Voters throw out all Democrats in city council in Virgina

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A sign of things to come, at last? The voters in Staunton, Virginia, yesterday tossed from office three Democrat incumbent city council members, making that city council now all Republican.

All three had been on the council for years, since 08, 10, and 12, so these were not new faces. They had been well established, and are now gone,

This in a city that voted twice for Barack Obama, once for Hillary Clinton, and also for black-face-loving, gun-control loving Democratic Governor Ralph Northram. Moreover, the defeated Democrats actually got twice as many votes as during the last election, but were still soundly defeated by a much larger opposition.

In addition, another nearby city, Waynesboro, Republicans gained two seats on the city council, giving the Republicans a council majority.

I wonder what events recently might have raised the ire of the voters? Can anyone make a guess?



  • Phill O

    No jobs? Sobered up? No, wait, that last one is the current problem-alcoholism increasing with the lockdowns. Of course, that means more spousal abuse.

  • Cotour

    To my point just the other day “THE POTENTIAL THAT EXISTS IN THE ERA OF TRUMP”

    “Trump, especially during this Corona virus contagion event time, continues to be the political catalyst, the focal point that forces these “Progressives”, these “Democrat Socialists”, these un and anti American junior Fascists to reveal themselves to those that they lord over, the people. Referring to Democrat lead states and their governors and mayors and their abuses of power. And in doing so in the era of Trump they are better identified to be removed and replaced in the coming elections. Very simple.”

    So the apparent chaos and confusion and fear being pumped by the opposing politicos and their media allies, in the era of Trump, has its purpose in restoring America closer to its Founding and intent.

    That is what I see anyway.

  • Milt

    This is — or at least ought to be — a teachable moment in terms of people perceiving how “their” government works. And, for anyone paying attention, it should be a forceful reminder of why this nation was founded and why we have elections, a Constitution, and a Bill of Rights.

    As many others have pointed out, the Corona Virus lockdown experiment has been a sort of “last straw” in terms of autocratic, extra-constitutional rule by elite authorities who haven’t a clue about what kind of misery their edicts inflict on ordinary people who are just trying to make a living and get on with their lives. As such, and for all of its hardship, this episode may — as in the case of the voters of Staunton — be a strong indication that citizens can still connect the dots, identify the causes of their distress, and make logical choices at their polling places.

    What is particularly interesting / frightening to me is the extent to which the “progressive” elites and their media camp followers now seem to openly reject even the *idea* of representative democracy, and they make no pretense that the kind of “mistake” that just happened in Virginia (or in the presidential election of 2016) must not be allowed to happen in the future. “We are your keepers, and we know what is best for you.” Representative government, they say, is not “good” for us because it reflects all of our implicit biases, and, moreover, we don’t know enough to make rational choices for ourselves. Democracy is “dangerous” because people make the “wrong” choices. We’ll fix that.

    At its core, we are — now more and more visibly — being offered the stark choice between naked authoritarianism and a constitutional republic (i.e., the difference between a nation of powerless sheeple and responsible citizens) as envisioned by its Founders, and it looks like it’s going to be a bare knuckle brawl in terms of which of these concepts is going to prevail.

    Scaling this up to the state and national level, let’s hope that enough citizens / voters can exercise the same kind of discernment as the voters of Staunton. Again, it’s a great lesson in practical civics, and we should all learn something from this.

  • eddie willers

    Ralph Northam

    Tucker Carlson calls him Governor Klansrobe Blackface.

  • Col Beausabre

    Staunton is in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, which is proud of its Confederate heritage. The local National Guard (116th Infantry) refers to itself as the “Stonewall Brigade” after its service under the command of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson in the Civil War. I’m surprised any Dems ever got elected to anything there. I certainly don’t thing the recent assaults on Confederate statues etc helped their chances.

  • Edward

    Milt wrote: “Democracy is “dangerous” because people make the “wrong” choices. We’ll fix that. (15 seconds “The Giver”)

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