Want to be an editor at Sky & Telescope? They have two positions open.

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Want to be an editor at Sky & Telescope? They have two positions open.

Below the fold is the text of the message sent out today by the magazine and instructions for applying. They are not looking for science writers (like myself) but experienced amateur astronomers who are interested in writing about the field.

Sky & Telescope is looking for experienced amateur astronomers to fill two editorial positions this summer. We are looking for amateurs with strong writing skills, and who can also help us expand our efforts in new types of media, such as video and digital. We are hoping to find one editor who is an equipment expert, and another who is an observing expert. We are looking for candidates who either live in the Boston metro area, or who are willing to relocate to the Boston area, and who are willing to serve on our staff for the long term. If you know of any amateur astronomers who might be qualified and interested, they can apply directly by going here.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Search our current openings.” On the next screen, select Cambridge, MA in the Location box. That will show the two editorial positions, one that is equipment oriented and the other that is observing oriented.

Robert Naeye, Editor in Chief, Sky & Telescope


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