or alleged “voter suppression” (e.g., Voter ID Laws) will be vigorously investigated & prosecuted. Any ethical lapses (e.g., a married man having an affair) will result in immediate termination of official duties. Any words spoken in anger, or that can somehow be construed as “Racist”, will also be prosecuted as hate crimes. If a Republican office-holder keeps a promise he made to voters, and it is in opposition to Democrat policies & beliefs, this will be grounds for either a Recall, or for more serious disagreements, Felony indictments.

    On the other hand, Dems will of course be allowed to routinely promote multiple voting, unregistered voting, non-citizen voting, phantom ballots, etc., with no consequences, because this will be allowable (for them!) under the new law. Blatantly ignoring Immigration laws is no longer a crime & in fact, is to be encouraged! Money laundering, illegal & ex-U.S. campaign donations etc., while still ILLEGAL for R’s, will be allowable for D’s. Ethical lapses, no matter how heinous (e.g., pedophilia) will not be grounds for any sort of censure & candidates will not be subject to Recall under any circumstances.

    This is pretty much the way things work now, so we may as well go ahead & make it official…

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